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Cody Darrah Continues to Recover from Injury: Visits Volunteer Speedway for Both Nights of Kasey's King of Bulls Gap Last Weekend Concord, NC-- March 24, 2010--Cody Darrah received the best medicine he could over the weekend as he continues to...

Cody Darrah Continues to Recover from Injury: Visits Volunteer Speedway for Both Nights of Kasey's King of Bulls Gap Last Weekend

Concord, NC-- March 24, 2010--Cody Darrah received the best medicine he could over the weekend as he continues to recover from a broken left leg and that was to be at the race track with the entire Kasey Kahne Racing squad including his car owner Kahne himself.

Darrah took in both nights of Kasey's King of Bulls Gap Presented By Budweiser last Friday and Saturday, at Volunteer Speedway, an event which was being promoted by his car owner. The 20-year old from Red Lion, Pennsylvania continues to recover from a tibial plateau fracture in his left leg which he sustained in an automobile accident just hours before the 2010 World of Outlaws season opener at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida on February 5.

Darrah, who has spent a lot of time in the hospital since the accident and had surgery to help fuse different bones in his left leg, is currently using crutches to get around and still has a long road to recovery, but has a very positive outlook on the situation and is very pleased with how the recovery process is going.

"I'm glad to be at the track and with the guys," said Darrah. "Being able to get off the couch is great. I spent the last couple of months in the hospital and sitting on the couch, so it's good to be out here smelling the race fuel. I feel pretty good. It does wear me out at the end of the day, but I'll get there."

Darrah was at the Kasey Kahne Racing shop in Mooresville, North Carolina last week as the team prepared four cars for the event at Volunteer Speedway and he was able to accompany the team to the track and remained there for the entire weekend. He was able to catch up with teammates Joey Saldana, Paul McMahan who is filling in for him and Brad Sweet. Darrah also was able to visit with various other drivers and crew members as he made the rounds in the pit area with the help of a four wheeler and his crutches.

"It's keeping my mind off my leg," he noted when asked about being at the track. "Watching these guys makes me pretty nervous though. I never really get nervous watching a race, but watching these guys on Friday night made me nervous. It's an exciting group to be with. You can't ask for a better team to be a part of."

Darrah, who signed on with Kasey Kahne Racing at the end of 2009, for a full assault on the 2010 World of Outlaws tour and the Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year Award has been making steady progress in his recovery. He is not sure at this time if he will need additional surgery or not, that depends on how the healing process goes in the near future.

"In a matter of 20 seconds, being in a car crash, you kind of watch your world stop and come to an end in a little amount of time," he explained. "Wanting to be able to get back racing is one thing and wanting to get back walking is another. You lose track of things being in the hospital and getting down, but coming here (to the race track) puts you in the right mindset and shows you what you are missing out on."

While he is still just 20-years old, Darrah is dealing with the injury like a seasoned veteran and points out that he has learned even more patience through the entire ordeal, which should helps him immensely when he does return to the track against the best sprint car drivers in the world.

"I think ''ll come out of this thing different," shared Darrah, who scored his first career World of Outlaws win in the finale of the Summer Nationals at Williams Grove Speedway last season. "I'm not going to be the same. What I want to come from this is all the good things and to come out better than I was before it. It's definitely been hard, but it's something that I think will make me stronger in the long run."

Kasey Kahne, who owns the No. 91 Great Clips Maxim that Darrah was scheduled to drive this season has been behind his driver all the way from the moment of the injury onward and has spent many hours at the hospital and talking with his young driver, keeping him in good spirits. Kahne also made sure that Darrah has the best doctors and specialists to aid fully in his recovery and return to racing.

"He has been super supportive," Darrah stated of Kahne. "To have something like this happen is a very unique situation and he's been behind me the whole time. This whole organization and the commitment they have towards me and towards the racing is phenomenal. I'm glad to have that and be a part of that. It's pretty neat to have all of that."

Darrah hopes to return to return to the cockpit and turn some laps later this season, though he and his doctors are taking every precaution to make sure he is fully healed and ready to go before that decision is made.

"I'll definitely be anxious," he said with a smile when asked about returning to the seat. "I know if I could do it today I would do it. It's just going to take some time. Whenever we do get back out here, we'll make sure that we are ready for it."

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