Smith Steers Clear of Obstacles at Rolling Wheels

Smith Steers Clear of Obstacles at Rolling Wheels By Richard Day ELBRIDGE, NY (May 31) -- While it's becoming increasingly tough to win Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series races, Stevie Smith experienced an...

Smith Steers Clear of Obstacles at Rolling Wheels By Richard Day ELBRIDGE, NY (May 31) -- While it's becoming increasingly tough to win Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series races, Stevie Smith experienced an extra obstacle Wednesday at Rolling Wheels Raceway. Smith's neck collar came loose and caught in his steering wheel late in the "A" Feature, keeping him from steering the #19 Ingersoll- Rand Black Bandit with his usual ease. He managed to stay under control long enough to claim the $10,000 first prize, however. "The last five laps were pretty tough, Stevie said. "I lost my neck collar and it got tangled in my steering wheel, so I was struggling with it. "The Ingersoll-Rand car was good. RPM and my dad do a great job with the motors, and my crew kept me in a fast race car all night." The victory, Smith's third of the season, was his second in the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series' last four events. It was the fourth victory of his career at Rolling Wheels Raceway. He took over first place in "A" Feature laps led, racing ahead of the 24-car field throughout the 25-lap race and running his total to 127. Smith earned the right to start the "A" Feature on the pole by winning the First CHANNELLOCK Dash from outside the second row. "We did about the same thing in the feature we did in the dash," Stevie explained. "We got a good bite in (turns) three and four and it just worked for us." Smith raced wheel-to-wheel down the front straightaway with outside pole-sitter Sammy Swindell as the green flag fell in the main event. Swindell surged ahead in the low groove between the first and second corners only to have Smith take the lead high in turn three. Smith was 10 car-lengths ahead of Swindell when he entered lapped traffic during the fifth lap. He increased his advantage to a half- straightaway midway through the race. Mark Kinser, a two-time winner at Rolling Wheels, started inside the fifth row. He steered the #5M Mopar Maxim around Dean Jacobs high in the second corner during lap six, then passed Danny Lasoski for sixth place with a similar move eight laps later. The defending Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series champion lined up in fifth place after Lance Blevins took the #21 PC Joey Eagle for a spin in turn one early in the 16th lap. Kinser followed Third NAPA AUTO PARTS Heat Race winner Dale Blaney past Tim Shaffer as the green flag replaced the yellow. He challenged the 1998 Rookie of the Year for third place during lap 21, then raced nose-to-tail with Blaney, Lasoski and Steve Kinser one lap later. Smith was 20 car-lengths ahead of Swindell when he caught the backmarkers again with three laps remaining. Mark Kinser executed a high move around Blaney between turns three and four to claim third place with 1 1/4 laps remaining. "The Dude" steered the #83 Beef Packers Eagle into the low groove in the third corner to pass Blaney for fourth as the white flag waved. Smith was 15 car-lengths ahead of Swindell when he took the checkered flag for the 55th time in his Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series career. Mark Kinser finished third, ahead of Lasoski, Blaney, 14th- starting Steve Kinser, Johnny Herrera, Shaffer, Andy Hillenburg and Daryn Pittman. Mark Kinser received his eighth Vivarin Fast-Time Award of the season for pacing the 30-car qualifying session. He circled the semi- banked, 5/8-mile oval in 16.378 seconds, an average speed of 137.379 m.p.h. He was .165 seconds faster than Herrera, who was second-quick. Swindell took the low line into turn four in an attempt to pass Hillenburg for the lead as they headed for the checkered flag in the Second NAPA AUTO PARTS Heat Race. They collided, sending both spinning across the finish line and into the retaining wall. Swindell was declared the winner of the race and drove into the pit area, while Hillenburg's #2 Luxaire J&J was towed from the track. Sammy's crew welded a crack in the front torsion tubes on the #1 CHANNELLOCK Stealth. Both were able to compete in the CHANNELLOCK Dash. <pre> 2000 Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series Rolling Wheels Raceway, Elbridge, NY Wednesday, May 31, Feature Program #22 Vivarin qualifications: 1. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5M, 16.378; 2. Johnny Herrera, DOCC Motorsports 20, 16.543; 3. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 16.603; 4. Tim Shaffer, Helm 11H, 16.603; 5. Brooke Tatnell, Parsons 6, 16.609; 6. Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 16.615; 7. Stevie Smith, Smith 19, 16.637; 8. Dean Jacobs, Holbrook 8H, 16.647; 9. Lance Dewease, Harz 88, 16.693; 10. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 16.786; 11. Dale Blaney, DB Racing 93, 16.799; 12. Daryn Pittman, Pittman 3, 16.827; 13. Greg Hodnett, Millennium Racing V12, 16.933; 14. Sammy Swindell, Swindell 1, 16.938; 15. Joey Saldana, Saldana 17, 16.947; 16. Lance Blevins, Blevins 21, 16.959; 17. Danny Lasoski, Roth 83, 16.959; 18. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 17.056; 19. Danny Wood, Woodburn 21W, 17.121; 20. Lance Yonge, Johnson 17J, 17.742; 21. Bob Bennett, Mickle 3, 18.363; 22. Doug Emery, Faigle 32, 18.587; 23. Rob Dietrick, Dietrick 10, 18.744; 24. Dan Kaszubinski, Kaszubinski 20K, 19.089; 25. R.C. Faigle, Faigle 21A, 19.270; 26. Mike Bozzuto, Bozzuto 8, 19.584; 27. Crash Nash, Nash 48, 19.676; 28. J.T. Hendenberg, Hendenberg 71, 20.088; 29. George Schuldt, Schuldt 03, 20.807; 30. Darrell Bragman, Bragman 3D, no time. First NAPA AUTO PARTS Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Lance Dewease, 2. Danny Lasoski, 3. Mark Kinser, 4. Brooke Tatnell, 5. Greg Hodnett, 6. Bob Bennett, 7. R.C. Faigle, 8. George Schuldt. (first five qualified to the first CHANNELLOCK Dash) Second NAPA AUTO PARTS Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Sammy Swindell, 2. Andy Hillenburg, 3. Donny Schatz, 4. Johnny Herrera, 5. Jac Haudenschild, 6. Doug Emery, 7. Mike Bozzuto, 8. Darrell Bragman. (first five qualified for the Second CHANNELLOCK Dash) Third NAPA AUTO PARTS Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Dale Blaney, 2. Stevie Smith, 3. Steve Kinser, 4. Joey Saldana, 5. Danny Wood, 6. Rob Dietrick, 7. Crash Nash. (first five qualified for the First CHANNELLOCK Dash) Fourth NAPA AUTO PARTS Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Tim Shaffer, 2. Dean Jacobs, 3. Lance Blevins, 4. Daryn Pittman, 5. Lance Yonge, 6. Dan Kaszubinski, 7. J.T. Hendenberg. (first five qualified for the Second CHANNELLOCK Dash) First CHANNELLOCK Dash (eight laps): 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Dale Blaney, 3. Danny Lasoski, 4. Lance Dewease, 5. Mark Kinser, 6. Joey Saldana, 7. Steve Kinser, 8. Brooke Tatnell, 9. Danny Wood, 10. Greg Hodnett. (finish determined the first six inside row starting positions in the "A" Feature) Second CHANNELLOCK Dash (eight laps): 1. Sammy Swindell, 2. Tim Shaffer, 3. Lance Blevins, 4. Dean Jacobs, 5. Andy Hillenburg, 6. Donny Schatz, 7. Johnny Herrera, 8. Daryn Pittman, 9. Jac Haudenschild, 10. Lance Yonge (finish determined the first six outside row starting positions in the "A" Feature) B Feature (eight laps): 1. Bob Bennett, 2. Doug Emery, 3. Rob Dietrick, 4. Dan Kaszubinski, 5. R.C. Faigle ($200); 6. Mike Bozzuto ($180); 7. Crash Nash ($150); 8. J.T. Hendenberg ($110); 9. George Schuldt ($90); 10. Darrell Bragman ($80). (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) A Feature (25 laps): 1. Stevie Smith ($10,000); 2. Sammy Swindell ($5,000); 3. Mark Kinser ($3,000); 4. Danny Lasoski ($2,500); 5. Dale Blaney ($2,300); 6. Steve Kinser ($2,200); 7. Johnny Herrera ($2,100); 8. Tim Shaffer ($2,000); 9. Andy Hillenburg ($1,800); 10. Daryn Pittman ($1,700); 11. Donny Schatz ($1,400); 12. Joey Saldana ($1,200); 13. Jac Haudenschild ($1,100); 14. Lance Blevins ($1,050); 15. Lance Dewease ($1,000); 16. Dean Jacobs ($900); 17. Danny Wood ($700); 18. Greg Hodnett ($600); 19. Brooke Tatnell ($600); 20. Lance Yonge ($600); 21. Rob Dietrick ($620); 22. Bob Bennett ($620); 23. Doug Emery ($620); 24. Dan Kaszubinski ($620). Lap leader: Stevie Smith 1-25 Vivarin Fast-Time Award winner: Mark Kinser

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