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BLANEY CASTS BURDENS AT RIVERSIDE SPEEDWAY By Richard Day COTTAGE GROVE, OR (August 31) - Dave Blaney got a chance to put aside the stress of chasing Steve Kinser for the points lead...

BLANEY CASTS BURDENS AT RIVERSIDE SPEEDWAY By Richard Day COTTAGE GROVE, OR (August 31) - Dave Blaney got a chance to put aside the stress of chasing Steve Kinser for the points lead Wednesday when the World of Outlaws brought its inaugural Wild Wild Northwest Tour to a climax at Riverside Speedway. "That was fun," Blaney said after treating the standing-room-only crowd to a rousing victory in the 35-lap "A" Feature. "I enjoy winning them like this." At the same time, Sammy Swindell didn't enjoy finishing second after leading 28 laps. Riverside's new one-lap record holder took the lead from Vivarin Dash winner Jac Haudenschild during the fifth lap only to lose it following a 31st-lap restart. Swindell, the outside polesitter, drove the #1 Bull & Hannah's Jenkins around Haudenschild as the green flag fell in the main event. The start was called back, however, when Kenny Jacobs took the #71M Ecowater Stealth for a spin in turn four before the first lap was completed. When the race resumed, "The Wild Child" beat Sammy out of the fourth corner. The green was replaced by the caution and red flags late in the second lap when Andy Hillenburg spun into the turn-two guard rail and George Graham crashed into the retaining wall in the fourth corner. Swindell was challenging Haudenschild when the leaders entered lapped traffic early in the fifth lap, and passed him for the lead on the back straightaway. Another yellow/red situation unfolded seven laps later when Stevie Smith slid over the third-corner bank and Bobby McMahan flipped on the front stretch. Blaney, who started on the fourth row, passed three sprinters during the first 13 laps. He took fourth place from Jeff Swindell as the leaders caught the backmarkers again two laps later. Sammy was racing cautiously through heavy lapped traffic when Kinser passed Haudenschild for the runner-up spot early in lap 21. With the right rear tire on the #22 Pennzoil Maxim losing air pressure, "The Wild Child" was relegated to sixth place during the next five laps. The tire was completely flat when he stopped in turn three with nine laps remaining. Two laps after the race resumed, Jeff Swindell brought out the red flag when he allowed the #7TW Gold Eagle Maxim to hit the front-straightaway retaining wall and flip into the catch fence. The Two Winners Racing crew got the #7TW race-ready again while track officials worked furiously for approximately 40 minutes to repair the 40 feet of fence Swindell's crash destroyed. Sammy was equal to Kinser's challenge for the lead when the green flag replaced the red. Steve slid off the racing surface when he tried a similar move between the first and second corners the next time around, allowing "The Buckeye Bullet" to race past. Haudenschild brought out the caution flag again when he spun into the guard rail in turn two, setting up a five-lap dash for the checkered flag. Blaney steered the #10 Vivarin J&J into the high groove when the race resumed, and caught Sammy early in the 33rd lap. The leaders raced wheel-to- wheel on the back straightaway before "The Buckeye Bullet" executed the winning pass high in turn four. Blaney managed to maintain the lead while Kinser and "B" Feature winner Joe Gaerte exchanged third place twice in the final three laps. He took the checkered flag three car-lengths ahead of Sammy. The victory was the second in as many Copenhagen-Skoal Shootout events for "The Buckeye Bullet" and his eighth of the season. "The King of the Outlaws" finished the main event in third place, ahead of Gaerte, Keith Kauffman, 16th-starting Brent Kaeding, Smith, Jim Carr, Hillenburg and Johnny Herrera. Sammy moved into a tie with Kinser for the lead in Ecowater Fast-Time Awards when he received his 10th of the year. He circled Riverside's semi- banked, 1/4-mile oval in 10.758 seconds. WoO 1994 WORLD OF OUTLAWS/COPENHAGEN-SKOAL SHOOTOUT Riverside Speedway, Cottage Grove, OR Wednesday, August 31, Feature Program #56 Qualifications: 1. Sammy Swindell, Gilliam 1, 10.758 (new one-lap record); 2. Joe Gaerte, Two Winners 9TW, 10.919; 3. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 10.969; 4. Jim Carr, Carr 65, 11.002; 5. Greg Brown, Collis 44B, 11.010; 6. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 11.048; 7. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 11.079; 8. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7TW, 11.088; 9. Keith Kauffman, Gilbert 64, 11.113; 10. Dave Blaney, Luna 10, 11.122; 11. Rick Fauver, Fauver 17, 11.160; 12. Danny Burton, Mitchell 10M, 11.257; 13. Stevie Smith, Veilhauer 12x, 11.257; 14. Steve Kent, Helm 11K, 11.262; 15. Johnny Herrera, Hamilton 77, 11.300; 16. Greg Hodnett, Two Winners 8TW, 11.317; 17. Brent Kaeding, Kaeding 69, 11.319; 18. Kenny Jacobs, Motter 71M, 11.338; 19. Shawna Wilskey, Wilskey 5JR, 11.341; 20. Sid Blandford, Blandford 31, 11.491; 21. George Graham, Graham 22G, 11.525; 22. Bobby McMahan, Bumgarner 88, 11.552; 23. Randy Hannagan, Hannagan 1x, 11.560; 24. Steve Beitler, Beitler 21, 11.619; 25. Bill Nutter, Nutter 3, 11.634; 26. Marv Smith, Smith 41, 11.707; 27. Kirk Fellers, Fellers 77F, 11.847; 28. Bill Antonelli, Antonelli 98, 11.986; 29. Bill Kelly, Kelly 22K, 12.939; 30. Mike Carrothers, Carrothers 18, 12.181; 31. Rick Brown, Brown 33, 12.214; 32. Kevin Cory, Cory 2K, 12.258; 33. Michael Morelock, Morelock 10H, 12.394; 34. Kenny Cope, Cope 35, 12.414; 35. Don Muth, Muth 23, 12.446; 36. Wes Kelly, Kelly 21x, 12.490; 37. Steve Vincent, Vincent 25, 13.006; 38. Casey Diement, Diement 73, no time; 39. Bo Mann, Mann 8M, no time; 40. Dale Smith, Smith 75, no time. First Snap-on Tools Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Brent Kaeding, 2. Keith Kauffman, 3. George Graham, 4. Sammy Swindell, 5. Stevie Smith, 6. Greg Brown, 7. Bill Kelly, 8. Michael Morelock, 9. Bill Nutter, 10. Steve Vincent. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Second Snap-on Tools Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Steve Kent, 2. Kenny Jacobs, 3. Andy Hillenburg, 4. Dave Blaney, 5. Bobby McMahan, 6. Marv Smith, 7. Joe Gaerte, 8. Kenny Cope, 9. Mike Carrothers. DNS - Casey Diement. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Third Snap-on Tools Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Steve Kinser, 2. Randy Hannagan, 3. Johnny Herrera, 4. Jac Haudenschild, 5. Rick Fauver, 6. Rick Brown, 7. Shawna Wilskey, 8. Kirk Fellers, 9. Don Muth. DNS - Bo Mann. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Fourth Snap-on Tools Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Greg Hodnett, 2. Steve Beitler, 3. Jeff Swindell, 4. Sid Blandford, 5. Jim Carr, 6. Danny Burton, 7. Bill Antonelli, 8. Kevin Cory, 9. Wes Kelly, 10. Dale Smith. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Vivarin Dash (five laps): 1. Jac Haudenschild, 2. Sammy Swindell, 3. Andy Hillenburg, 4. Steve Kinser, 5. Jeff Swindell, 6. Keith Kauffman, 7. Jim Carr, 8. Dave Blaney. (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the "A" Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Joe Gaerte, 2. Danny Burton, 3. Shawna Wilskey, 4. Bill Nutter, 5. Kirk Fellers ($260); 6. Michael Morelock ($235); 7. Kevin Cory ($185); 8. Bill Antonelli ($135); 9. Kenny Cope ($110); 10. Bill Kelly ($90); 11. Don Muth ($70); 12. Greg Brown ($60); 13. Wes Kelly ($60); 14. Rick Brown ($60); 15. Mike Carrothers ($60); 16. Steve Vincent ($60). DNS - Marv Smith, Casey Diement, Bo Mann, Dale Smith. (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) A Feature (35 laps): 1. Dave Blaney ($5,210); 2. Sammy Swindell ($3,510); 3. Steve Kinser ($2,510); 4. Joe Gaerte ($2,230); 5. Keith Kauffman ($2,110); 6. Brent Kaeding ($2,010); 7. Stevie Smith ($1,610); 8. Jim Carr ($1,510); 9. Andy Hillenburg ($1,410); 10. Johnny Herrera ($1,310); 11. Jeff Swindell ($1,110); 12. Randy Hannagan ($1,010); 13. Danny Burton ($830); 14. Steve Kent ($610); 15. Jac Haudenschild ($490); 16. Greg Hodnett ($410); 17. Kenny Jacobs ($360); 18. Shawna Wilskey ($380); 19. Bill Nutter ($380); 20. Sid Blandford ($360); 21. Rick Fauver ($360); 22. Bobby McMahan ($360); 23. Steve Beitler ($360); 24. George Graham ($360). Lap leaders: Jac Haudenschild 1-4, Sammy Swindell 5-32, Dave Blaney 33-35 Ecowater Fast-Time Award winner: Sammy Swindell WoO

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