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'King of the Outlaws' Wins St. Augustine Finale By Richard Day ST. AUGUSTINE, FL (February 17) - What a difference a year - and a change in cars - can make. Last February, Steve Kinser's Winston Cup...

'King of the Outlaws' Wins St. Augustine Finale By Richard Day ST. AUGUSTINE, FL (February 17) - What a difference a year - and a change in cars - can make. Last February, Steve Kinser's Winston Cup debut in the #26 Quaker State Thunderbird ended in a crash at the Daytona 500. A year later, "The King of the Outlaws" drove his #11 Quaker State Maxim to a flag- to-flag victory in the Skoal Outlaw Series opener at St. Augustine Speedway. "It's a little different this year leaving Florida," Kinser said in victory lane Saturday. "Everything went pretty smooth. We ran good. "I'm really proud of the guys. They worked hard all winter. It's paid off for us early down here in the sand. The car worked well. It was easy to drive tonight. Scott (Gerken), Shawn (Attisano), Dana (his wife), Andrea (Williams), my dad and Randy, my brother - everybody at the shop - really worked hard and I just want to thank them all." Kinser worked hard, too, earning the pole position in Saturday's 30-lap "A" Feature by scoring the most points in the two preliminary programs. Starting next to Danny Lasoski on the front row, Kinser won a front-straightaway drag race to take the lead as the green flag fell and was rarely challenged. Stevie Smith drove the #71M EcoWater Systems Maxim past Jeff Swindell and Mark Kinser during the opening lap. Although Mark re-passed him, a second-lap caution for Paul McMahan's first-corner spin returned Smith to fourth place. Stevie passed Sammy Swindell on the ensuing restart, but Swindell returned the favor on the back stretch the next time around. Jac Haudenschild put his Friday-night woes behind him and raced into 10th place from his 10th-row starting position during the first five laps. He steered the #22 Pennzoil Maxim around Jeff Swindell and Andy Hillenburg early in the 11th lap and eventually finished sixth. Kinser caught the backmarkers six laps into the race, and extended his advantage as he raced through lapped traffic with ease. Smith relegated Sammy to fourth place late in the seventh lap, then took over the runner-up spot four laps later. Mark Kinser drifted back to fifth place during the fourth lap, but seemed to gain initiative midway through the race when blue smoke started billowing from the #5M Wirtgen Maxim. He was back in third place with 10 laps remaining, and exchanged the runner-up spot with "The Dude" during laps 22 and 23. "After about 15 laps, our engine started going sour," Mark said. "It was a bummer for our team because that's about the time our combination started to work. We were running down Danny and Steve and about that time we dropped a cylinder. Then, about every other lap, we'd drop another one. There at the end I think we were running on four cylinders. But the car was working so good, we were able to keep up and, thank the Lord, we were able to get to the checkered." With Lasoski battling his cousin, Kinser extended his advantage to a half-straightaway with five laps remaining and cruised to the $15,000 victory. "I had to break momentum a couple of times," Kinser said. "I thought I was looking good, but I had to break rhythm early in the last lap so I was just hoping nobody was close to me. I really got slowed down, and on this track you can't accelerate quickly because you just throw the tires loose." Lasoski held off Mark to claim the $10,000 runner-up prize. "There was a lot of passing going on out there," Lasoski said. "I'd drop back to third or fourth and come back to second and it seemed like we were running Steve back down when Mark and I got to racing each other. He got away, but I think he got hung up in lapped traffic. I'd like to take my hat off to the whole Quaker State team; they did a good job. But (car owner) Guy Forbrook and all my guys did a good job, too. I'm tickled to death to be back with them." Rounding out the top 10 in the "A" Feature were Smith, Second Heat Race winner Dave Blaney, "The Wild Child," Hillenburg, the Swindell brothers - Jeff and Sammy - and Third Heat Race winner Johnny Herrera. A last-lap pass in the "B" Feature gave Jack Hewitt the final transfer spot in the main event, but a blown engine late in the second lap forced him into the pits. WoO 1996 World of Outlaws/Skoal Outlaw Series St. Augustine Speedway, St. Augustine, FL Saturday, February 17, Feature Program #1 First Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Jeff Swindell, 2. Andy Hillenburg, 3. Randy Hannagan, 4. Donny Schatz, 5. Lance Blevins, 6. Tim Engler, 7. Scott Hogue, 8. Bobby Allen, 9. Jerrod Hull. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Second Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Dave Blaney, 2. Stevie Smith, 3. Joe Gaerte, 4. Jeff Shepard, 5. Brian Paulus, 6. Jim Carr, 7. Ronald Laney, 8. Bob Bennett, 9. Tommy Denton ($10). (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Third Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Johnny Herrera, 2. Paul McMahan, 3. Todd Shaffer, 4. Joey Saldana, 5. Jac Haudenschild, 6. Jack Hewitt, 7. Mike Hudson, 8. Tom Toedter. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Ranking 1-4 in preliminary points automatically qualified Steve Kinser, Danny Lasoski, Sammy Swindell, Mark Kinser for the first four starting positions in the "A" Feature. B Feature (10 laps): 1. Bobby Allen, 2. Jim Carr, 3. Scott Hogue, 4. Tim Engler, 5. Jack Hewitt, 6. Jerrod Hull ($210); 7. Tom Toedter ($185); 8. Ronald Laney ($160); 9. Bob Bennett ($135); 10. Mike Hudson ($110). DNS - Tommy Denton. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) A Feature (30 laps): 1. Steve Kinser ($15,000); 2. Danny Lasoski ($10,000); 3. Mark Kinser ($5,000); 4. Stevie Smith ($4,010); 5. Dave Blaney ($3,010); 6. Jac Haudenschild ($2,510); 7. Andy Hillenburg ($2,010); 8. Jeff Swindell ($1,910); 9. Sammy Swindell ($1,800); 10. Johnny Herrera ($1,760); 11. Joe Gaerte ($1,610); 12. Lance Blevins ($1,510); 13. Joey Saldana ($1,310); 14. Jeff Shepard ($1,235); 15. Randy Hannagan ($1,110); 16. Bobby Allen ($1,030); 17. Donny Schatz ($810); 18. Todd Shaffer ($610); 19. Tim Engler ($530); 20. Brian Paulus ($510); 21. Paul McMahan ($510); 22. Jim Carr ($530); 23. Scott Hogue ($530); 24. Jack Hewitt ($530). Lap leader: Steve Kinser 1-30 WoO

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