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Scramble/Non-Qualifiers Program Spreads Wealth By Richard Day KNOXVILLE, IA (August 13) - Sammy Swindell won the "A" Scramble, but defending Amoco Knoxville Nationals champion Danny Lasoski kept the ...

Scramble/Non-Qualifiers Program Spreads Wealth By Richard Day KNOXVILLE, IA (August 13) - Sammy Swindell won the "A" Scramble, but defending Amoco Knoxville Nationals champion Danny Lasoski kept the pole in Saturday's championship feature. Randy Hannagan became only the second American to win the Australian/American Challenge race. Don Droud, Jr., won the Non-Qualifiers Feature from inside the seventh row. TNN Motorsports caught all the action live as Friday's Scramble/ Non-Qualifiers Program spread the wealth at the 39th Annual Amoco Knoxville Nationals. "We couldn't afford to back up," said Swindell, whose $5,000 victory assured him the fifth-row-outside starting position in Saturday's $100,000-to-win championship feature. "The Channellock Stealth car was working good. The car's been up at the front. We just have to finish more races." Swindell, whose record 26 Nationals have included 23 championship feature starts and the 1983 title, led all 12 laps despite intense pressure from Historical Big One Champion Kevin Gobrecht. Swindell pulled away during the final lap and claimed the $5,000 first prize with the 2.963-second victory. Lasoski, who finished third in the "A" Scramble, had high hopes for a Nationals championship repeat. "The Beef Packers car is really good," the seven-time Knoxville Raceway champion said. "Bob Wesphal built us a fantastic engine, Jerry Russell built us a great car, so now it's all up to me. "The pressure is off. The big deal was getting qualified and I can't think my guys enough for working hard like they have. I think, with the good Lord willing, we might be able to pull another one off. "They can have the money. I want another trophy." Hannagan made quick work of the Kele & Associates Australian/ American Challenge Dash in his new #1T NetTaxi Hurricane, while Droud was the fourth different leader in the Non-Qualifiers Feature. Dale Blaney burst into the lead from the front row only to spin after Larry Neighbors' horrific back-straightaway flip brought out the red flag. NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race winners Kenny Hansen, Brad Furr and James Chesson restarted at the front of the 22-car field. Hansen raced ahead as Furr and Chesson battled for second place all the way around the legendary semi-banked, 1/2-mile oval. The engine in the #8H Energy Release Eagle exploded several laps later, and a dejected Blaney coasted into the infield. Chesson raced around Hansen following a first-corner spin by Duane Bonini, Jr. Chesson was building a comfortable advantage when Cal Herdson flipped in the second corner early in lap nine. Droud, a regular in Knoxville Raceway's weekly racing program, passed Aaron Berryhill and Hansen as the green flag replaced the red, then took second from Furr. Chesson entered lapped traffic with a half-straightaway advantage midway through the 13th lap. Droud chased Chesson for four laps before taking the lead with a high move in turn one in dense lapped traffic early in lap 18. Droud was unchallenged during the final two laps, and took the checkered flag with 3.052 seconds to spare. "It's been a long time," Droud said. "I haven't won a race here all summer. I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to win one again. I wasn't even going to come to the Nationals before we put this deal together Sunday. I couldn't be happier." Chesson finished second, ahead of Travis Cram, Furr, Hansen, Tim Monson, Berryhill, Tim Kaeding, Jason Statler and Jeff Mitrisin. Kenny Jacobs beat Travis Whitney across the finish line in the "C" Scramble. Brooke Tatnell, who finished second in the Australian/ American Challenge Dash outlasted Jac Haudenschild and Terry McCarl in the "B" Scramble. WoO

1999 Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series 39th Annual Amoco Knoxville Nationals Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville, IA Friday, August 13, Scramble/Non-Qualifiers Program First NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Dale Blaney, 2. Cal Herdson, 3. Larry Neighbors, 4. Jeff Mitrisin, 5. Blake Robertson, 6. Toni Lutar, 7. Shawn Keen, 8. Loren Langerud, 9. Butch Bahr, 10. Ed Neumeister, 11. Jimmy Carr ($50). (first four qualified for the Non- Qualifiers' Feature) Second NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. James Chesson, 2. Tim Monson, 3. Kevin Frey, 4. Travis Cram, 5. Brian Grimes, 6. Manny Rockhold, 7. Jerrod Hull, 8. Jerry Richert, Jr., 9. Shane Stewart, 10. Randy Combs ($50). (first four qualified for the Non- Qualifiers' Feature) Third NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Kenny Hansen, 2. Mike Reinke, 3. Don Droud, Jr., 4. Joe Roe, 5. Tim Kaeding, 6. Bill Robertson, 7. Jim Moughan, 8. Micah Schliemann, 9. Chris Walraven, 10. Jeff Slinkard. (first four qualified for the Non- Qualifiers' Feature) Fourth NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Brad Furr, 2. Mark Toews, 3. Rocky Hodges, 4. Kerry Madsen, 5. Jaymie Moyle, 6. Jim Carter, 7. Kim Mock, 8. Pat Bourke, 9. Travis Rilat, 10. Gerald Cressman. (first four qualified for the Non-Qualifiers' Feature) Fifth NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Aaron Berryhill, 2. Ricky Logan, 3. Jason Statler, 4. Duane Bonini, Jr., 5. Bob Burkle, 6. Bill McCroskey, 7. Steve King, 8. J.R. Patton, 9. J.C. Sulawske, 10. Randy Anderson ($50). (first four qualified for the Non- Qualifiers' Feature) Kele & Associates Australian/American Challenge Dash (10 laps): 1. Randy Hannagan ($5,000); 2. Brooke Tatnell, 3. Joey Saldana, 4. Skip Jackson ($500); 5. Danny Smith ($500); 6. Kevin Frey, 7. Phil Gressman, 8. Kerry Madsen. 2:45.0 C Feature (six laps): 1. Shane Stewart, 2. Chris Walraven, 3. Travis Rilat ($300); 4. Ed Neumeister ($250); 5. Butch Bahr ($225); 6. J.C. Sulawske ($200); 7. Jeff Slinkard ($190); 8. Gerald Cressman ($180). (first two qualified for the "B" Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Blake Robertson, 2. Tim Kaeding, 3. Manny Rockhold ($560); 4. Brian Grimes ($470); 5. Jaymie Moyle ($420); 6. Jim Carter ($360); 7. Shawn Keen ($275); 8. Shane Stewart ($375); 9. Bob Burkle ($220); 10. Kim Mock ($175); 11. Loren Langerud ($150); 12. Chris Walraven ($290); 13. Jim Moughan ($140); 14. J.R. Patton ($120); 15. Pat Bourke ($110); 16. Jerrod Hull ($100); 17. Steve King ($100); 18. Micah Schliemann ($100); 19. Jerry Richert, Jr. ($100); 20. Toni Lutar ($110); 21. Bill McCroskey ($110) 22. Bill Robertson ($110). (first two qualified for the Non-Qualifiers' Feature) Non-Qualifiers' Feature (20 laps): 1. Don Droud, Jr. ($3,090); 2. James Chesson ($2,625); 3. Travis Cram ($2,080); 4. Brad Furr ($1,625); 5. Kenny Hansen ($1,375); 6. Tim Monson ($1,100); 7. Aaron Berryhill ($1,025); 8. Tim Kaeding ($1,170); 9. Jason Statler ($790); 10. Jeff Mitrisin ($680); 11. Rocky Hodges ($590); 12. Mark Toews ($500); 13. Blake Robertson ($745); 14. Kevin Frey ($940); 15. Duane Bonini, Jr. ($405); 16. Ricky Logan ($400); 17. Mike Reinke ($375); 18. Cal Herdson ($500); 19. Dale Blaney ($370); 20. Joe Roe ($310); 21. Kerry Madsen ($810); 22. Larry Neighbors ($330). C Scramble (12 laps): 1. Kenny Jacobs ($2,000); 2. Travis Whitney ($1,000); 3. Donny Goeden ($900); 4. John Sernett ($800); 5. Mike Goodman ($700); 6. Larry Pineger II ($600); 7. Dean Jacobs ($500); 8. Matt Moro ($400); 9. Phil Gressman ($800); 10. Dennis Moore, Jr. ($250). B Scramble (12 laps): 1. Brooke Tatnell ($5,000); 2. Jac Haudenschild ($2,000); 3. Terry McCarl ($1,000); 4. Brian Paulus ($900); 5. Jeff Swindell ($1,300); 6. Calvin Landis ($700); 7. Paul McMahan ($600); 8. Chad Kemenagh ($500); 9. Ed Lynch, Jr. ($400); 10. Danny Wood ($300). A Scramble (12 laps): 1. Sammy Swindell ($5,000); 2. Kevin Gobrecht ($4,000); 3. Danny Lasoski ($3,000); 4. Mark Kinser ($2,000); 5. Tyler Walker ($1,500); 6. Donny Schatz ($1,000); 7. Frankie Kerr ($900); 8. Craig Dollansky ($800); 9. Joey Saldana ($1,700); 10. Lance Blevins ($600). WoO

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