Silver Dollar Speedway Gold Cup 98-09-19

JAC HAUDENSCHILD ADDS GOLD CUP TO LIST OF WINS "Wild Child from Wooster, OH scores second California victory in 1998 Outlaws swing CHICO, CA (9-19-98) - In his racing career, Jac Haudenschild of Wooster, Ohio has scored many prestigious ...

JAC HAUDENSCHILD ADDS GOLD CUP TO LIST OF WINS "Wild Child from Wooster, OH scores second California victory in 1998 Outlaws swing

CHICO, CA (9-19-98) - In his racing career, Jac Haudenschild of Wooster, Ohio has scored many prestigious victories along the Pennzoil World of Outlaws tour. One victory that has elduded "The Wild Child" through the last two decades, however, has been the annual Gold Cup of Race of Champions at John Padjen's Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA. Saturday night Haudenshchild put all of the year of hard luck at the annual Gold Cup behind him as well as his career best second place finish here to take home the $20,000 paycheck and add himself to the list of a dozen drivers that have worn the Gold Cup Crown since 1978.

"We've been trying to win this race for a long time now," said Haudenschild. "We've gotten faster and faster every year but never made it all the way to the checkered flag. I owe it all to my crew and my wife. My crew is a great group of guys that work hard together all year long and my wife is my best supporter."

After finishing second in Friday's night's preliminary event, Haudenschild started Saturday's 40-lap feature on the outside of the front row night to Thursday night prelim winner Randy Tiner of Rio Linda, CA. At the waving of the official green, Tiner pulled ahead of the field began to lead the event he set his sights on since his success on Thursday.

Immediately following the official green, a yellow flag came out when Bud Kaeding of Campbell, California stalled in the second turn and Shane Scott of Chico bicycled and stalled near the north end of the front stretch. When the green flag flew once again, Tiner was well aware that Haudenschild was on the move and was likely to be setting his sights on the lead position early in the race. Andy Hillenburg or Broken Arrow Oklahoma was also just a few feet behind Tiner and looking for a possible third Gold Cup title.

When the action went back to green, Tiner showed now signs he was intimidated by the two Outlaw greats as he powered his homemade, Rod Tiner El Dorado Casino #83 machine to the front of the field and began to distance himself from Haudenschild. Running the low groove of the racing surface, Tiner was able to stay several car lengths ahead of Haudenschild until lapped traffic became a serious factor on the fifth lap. Already slowed considerably by the many backmarkers, Tiner allowed Haudenschild to close in on his once healthy lead and then hooked nerf bars while attempting to pass Tyler Walker of Inland Hills. The incident wasn't the first bit of adversity for Tiner during the day as he spent much of the morning at the nearby emergency room for treatment of a badly abscessed tooth.

With the yellow flag coming out and Tiner falling back to the seventh position, Haudenschild assumed the lead when the green flag came out again. Powering the Pennzoil #22 Jack Elden owned machine to a distant lead over Hillenburg, Haudenschild was a man with his sights on the victory early. As he worked his way into lapped traffic, he wasted no time in putting six cars between he and Hillenburg who had his hands full with Californian Brent Kaeding. After a hard fought battle and racing side by side for several laps, Kaeding took the spot from Hillenburg on the 23rd circuit.

Despite slowing slightly late in the race and getting slightly out of the groove, Haudenschild maintained his impressive lead all the way to the checkered flag. Kaeding held off the challenges of Hillenburg for the second spot, Hillenburg finished third ahead of Steve Kinser, Tiner, Mark Kinser and Stevie Smith Jr.

"Randy Tiner has been real fast running with us everywhere since we got to California, he's one of the fastest drivers out here and especially at this track," said Haudenschild. " We knew he'd be tough starting up front so we just found a fast groove and stayed their and we moved up real fast. On the white flag I slowed down a little bit and got out of shape, that was my mistake, the car was working really good in and out of traffic all night long." ` The second place finish was the best for Kaeding since he joined with the Outlaws for their Golden State Swing. The recently crowned King of California champion credited Haudenschild in victory lane as he settled for second place.

"Jac runs on the edge all the time. Sometimes he runs right off the track running so hard but that's what wins races and you have to take those chances," said Kaeding. " We were hoping to do better here this year but we're happy with second place and we'll be back next year to make another run for it."

Saturday's night's racing began with a 10-lap main event E-main event. When the checkered flag flew on this event polesitter Korey Lovell of Yuba City powered his Yuba City Scrap and Steel #71 machine to a distant lead as early as the first lap. Lovell distanced himself from the field while Claudia Harvey of Grass Valley and Quincy driver Steve Fehrman locked down the second and third positions to transfer into the nest event. Dave Clarke of Antelope and Gerold Hopping of Roseville rounded out the top five at the finish.

In the D-main event, Kyle Schild of Sacramento took the lead at the green flag. Within four laps, Schild was being chased down by Chico driver Jason York who closed within two car lengths of the leader. keeping his Neil Schild owned #16 low in the turns and on the throttle on the back and front stretch, Schild maintained the top spot all the way to the checkered flag for the 12-lap event. York finished second, John McClane of Redding finished third ahead of Gary Willey of Morgan Hill, Mark Cooper of Chico finished fifth and all five transferred up to the C-main.

In the 15 lap C-main event the green flag was followed by a yellow flag when three different cars stalled in seperate incidents on the track. When the official green eventually flew, Graydon Cross of Clovis took charge of the field and led all 15-laps of the event. Cross held off track regular Jim Trulli of Diamond Springs for the top two transfer positions.

The 20-lap B-feature had the green flag waving to track regular Sean Fenn of Chico and Australian traveler Peter Murphy. Before completion of the first lap, Donny Schatz of Minot, ND slid sideweays in the second turn, while Schatz was able to avoid damage in the incident, Dale Blaney of Hartsford, OH wasn't so fortunate. With Schatz sideways in front of him, Blaney simply had nowhere to go as he allowed the #93 Amoco car to climb over Schatz and go upside down in the second turn. Blaney was unijured in the incident.

When the green flag officially waved, Murphy gained the advantage over Fenn and powered into the lead as Randy Hannagan muscled into the second position. With only five laps complete, Murphy allowed his machine to drift high on the track surface and nearly clipped the front stretch wall while losing valuable ground to Hannagan who as holding off the challenges of Schatz who passed for the bridesmaid position on lap seven and then powered his way by Murphy on the high side for the lead one lap later. With two caution flags delaying the remainder of the event, Schatz maintained his top position until the last lap when Murphy powered back into the lead. At the checkered flag Murphy was followed by Schatz,

Saturday night's event was the final of four big night's of racing at Silver Dollar Speedway. On Wednesday night, David Robinson jr. of Sacramento logged a victory in the California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series "Pacific Sprint Cup" Thursday night, Randy Tiner won the first World of Outlaws 25-lap preliminary feature event. Friday night, Andy Hillenburg followed suit, leading all 25-laps of the event.

The lights of Silver Dollar Speedway will now remain dark until October 22, 23 & 24 when the Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals will close the 1998 racing season. Tickets for the 1999 Gold Cup will go one sale beginning October 12 of this year, for further information contact the track office at (916) 969-7484.


E-MAIN (10 laps): Korey Lovell, Yuba City; Claudia Harvey, Grass Valley; Steve Fehrman, Quincy; Dave clarke, Antelope; Gerold Hopping, Roseville; Shawn Schmitz, North Highlands; Greg Sherman, Sacramento; Jim Marsh, Live Oak.

D-MAIN (12 laps): Kyle Schild, Sacramento; Jason York, Chico; John McClane, Redding; Gary Willey, Morgan Hill; Mark Cooper, Chico; Tony Souza, Chico; Daniel Hood, Scotts Valley; Jimmy Sills, Placerville; Korey Lovell; Ty Hawkins, Vacaville; Alan BRadway, Fair Oaks; Steve Fehrman, Quincy; Mark Tabor, Reno, NV.; Harvey; Kevin Lovell, Yuba City; Jeff Young, Roseville.

C-MAIN (15 laps): Graydon Cross, Clovis; Jimmy Trulli, Diamond Springs; Ron McBride, Orangevale; Jerry Bonema, Corralitas; Jim carter, White Rock, BC; Tim Kaeding, Campbell; David Fowler, Oroville; Cooper; Tork; Todd Bammer, San Leandro; Willey; Rick Frock, Minden, NV.; Jonathan Allard, Chico; Mike Benson, Calistoga; McClane; Schild.

B-MAIN (20 laps): Peter Murphy, Australia; Donny Schatz, Minot, ND; Jason Statler, San Jose; Randy Hannagan, San Jose; Sean Fenn, Chico; Kevin Pylant, Santa Cruz; Lance Blevins, Broken Arrow, OK; Andy Forsberg, Auburn; Duane Bonnini Jr., Discovery Bay; Tyler Walker, Inland Hills; Roger Crockett, Rio Linda; Brian Coehlo, Tulare; Trulli; Tim Shaffer, York, PA; Cross; Ryan Riley, Castro Valley; Colby Weisz, Colfax; Dale Blaney, Hartsford, OH.

A-MAIN (40-laps): Jac Haudenschild, Wooster, OH; Brent Kaeding, Campbell; Andy Hillenburg, Broken Arrow, OK; Steve Kinser, Bloomington, IN; Randy Tiner, Rio Linda; Mark Kinser, Oolitic, IN; Stevie Smith Jr., New Oxford, PA; Jeff Swindell, Memphis, TN; Danny Lasoski, Higginsville, MO; Sammy Swindell, Bartlett, TN.; Bobby McMahan, Rio Linda; Greg DeCaires, Elk Grove; Johnny Herrera, Tempe, AZ.; Schatz; Paul McMahan, Oroville; Tommy Tarlton, Fresno; Jason Meyers, Clovis; Randy Hannagan, San Jose; Jason Statler, San Jose; Shane Scott, Chico; Joe Gaerte, Rochester, IN; Bud Kaeding, Campbell; Brad Furr, Dublin; Walker; Blaney; Murphy.


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