Sedalia II: Race report

Schatz wins at Sedalia as Kinser blows eengine. SEDALIA, MO (July 2) -- Donny Schatz raced from the middle of the field to pass Steve Kinser's smoking sprinter with 1 1/3 laps remaining to win Wednesday's O'Reilly World of Outlaws Series "A" ...

Schatz wins at Sedalia as Kinser blows eengine.

SEDALIA, MO (July 2) -- Donny Schatz raced from the middle of the field to pass Steve Kinser's smoking sprinter with 1 1/3 laps remaining to win Wednesday's O'Reilly World of Outlaws Series "A" Feature at Sedalia's State Fair Speedway.

Schatz, who started outside the fifth row, drove his #15 Parker Stores J&J around "The King of the Outlaws" between turns three and four late in the 24th lap. Kinser, who would have closed to within three points of leader Danny Lasoski in the standings had his engine lasted, coasted under the checkered flag in seventh place. The 25-lap race was one of the most exciting of the season, as six drivers passed nine or more cars.

"This is a great win for this team," Schatz said. "I am sorry for Steve -- it isn't any fun to lose an engine on the last lap. He was fast and who knows if I could have actually passed him before the checkered, but I have lost races the same way and it is just a bummer. But it is an awesome win for this whole Parker Stores team.

"We have been racing very well this past several weeks, staying up near the front running with the leaders. My crew -- Tyler (Swank, crew chief), Keith (Giles) and Chad (Lambert) -- have worked so hard to give me great race cars. This is as much their win as mine. Consistency pays off, as does hard work. It is all part of being a team."

Schatz, the 13th-fastest qualifier, has also won "A" Features at State Fair Speedway and Lernerville Speedway this season. The 1997 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year has won 16 main event in his career.

Brooke Tatnell and Johnny Herrera won the Dash Races for the privilege of stating the "A" Feature on the front row. They raced wheel-to-wheel before Herrera steered NASCAR Winston Cup crew chief Billy Wilburn's #2W Heintz Brothers Maxim into the low groove between turns one and two for the lead.

Kinser used a similar move to pass Second Heat Race winner Sammy Swindell for third place early in the second lap. Swindell bounced off the wall in turn two the next time around and First Heat Race winner Jason Meyers spun trying to avoid the #1 Ore-Cal/Beef Packers J&J.

Brian Brown passed Swindell deep in the second corner as the green flag replaced the yellow. Kinser took the low line through turn one to pass Tatnell for second place early in the fourth lap.

Lasoski, who started inside the sixth row, steered NASCAR Winston Cup champion Tony Stewart's #20 J.D. Byrider Eagle into the inside groove in the second corner to pass Brown -- his nephew -- for fourth place one lap later.

Third Heat Race winner Tyler Walker was battling fast qualifier Paul McMahan for 10th place when they collided in turn two early in the seventh lap. Walker's crew replaced the flat right front tire on C&W Motorsports' #35 Maxim. The 2002 World of Outlaws Gumout Series champion restarted at the back of the pack and raced back into 11th place.

Lasoski passed Tatnell for third and Schatz took fifth place from Brown within a lap after the green flag replaced the yellow. Schatz took the low line through the second corner to pass Tatnell for fourth place early in lap 11.

Kinser won a back-straightaway drag race with Herrera to take the lead the next time around. "The King of the Outlaws" was five car-lengths ahead of the 1986 Rookie of the Year when he entered lapped traffic late in the 13th lap.

"The Dude" passed Herrera for the runner-up spot one lap later, and Schatz continued his run to the front by passing Herrera and Tatnell during lap 15.

Lasoski was challenging Kinser for the lead with 4 2/3 laps remaining when Jesse Hockett flipped over the guardrail in the second corner. Schatz raced past "The Dude" as the race resumed, only to have Tatnell and Randy Hannagan flip in turn four, bringing out the red flag again and nullifying the move.

Schatz was a young man on a mission when the race resumed with four laps remaining. He challenged "The Dude" for 1 ¾ laps before riding the rim around him between turns three and four. Schatz duplicated the move to pass "The King of the Outlaws" for the lead one lap later, and took the checkered flag with 10 car-lengths to spare. Kinser, who led all 25 laps in the April 11th main event at Sedalia's State Fair Speedway, had won the series' last three feature races.

"We got behind Danny there at the start, and he was getting through the traffic pretty good," Schatz said. "It says a lot when you can start where we did and run up front with the competition as good as it is here. Danny stole one from us at our home track, so it feels pretty good to come down here and get one at his. It just feels good getting a win here, and it will make the weekend a lot smoother, too."

Shaffer raced past 10 cars to finish in third place. Herrera finished fourth, ahead of McMahan, 18th-starting Daryn Pittman, Kinser, 17th-starting Kraig Kinser, Meyers and Swindell.

Jeremy Campbell raced into 15th place from inside the 11th row and Brian Carlson passed six cars to finish 17th.


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