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A Short Drive: Home Race for Ellenberger on-tap at Lernerville in the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Twin 30's Sarver, PA--July 20, 2009--Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Brian Ellenberger has not seen his house or slept in his own bed very...

A Short Drive: Home Race for Ellenberger on-tap at Lernerville in the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Twin 30's

Sarver, PA--July 20, 2009--Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Brian Ellenberger has not seen his house or slept in his own bed very much this year during his rookie season with the World of Outlaws as the always grueling schedule has kept him and his team on the road for the better part of the last four and a half months. The native of Butler, Pennsylvania will have the chance to return home this week, as the series visits Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, for the 18th Annual Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Twin 30's, with $15,000 on the line to the winner of each segment.

For Ellenberger, the Silver Cup on Tuesday, July 21 will be his first start at his home track since August of last season. He was victorious at the always racy four-tenths-mile once last season and had seven Top-Five finishes, including three podiums. In his career, he has three career wins at Lernerville Speedway.

"I am absolutely excited to head over there," said Ellenberger. "That's a great facility and Gary Risch and his people do a great job with the track. There's nothing like getting back home and getting to run on some of these tracks where I cut my teeth."

Ellenberger has gone to numerous tracks for the first time this season in his rookie year with the World of Outlaws aboard his own Ti-22 Performance J&J and is looking forward to returning to his home track, where he has turned countless laps dating back to 1996. He has finish in the Top-10 in each of his last seven starts at Lernerville Speedway.

"It's always fun going to these new tracks and being on a new track for the first time, but it does put you at a disadvantage," noted the rookie driver. "It kind of evens the playing field a bit coming back to a track where we have raced quite a few times."

For the first time ever, the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup will consist of two 30-lap feature events this year. The first will be a standard World of Outlaws event, with time trials, heat races, the Crane Cams Dash and the B-Main setting the 24-car field for the main event. Following that 30-lapper a short break will be in store, giving the drivers and teams a chance to work on their cars. The second 30-lap event will line up with all the lead lap cars from the first segment being inverted.

"It changes things up a bit and should be a really good show for the fans," he noted. "Running two 30-lap features for $15,000 is some incentive right there in and of itself. It's like getting to go back to Lernerville twice."

With the season just past the halfway point, Ellenberger will return to a number of tracks for the second and even third time as he continues his first full year on the road with the World of Outlaws. Having turned laps at most of the track that the series will visit in the second half of the season has him looking forward to the second half of the season, as he and his team continue to learn the ropes of being on the road full-time.

"It's going to take some of the guessing out having cut some laps at some of these tracks," shared Ellenberger of returning to tracks. "I think it will certainly help us in qualifying and with our qualifying effort as much as anything. There is still nothing like getting back to these tracks that we have raced at numerous times. It's all about experience and the guys I am running with have a lot of experience at these tracks and that always makes it tough."

While he is competing against drivers who have been to every track on the circuit, while he has been visiting most a majority of them for the first time, Ellenberger does not look at this as a disadvantage. Each time he takes to the track he gains priceless experience and continues to gain confidence.

"I wouldn't say it's intimidating," he explained when asked about racing guys who have been with the series for years. "I have a lot of respect for these guys and what they have accomplished and have been able to do. I try not to think about and we just concentrate on our deal and our car. We try to put what is going on around us out of our minds and just focus on what we are doing. We know we are a good team and we know that get better. Our focus is typically on our race car and what we have to do that night."

Ellenberger is currently 12th in points and has picked up three Top-10 finishes, including a career-best third-place finish on June 12 at Dodge City Raceway Park in his Kansas in his first visit to the track. He also earned Top-10 finishes at I-96 Speedway in Michigan and Charter Raceway Park in Wisconsin in his debut at both of those tracks. He has a couple of main goals for the rest of the season.

"I'd certainly like to get some more Top-10's and Top-Fives," he shared. "We showed we could run down there in Dodge City. What I would like is to get qualified a little better. That's our biggest downfall right now is getting qualified and being able to start up front and make that dash. I'd still like to get that first win before the year is out."

Ellenberger ,whose shop is right down the road from Lernerville Speedway, is looking forward to being able to spend a few days at home with his family as the World of Outlaws compete at his home track on Tuesday and then at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday and Saturday.

"I can't wait to get home," he said. "I really miss my wife and kids. I have been out here quite a while now since I've been back home. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed as well."

On Tuesday, July 21 at Lernerville Speedway, Adult General Admission tickets will be $29 with general admission tickets for seniors $26 and general admission tickets for students $24. Reserved tickets for adults will be $32, with reserved tickets for seniors $29 and reserved tickets for students $27. Children 10-under will be admitted free of charge to the general admission section. For tickets visit or call the track at (724)-353-1511.

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