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World of Outlaws Postpones Spring Nationals Feature By Richard Day MESQUITE, TX (March 28) - After repeated attempts to complete the 26th Annual Spring Nationals at Devil's Bowl Speedway Saturday night and...

World of Outlaws Postpones Spring Nationals Feature By Richard Day MESQUITE, TX (March 28) - After repeated attempts to complete the 26th Annual Spring Nationals at Devil's Bowl Speedway Saturday night and early Sunday morning, Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series officials postponed the championship feature. The "A" Feature will be run in conjunction with the 1998 Winter Nationals feature program April 24th. The Winter Nationals feature program, originally scheduled for last October 17th, will be run in its entirety while the Spring Nationals "A" Feature will restart on the ninth lap. While keeping a close watch on local weather reports, the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series was starting the Spring Nationals' feature program when rain made the track unsafe for racing. Fans, officials and teams waited patiently through four hours of rain and track preparation before racing resumed. Two sets of hot laps, a 42-car Vivarin qualifying session, four NAPA Auto Parts Heat Races, the Channellock Dash, the "C" and "B" features and eight laps of the main event were run before showers hit the Devil's Bowl again at 1:25 a.m. Sunday. Scott Whitworth earned the first Vivarin Fast-Time Award of his career by pacing the qualifying session with a 14.995-second, 120.040- m.p.h., lap around the legendary semi-banked, 1/2-mile oval. Ronald Laney, Stevie Smith, Sammy Swindell and Paul McMahan won the NAPA Auto Parts Heat Races, while Mark Kinser earned the right to start the 30-lap main event on the pole by beating Lasoski under the checkered flag in the Channellock Dash. Danny Smith won the "C" Feature and Whitworth crossed the finish line first in the "B." Donny Schatz and Jeff Swindell finished seventh and ninth in the "B" Feature, respectively, and used provisionals to start the main event. Kinser drove his family's #5m Mopar Maxim into the lead as the green flag fell in the "A" Feature, only to have Brooke Tatnell and Tim Shaffer crash on the back straightaway. The #11H Vivarin Maxim suffered extensive front-end damage and turned on its side. Although Shaffer was uninjured in the crash, he didn't restart the race. Lasoski, the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series points leader, steered the #83 Beef Packers Eagle around Kinser in the fourth corner and took the lead when the green flag fell a second time. A mechanical malfunction forced Whitworth to stop in turn three two laps later. Kinser chased Lasoski for 8 3/4 laps before taking the lead with a low move in the fourth corner. The rain hit before the leaders crossed the finish line, however, bringing out red flag and nullifying the pass. The following is the order the field was running when the race was postponed: 1. Danny Lasoski 9. Andy Hillenburg 17. Ronald Laney 2. Mark Kinser 10. Daryn Pittman 18. Paul McMahan 3. Joey Saldana 11. Joe Gaerte 19. Travis Whitney 4. Gary Wright 12. Steve Kinser 20. Craig Dollansky 5. Frankie Kerr 13. Sammy Swindell 21. Jeff Swindell 6. Johnny Herrera 14. Tyler Walker 22. Donny Schatz 7. Terry McCarl 15. Shane Stewart 23. Brooke Tatnell 8. Jimmy Carr 16. Stevie Smith 24. Scott Young Scott Whitworth and Tim Shaffer dropped out of the race by lap eight

1999 Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series 26th Annual Spring Nationals Devil's Bowl Speedway, Mesquite, TX Saturday, March 27, Feature Program #8 Qualifications: 1. Scott Whitworth, Whitworth 96, 14.995; 2. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23S, 15.019; 3. Johnny Herrera, DOCC Motorsports 1BK, 15.079; 4. Terry McCarl, McCarl 24, 15.099; 5. Daryn Pittman, Sonner 47, 15.208; 6. Tim Shaffer, Helm 11H, 15.249; 7. Jimmy Carr, Blevins 21, 15.253; 8. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 15.376; 9. Travis Whitney, Whitney 7S, 15.398; 10. Shane Stewart, Stewart 9S, 15.462; 11. Joe Gaerte, Holbrook 8H, 15.506; 12. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 15.518; 13. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 15.578; 14. Sammy Swindell, Swindell 1, 15.593; 15. Stevie Smith, Smith 19, 15.596; 16. Ronald Laney, Laney 52, 15.598; 17. Scott Young, Young 1Y, 15.613; 18. Tyler Walker, Walker 35, 15.703; 19. David Chappell, Chappell 50, 15.834; 20. Craig Dollansky, Dollansky 7, 15.952; 21. Brooke Tatnell, Tatnell 7K, 15.983; 22. Dale Blaney, Hylton/Blaney 93, 15.995; 23. Donnie Crawford, Hillenburg 1H, 16.010; 24. John Bankston, Bankston 8, 16.048; 25. Larry Neighbors, Neighbors 29N, 16.138; 26. Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 16.168; 27. Shane Carson, Helms 12$, 16.227; 28. Mike Goodman, Ledford 3, 16.232; 29. Aaron Berryhill, Grandstaff 66, 16.309; 30. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners Racing 104+, 16.343; 31. Bill Robertson, Eckley 16, 16.533; 32. Steve McMackin, Row 41, 16.545; 33. Brandon Corn, Corn 74, 16.602; 34. Danny Smith, Tulsa OK, Smith 5$, 16.890; 35. Nick Smith, Smith 15S, 16.893; 36. Dan Oswalt, Oswalt D1, 16.894; 37. Brandon Rogers, Rogers 11B, 16.970; 38. Jeff Mitrisin, Mitrisin 5J, 16.978; 39. Jason Sides, Poston 6, 17.212; 40. Kevin Hulse, Mid Plain Power 15x, 17.428; 41. J.P. Bailey, Bailey 45, 17.498; 42. Randy Combs, Combs 1C, 17.771. First NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Ronald Laney, 2. Travis Whitney, 3. Steve Kinser, 4. Brooke Tatnell, 5. Scott Whitworth, 6. Aaron Berryhill, 7. Scott Young, 8. Brandon Corn, 9. Larry Neighbors, 10. Brandon Rogers, 11. J.P. Bailey. (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) Second NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Shane Stewart, 3. Jimmy Carr, 4. Frankie Kerr. 5. Tyler Walker, 6. Donny Schatz, 7. Dale Blaney, 8. Jeff Swindell, 9. Jeff Mitrisin, 10. Danny Smith, 11. Randy Combs. (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) Third NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Sammy Swindell, 2. Johnny Herrera, 3. Joe Gaerte, 4. Tim Shaffer, 5. Donnie Crawford, 6. David Chappell, 7. Shane Carson, 8. Bill Robertson, 9. Nick Smith, 10, Jason Sides. (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) Fourth NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Paul McMahan, 2. Andy Hillenburg, 3. Terry McCarl, 4. Terry McCarl, 5. Daryn Pittman, 6. Steve McMackin, 7. John Bankston, 8. Craig Dollansky, 9. Mike Goodman, 10. Kevin Hulse, 11. Dan Oswalt. (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) Finishing 1-4 in Friday's Preliminary Feature automatically qualified Danny Lasoski, Mark Kinser, Gary Wright and Joey Saldana for the first four starting positions in the Channellock Dash. Channellock Dash (five laps): 1. Mark Kinser, 2. Danny Lasoski, 3. Gary Wright, 4. Joey Saldana, 5. Johnny Herrera, 6. Frankie Kerr. (finish determined the first six starting positions in the "A" Feature) "C" Feature (eight laps): 1. Danny Smith, 2. Bill Robertson, 3. Brandon Corn ($125); 4. Dan Oswalt ($100); 5. Nick Smith ($80); 6. Kevin Hulse ($70); 7. Brandon Rogers ($60); 8. J.P. Bailey ($50); 9. Randy Combs ($40). DNS - Steve McMackin, Jeff Mitrisin, Jason Sides. (first two qualified for the "B" Feature) "B" Feature (12 laps): 1. Scott Whitworth, 2. Scott Young, 3. Craig Dollansky, 4. Tyler Walker, 5. David Chappell ($200); 6. Dale Blaney ($175); 7. Donny Schatz, 8. Larry Neighbors ($150); 9. Jeff Swindell, 10. Donnie Crawford ($100); 11. Aaron Berryhill ($90); 12. Danny Smith ($100); 13. Shane Carson ($60); 14. John Bankston ($50); 15. Mike Goodman ($50); 16. Bill Robertson ($70). (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) "A" Feature (30 laps): Provisional starters - Donny Schatz, Jeff Swindell Lap leader: Danny Lasoski 1-8 Vivarin Fast-Time Award winner: Scott Whitworth WoO

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