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Stevie Smith Roars at Rolling Wheels By Richard Day ELBRIDGE, NY (October 7) - Stevie Smith's first year in the Motter Brothers' ...

Stevie Smith Roars at Rolling Wheels By Richard Day ELBRIDGE, NY (October 7) - Stevie Smith's first year in the Motter Brothers' #71M EcoWater Systems Maxim is turning out to be one of the best of his World of Outlaws career. The 1990 Rookie of the Year won his sixth "A" Feature this season and solidified his third-place ranking Saturday when the World of Outlaws capped its New York double-header at Rolling Wheels Raceway. "The crew has worked real hard all year," Smith told the capacity crowd from victory lane. "It's been a long day after running Syracuse (the Champion Spark Plugs Nationals) this afternoon." Smith led all 25 laps from the outside pole for the third main event victory of his career at Rolling Wheels' semi-banked, 5/8-mile oval. Stevie is 56 points ahead of Jeff Swindell with three events remaining on the World of Outlaws' schedule. Jac Haudenschild opened the evening's festivities by winning his fourth EcoWater Fast-Time Award of the year. He paced the qualifying session with an 18.117-second lap, an average speed of 124.193 m.p.h. Stevie, the third-fastest qualifier in the 34-car field, won the Third Snap-on Tools Heat Race and followed Keith Kauffman across the finish line in the Vivarin Dash. Smith took the lead with a high move into the fourth corner as the green flag fell in the 25-lap "A" Feature. He caught the backmarkers four laps later. Haudenschild, who raced past Skoal Outlaw Series points leader Dave Blaney and Swindell during the opening lap, steered the #22 Pennzoil Maxim deep into turn three to pass Kauffman for the runner-up spot late in the sixth lap. Smith was a half-straightaway ahead of his closest pursuers when Swindell relegated Kauffman to fourth place the next time around. Haudenschild started gaining on Stevie in lapped traffic, and cut his lead in half by lap nine. "The Wild Child" was only 10 car-lengths behind Smith when Blaney passed Kauffman for fourth place midway through the race. He narrowed the gap four laps later as Stevie slowed behind a pack of backmarkers. Andy Hillenburg surrendered seventh place when he allowed his #2 STP J&J to spin in turn one early in the 17th lap. Haudenschild was unable to keep pace with the leader on the ensuing restart, and Smith quickly opened a five-car-length advantage. Blaney threaded the #10 Vivarin J&J between Swindell and the inside guard rail in turn one to take over third place early in the 19th lap. Haudenschild narrowed the gap as Smith searched for a route around Rob Hart and "B" Feature runner-up Gary Chambers with two laps remaining. Stevie executed a quick move past them, however, and cruised to a five-car-length victory. Rounding out the top 10 were Blaney, Swindell, Danny Lasoski, Johnny Herrera, Kauffman, First Snap-on Tools Heat Race winner Greg Hodnett, Mike Woodring and 16th-starting Bill Brian, Jr. Bob Bennett received the Wells Lamont Hard Charger Award for racing into 16th place from inside the 12th row. Steve Kinser, who won the seventh World of Outlaws "A" Feature of his career at Rolling Wheels on June 6th, suffered a blown engine during hot laps and was unable to compete in the event. "The King of the Outlaws" started the day with two fresh engines, but blew one during the final hot-lap session at New York State Fair Speedway Saturday afternoon. His last engine powered him to his fifth Champion Spark Plugs Nationals championship. Blaney's fourth-place finish raised his magic number for the World of Outlaws championship to 19. Even if Haudenschild wins them all, "The Buckeye Bullet" can clinch the title by finishing 19th or better in the remaining Preliminary and "A" Feature races. WoO 1995 World of Outlaws/Skoal Outlaw Series Rolling Wheels Raceway, Elbridge, NY Saturday, October 7, Feature Program #69 Qualifications: 1. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 18.117; 2. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7TW, 18.451; 3. Stevie Smith, Motter 71M, 18.457; 4. Dave Blaney, Luna 10, 18.517; 5. Keith Kauffman, Sonner 47, 18.666; 6. Danny Lasoski, Hamilton 77, 18.706; 7. Johnny Herrera, Forbrook 5, 18.713; 8. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 18.730; 9. Greg Hodnett, Two Winners 8TW, 18.752; 10. Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 19.053; 11. Rod George, Thompson 10T, 19.122; 12. Craig Keel, Keel 8, 19.241; 13. Randy Hannagan, Hannagan 1x, 19.252; 14. Mike Woodring, Woodring 19, 19.414; 15. Rob Hart, Hart 86, 19.441; 16. Bill Brian, Jr., Brian 16, 19.505; 17. Gary Chambers, Chambers 16C, 19.606; 18. Brian Paulus, Paulus/Pender 28, 19.642; 19. George Suprick, Suprick 87, 19.681; 20. Alan Cole, Cole 17C, 19.721; 21. Rick Hench, Henchcraft 5H, 19.765; 22. Lance Yonge, Yonge 17, 19.839; 23. Bob Bennett, Mickle 3M, 19.996; 24. Greg Hixson, Hixson 10S, 20.046; 25. Tommy Allen, Allen 27A, 20.201; 26. Mark Bragman, Bragman 3, 20.291; 27. Wayne Patterson, Patterson 33, 20.694; 28. Gregg Pottorff, Pottorff 9, 20.857; 29. Jerry Dinnen, Dinnen 16D, 21.190; 30. Richard Nash, Nash 48, 21.237; 31. Bob Link, Link 56, 21.320; 32. Joe Timmerson, Timmerson 88, 21.698; 33. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, no time; 34. Rick Hart, Hart 51, no time. First Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Greg Hodnett, 2. Jac Haudenschild, 3. Keith Kauffman, 4. Randy Hannagan, 5. Rick Hench, 6. Gary Chambers, 7. Tommy Allen, 8. Jerry Dinnen ($10). DNS - Steve Kinser. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Second Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Jeff Swindell, 2. Ed Lynch, Jr., 3. Danny Lasoski, 4. Mike Woodring, 5. Brian Paulus, 6. Lance Yonge, 7. Mark Bragman ($10); 8. Richard Nash ($10). DNS - Rick Hart. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Third Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Johnny Herrera, 3. Bob Bennett, 4. George Suprick, 5. Rod George, 6. Rob Hart, 7. Wayne Patterson, 8. Bob Link. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Fourth Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Dave Blaney, 2. Bill Brian, Jr., 3. Andy Hillenburg, 4. Craig Keel, 5. Alan Cole, 6. 6. Greg Hixson, 7. Gregg Pottorff, 8. Joe Timmerson. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Vivarin Dash (five laps): 1. Keith Kauffman, 2. Stevie Smith, 3. Danny Lasoski, 4. Jeff Swindell, 5. Dave Blaney, 6. Jac Haudenschild, 7. Andy Hillenburg, 8. Johnny Herrera. (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the "A" Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Lance Yonge, 2. Gary Chambers, 3. Rob Hart, 4. Gregg Pottorff, 5. Greg Hixson ($210); 6. Bob Link ($185); 7. Tommy Allen ($160); 8. Joe Timmerson ($110); 9. Wayne Patterson ($100). DNS - Mark Bragman, Richard Nash, Jerry Dinnen, Steve Kinser, Rick Hart. (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) A Feature (25 laps): 1. Stevie Smith ($6,010); 2. Jac Haudenschild ($3,510); 3. Dave Blaney ($2,510); 4. Jeff Swindell ($2,210); 5. Danny Lasoski ($2,110); 6. Johnny Herrera ($2,010); 7. Keith Kauffman ($1,610); 8. Greg Hodnett ($1,510); 9. Mike Woodring ($1,410); 10. Bill Brian, Jr. ($1,310); 11. Andy Hillenburg ($1,160); 12. Craig Keel ($1,110); 13. Rod George ($1,060); 14. Randy Hannagan ($1,010); 15. Ed Lynch, Jr. ($710); 16. Bob Bennett ($510); 17. Brian Paulus ($410); 18. Lance Yonge ($430); 19. George Suprick ($410); 20. Rob Hart ($430); 21. Gary Chambers ($430); 22. Gregg Pottorff ($430); 23. Alan Cole ($410); 24. Rick Hench ($410). Lap leader: Stevie Smith 1-25 EcoWater Fast-Time Award winner: Jac Haudenschild Wells Lamont Hard Charger Award winner: Bob Bennett WoO

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