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Smith Out-Races 'Wild Child' to Win San Jose Opener By Richard Day SAN JOSE, CA (September 8) - Stevie Smith took the lead late in the 10th lap and beat Jac Haudenschild under the checkered flag by...

Smith Out-Races 'Wild Child' to Win San Jose Opener By Richard Day SAN JOSE, CA (September 8) - Stevie Smith took the lead late in the 10th lap and beat Jac Haudenschild under the checkered flag by a single car-length to win the World of Outlaws' Preliminary Feature at San Jose Speedway Friday. "Banzai (crew chief Dean Bruns) and the crew have been giving me a good race car," Smith said in victory lane. "I worked traffic to my advantage, and I thought I had the best car at the end of the race." Stevie, a Skoal Outlaw Series "A" Feature winner at San Jose in 1992 and 1993, earned the right to start the Preliminary Feature on the pole by winning the Vivarin Dash for the second straight event. Haudenschild drove the #22 Pennzoil Maxim around Smith high in turn four to take the lead as the green flag fell in the 20-lap race, however. He increased his advantage to four car-lengths within three laps as Steve Kinser pressured Smith for the runner-up spot. Kinser, a six-time World of Outlaws "A" Feature winner at San Jose, raced wheel-to-wheel with Smith in turn three before taking over second place late in lap four. Stevie returned the favor the next time around, steering the #71M EcoWater Systems Maxim high in the second corner to regain the runner-up spot. Smith and Kinser caught "The Wild Child" as the front-runners caught the backmarkers during the sixth lap. Andy Hillenburg and Dave Blaney made it a five-car battle for the lead three laps later as Haudenschild and Smith raced wheel-to-wheel through every corner. Stevie dropped out of the high groove to pass Haudenschild for the lead deep in turn four amid a pack of backmarkers late in lap 10. The leaders were taken out of lapped traffic less than a lap later when First Snap-on Tools Heat Race winner Lindsey Casto took his #40 sprinter for a spin in the second corner, bringing out the caution flag. Hillenburg took the low road into turn four to pass Kinser as the green flag replaced the yellow, only to have "The King of the Outlaws" regain third place two laps later. Haudenschild, Hillenburg and Kinser battled for the runner-up spot through every corner on San Jose's semi-banked, 1/3-mile oval during the 14th lap. Kinser took himself out of contention with five laps remaining when he allowed his #11 Quaker State Maxim to slide over the cushion in the third corner and hit a concrete barrier. Unable to continue racing, "The King of the Outlaws" was credited with a 22nd-place finish. After the race resumed, Haudenschild moved into the high groove and pressured Smith for the lead throughout the final five laps. While he was able to catch Stevie on the straightaways, "The Wild Child" couldn't beat him through the corners. Smith was one car-length ahead of Haudenschild when he took the checkered flag. The #10 Vivarin J&J started smoking with two laps remaining, but Blaney held on to finish right behind Hillenburg in fourth place before stopping on the back straightaway with a blown engine. Rounding out the top 10 in the Preliminary Feature were Jimmy Sills, Danny Lasoski, Keith Kauffman, Greg Hodnett, Ronnie Day and 20th-starting Brent Kaeding. Randy Hannagan, the World of Outlaws' leading candidate for Rookie of the Year honors, returned home to a hero's welcome. Then the former San Jose track champion chopped .246 seconds off the one-lap record he set at his home track last September 9th with a 13.462-second qualifying run. The record-breaking effort earned Hannagan his second EcoWater Fast-Time Award of the year. Both of the Two Winners Racing teams experienced problems in the Snap-on Tools Heat Races, but Hodnett came back to secure a spot in the evening's main event by winning the "B" Feature. Jeff Swindell was leading the First Snap-on Tools Heat Race when the #7TW Gold Eagle Maxim suffered a blown engine early in the final lap. Jeff was running sixth in the "B" when he slid over the cushion between turns three and four and failed to qualify for the feature. WoO 1995 World of Outlaws/Skoal Outlaw Series San Jose Speedway, San Jose, CA Friday, September 8, Preliminary Program Qualifications: 1. Randy Hannagan, Hannagan 1x, 13.462 (new one- lap record); 2. Danny Lasoski, Hamilton 77, 13.635; 3. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 13.664; 4. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 13.686; 5. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 13.727; 6. Jimmy Sills, Berry 7, 13.770; 7. Randy Tiner, Orth 24, 13.776; 8. Stevie Smith, Motter 71M, 13.797; 9. Ronnie Day, Offill 88, 13.810; 10. Greg Hodnett, Two Winners 8TW, 13.826; 11. Rick Fauver, Fauver 64x, 13.844; 12. Paul McMahan, Lamar 3, 13.849; 13. Joe Gaerte, Ulyate 3DB, 13.876; 14. Keith Kauffman, Sonner 47, 13.876; 15. Dave Blaney, Luna 10, 13.886; 16. Kevin Pylant, Pylant 14P, 13.847; 17. Eric Rossi, Smith 38, 13.908; 18. Greg DeCaires, Roth 83, 13.921; 19. Jason Lund, Lund 8L, 13.951; 20. Mark Monico, ATM Motorsports 21, 14.015; 21. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7TW, 14.018; 22. Steve Kent, Helm 11K, 14.026; 23. Bob Walker, Walker 98, 14.042; 24. Tim Green, Owen 14, 14.056; 25. Rick Martin, Martin 44, 14.119; 26. Lindsey Casto, Casto 40, 14.120; 27. Bobby McMahan, McMahan 88N, 14.151; 28. Brent Kaeding, Kaeding 69, 14.175; 29. Dale Cross, Cross 9C, 14.179; 30. George Koerber, Koerber 5K, 14.186; 31. Monte Faccinto, Bailey 17, 14.206; 32. Jason Statler, Statler 00, 14.212; 33. Brad Furr, Furr 2F, 14.247; 34. Lee Brewer, Jr., Toledo 3T, 14.255; 35. Shawna Wilskey, Fauver 64, 14.296; 36. Kevin Huntley, Owen 14D, 14.301; 37. Dale Johnston, Johnston 20J, 14.360; 38. Darrin Howard, Howard 0, 14.378; 39. Graydon Cross, Cross 8, 14.411; 40. Sean Fenn, Fenn 36, 14.576; 41. Rick Williams, Williams 6B, 14.660; 42. Howard Kaeding, Kaeding 69H, 14.671; 43. Jerry Bonema, Bonema 58, 14.718; 44. Steve Osborne, Osborne 29S, 14.743; 45. Keith Nafzger, Brown 9B, 15.060; 46. Ryan Riley, Riley 98x, 15.745; 47. Alan Harney, Harney 14x, 15.838; 48. Mike Morello, Morello 33, 17,282; 49. Bernie House, House 18NC, 17.445; 50. Tyler Walker, Walker 35, no time; 51. Mike Doushgovnin, Doushgovnin 57, no time. First Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Lindsey Casto, 2. Monte Faccinto, 3. Kevin Pylant, 4. Jimmy Sills, 5. Kevin Huntley, 6. Randy Hannagan, 7. Rick Williams, 8. Jeff Swindell, 9. Rick Fauver, 10. Ryan Riley. DNS - Mike Doushgovnin. (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Second Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Eric Rossi, 2. Danny Lasoski, 3. Steve Kent, 4. Bobby McMahan, 5. Howard Kaeding, 6. Dale Johnston, 7. Alan Harney, 8. Paul McMahan, 9. Randy Tiner, 10. Jason Statler. (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Third Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Steve Kinser, 2. Brent Kaeding, 3. Greg DeCaires, 4. Stevie Smith, 5. Joe Gaerte, 6. Bob Walker, 7. Jerry Bonema, 8. Darrin Howard, 9. Brad Furr, 10. Mike Morello. (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Fourth Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Tim Green, 2. Andy Hillenburg, 3. Jason Lund, 4. Keith Kauffman, 5. Lee Brewer, Jr., 6. Ronnie Day, 7. Dale Cross, 8. Steve Osborne, 9. Graydon Cross, 10. Bernie House. (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Fifth Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Rick Martin, 2. Dave Blaney, 3. Jac Haudenschild, 4. George Koerber, 5. Mark Monico, 6. Greg Hodnett, 7. Shawna Wilskey, 8. Sean Fenn, 9. Keith Nafzger. DNS - Tyler Walker. (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Vivarin Dash (five laps): 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Jac Haudenschild, 3. Andy Hillenburg, 4. Steve Kinser, 5. Dave Blaney, 6. Jimmy Sills, 7. Danny Lasoski, 8. Keith Kauffman. (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the Preliminary Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Greg Hodnett, 2. Randy Hannagan, 3. Joe Gaerte, 4. Ronnie Day, 5. Paul McMahan ($160); 6. Randy Tiner ($135); 7. Lee Brewer, Jr. ($110); 8. Shawna Wilskey ($85); 9. Mark Monico ($70); 10. Dale Cross ($60); 11. Kevin Huntley ($50); 12. Dale Johnston ($50); 13. Darrin Howard ($50); 14. Jeff Swindell ($50); 15. Rick Fauver ($50); 16. Jason Statler ($50); 17. Bob Walker ($50); 18. Brad Furr ($50). (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Preliminary Feature (20 laps): 1. Stevie Smith ($4,010); 2. Jac Haudenschild ($2,310); 3. Andy Hillenburg ($1,610); 4. Dave Blaney ($1,410); 5. Jimmy Sills ($1,260); 6. Danny Lasoski ($1,160); 7. Keith Kauffman ($1,110); 8. Greg Hodnett ($1,080); 9. Ronnie Day ($1,055); 10. Brent Kaeding ($1,010); 11. Greg DeCaires ($910); 12. Eric Rossi ($710); 13. Jason Lund ($610); 14. Rick Martin ($510); 15. Joe Gaerte ($330); 16. Steve Kent ($310); 17. Bobby McMahan ($260); 18. Lindsey Casto ($260); 19. Randy Hannagan ($280); 20. Kevin Pylant ($260); 21. George Koerber ($260); 22. Steve Kinser ($260); 23. Tim Green ($260); 24. Monte Faccinto ($260). Lap leaders: Jac Haudenschild 1-9, Stevie Smith 10-20 EcoWater Fast-Time Award winner: Randy Hannagan WoO

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