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Haudenschild Wins Wild One at Pike County By Richard Day MAGNOLIA, MS (March 15) - Jac Haudenschild received an early birthday present Friday when a standing-room-only crowd welcomed the Skoal Outlaw...

Haudenschild Wins Wild One at Pike County By Richard Day MAGNOLIA, MS (March 15) - Jac Haudenschild received an early birthday present Friday when a standing-room-only crowd welcomed the Skoal Outlaw Series to Pike County Speedway. Although his 38th birthday was still more than three weeks away, "The Wild Child" gladly accepted the gift that allowed him to win the "A" Feature. Haudenschild was in fifth place with less than half a lap remaining when leader Sammy Swindell spun and crashed with Mark Kinser, Dave Blaney, Steve Kinser and Donny Schatz in the third corner. "The Wild Child" restarted the race at the front of the field and drove the #22 Pennzoil Maxim to the $6,000 victory. Swindell appeared to be on his way to the 200th victory of his World of Outlaws career, leading the first 27 laps and returning to first place early in lap 29. He was battling to keep his #1 ChannelLock Gambler ahead of Mark Kinser when he lost traction in the third corner. Blaney, the defending Skoal Outlaw Series champion, nor the Kinser cousins were able to steer clear of Swindell and became involved in the melee. The Kinsers restarted the race at the back of the pack while Swindell and Blaney were forced to watch the final lap from the pits. Steve Kinser's 14th-place finish catapulted Danny Lasoski into first place in the World of Outlaws point standings. "The Dude" finished sixth and took a five-point lead on "The King of the Outlaws" as the series headed for Battleground Speedway in Houston Saturday. Swindell, the seventh-fastest qualifier in the 31-car field, received the luxury of starting the Vivarin Dash on the pole when brother-in-law Terry Gray finished eighth in the Third Quaker State Heat Race and EcoWater Quick-Time Award winner Mark Kinser picked the #6 inversion pill. He led all five laps for the right to start the main event on the pole. Sammy burst into the lead as the green flag fell in the "A" Feature, and opened a five-car-length advantage as Andy Hillenburg and Joe Gaerte battled for the runner-up spot during the first three laps. Swindell was eight car-lengths ahead of the 24-car field by the fifth lap, and caught the backmarkers three laps later. Mark, who sliced .047 seconds off the one-lap record Lasoski set at Pike County last April, started making his way toward the front during the race's middle stages. He passed Hillenburg for third place and Gaerte for the runner-up spot while Swindell increased his lead to 12 car-lengths. Sammy lost his comfortable advantage seconds later, however, when Schatz took his #15 Petro Truck Stores Gambler for a spin in turn two. Although "B" Feature winner Jeff Shepard restarted between them when the race resumed, no more than a car-length separated Swindell and Mark until after their last-lap crash. After Blaney drove the #10 Vivarin J&J past Hillenburg and Gaerte to take over third place with 11 laps remaining, Mark chased Sammy into lapped traffic. Mark steered the #5M Wirtgen Maxim into the low line in turn two early in the 25th lap, but was unable to take the lead. He repeated the move to take over first place two laps later, however. Swindell steered his #1 to the lowest point in the second corner with two laps remaining to regain the lead, only to have disaster strike the next time around. Although the #22 lost a cylinder midway through the race, "The Wild Child" managed to keep pace with Blaney and the Kinser cousins. The Pennzoil Maxim seemed to gain power following the final caution period, allowing Haudenschild to beat Hillenburg under the checkered flag by 10 car-lengths. Gaerte held off hard-charging Stevie Smith for third place. Rounding out the top 10 in the "A" Feature were Johnny Herrera, Lasoski, First Quaker State Heat Race winner Joey Saldana, Greg Hodnett, Jeff Swindell and Bobby Davis, Jr. Randy Hannagan, the World of Outlaws Rookie of the Year last season, was in fourth place midway through the "B" Feature when ignition problems caused the #75 Mopar Performance Parts Stanton to stall. His 10th-place finish kept him out of the main event. WoO 1996 World of Outlaws/Skoal Outlaw Series Pike County Speedway, Magnolia, MS Friday, March 15, Feature Program #2 Qualifications: 1. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5M, 14.642 (new one-lap record); 2. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 14.708; 3. Joe Gaerte, Gaerte 3G, 14.904; 4. Johnny Herrera, Sonner 47, 14.950; 5. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 14.998; 6. Terry Gray, Gray 10G, 15.004; 7. Sammy Swindell, Swindell 1, 15.005; 8. Danny Lasoski, Forbrook 5, 15.067; 9. Dave Blaney, Luna 10, 15.075; 10. Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 15.078; 11. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 15.125; 12. Stevie Smith, Motter 71M, 15.152; 13. Lance Blevins, Blevins 21, 15.184; 14. Danny Smith, Bodkins/Smith 00, 15.222; 15. Gary Wright, White 9, 15.242; 16. Joey Saldana, Roth 83, 15.319; 17. Bobby Davis, Jr., Davis 4, 15.429; 18. John Bankston, Bankston 8, 15.450; 19. Jeff Shepard, Wahlie 1W, 15.473; 20. Greg Hodnett, Hodnett 3H, 15.517; 21. Jim Carr, McManus 7M, 15.526; 22. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7TW, 15.541; 23. Randy Hannagan, Stanton 75, 15.649; 24. Brian Paulus, Paulus/Pender 28, 15.722; 25. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 15.727; 26. Eric Sandage, Pack 4A, 15.992; 27. Dion Hindi, Hindi 11H, 16.396; 28. Jason Johnson, Johnson 57, 16.402; 29. Terry Vidrine, Vidrine 68, 16.482; 30. Kevin Huntley, Johnson U2, 16.821; 31. Richard Thornhill, Thornhill 23T, 18.291. First Quaker State Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Joey Saldana, 2. Sammy Swindell, 3. Johnny Herrera, 4. Lance Blevins, 5. Mark Kinser, 6. Jeff Swindell, 7. Jeff Shepard, 8. Donny Schatz, 9. Randy Kinser, 10. Jason Johnson, 11. Richard Thornhill. (first six qualified for the "A" Feature) Second Quaker State Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Steve Kinser, 2. Danny Smith, 3. Bobby Davis, Jr., 4. Danny Lasoski, 5. Andy Hillenburg, 6. Jac Haudenschild, 7. Randy Hannagan, 8. Greg Hodnett, 9. Eric Sandage, 10. Terry Vidrine. (first six qualified for the "A" Feature) Third Quaker State Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Dave Blaney, 3. Gary Wright, 4. Dion Hindi, 5. Jim Carr, 6. Joe Gaerte, 7. Kevin Huntley, 8. Terry Gray, 9. John Bankston, 10. Brian Paulus. (first six qualified for the "A" Feature) Vivarin Dash (five laps): 1. Sammy Swindell, 2. Andy Hillenburg, 3. Mark Kinser, 4. Joe Gaerte, 5. Jac Haudenschild, 6. Danny Lasoski, 7. Dave Blaney, 8. Johnny Herrera. (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the "A" Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Jeff Shepard, 2. Donny Schatz, 3. Randy Kinser, 4. Greg Hodnett, 5. Kevin Huntley, 6. Terry Gray, 7. Eric Sandage ($210); 8. Brian Paulus ($185); 9. Terry Vidrine ($160); 10. Randy Hannagan ($110); 11. Richard Thornhill ($100); 12. John Bankston ($90); 13. Jason Johnson ($70). (first six qualified for the "A" Feature) A Feature (30 laps): 1. Jac Haudenschild ($6,010); 2. Andy Hillenburg ($3,510); 3. Joe Gaerte ($2,510); 4. Stevie Smith ($2,210); 5. Johnny Herrera ($2,110); 6. Danny Lasoski ($2,010); 7. Joey Saldana ($1,610); 8. Greg Hodnett ($1,530); 9. Jeff Swindell ($1,410); 10. Bobby Davis, Jr. ($1,310); 11. Jeff Shepard ($1,180); 12. Lance Blevins ($1,110); 13. Randy Kinser ($1,080); 14. Steve Kinser ($1,010); 15. Mark Kinser ($710); 16. Danny Smith ($510); 17. Kevin Huntley ($430); 18. Jim Carr ($410); 19. Sammy Swindell ($410); 20. Dave Blaney ($410); 21. Donny Schatz ($430); 22. Dion Hindi ($410); 23. Gary Wright ($410); 24. Terry Gray ($430). Lap leaders: Sammy Swindell 1-27, 29; Mark Kinser 28; Jac Haudenschild 30 EcoWater Quick-Time Award winner: Mark Kinser WoO

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