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Fast Talkers: Season Finale at The Dirt Track @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas, NV--October 23, 2006-- The 2006 season for the World of Outlaws Sprint Series took the green flag on February 9 at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida, and will...

Fast Talkers: Season Finale at The Dirt Track @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas, NV--October 23, 2006-- The 2006 season for the World of Outlaws Sprint Series took the green flag on February 9 at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida, and will take the checkered on October 28 at The Dirt Track @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Before heading to "Sin City," series drivers shared their thoughts on the season ending weekend at the half-mile, as well as sharing the bill with the National Hot Rod Association which will be racing at The Strip @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Becca Anderson, driver of the No. 19 Pit Stop Kenworth Maxim

"It's pretty exciting getting to go back to Las Vegas. It's a great track, a nice big fast half-mile oval. We're looking for some pretty positive things coming out of it...It's always neat when you get different fans out there and you can broaden some horizons, and make things better for all the race fans."

Jeremy Campbell, driver of the No. 10c Americas Best Values Inn/G-Force Racing Gear Maxim

"We ran great at Las Vegas earlier in the year, and just about won the race. Every time I have been out there I am have been strong. We're looking forward to going out there and hopefully we can get a Top-five and try to win it...Having more fans come over (from The Strip @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway) will be great. That is what we do this for, the fans. If they are not here, then we would not be racing."

Brian Carlson, driver of the No. 18 Lincoln Electric Maxim

"It's a good way to wrap up the season, with a high stakes race. It's been an exciting season and this is a good way to end it at Las Vegas. With the points banquet there as well, I could not think of a more fitting place to go. ... I think it's a neat thing anytime you go to one of these race tracks that have a NASCAR or NHRA race at it. You get a little bit of crossover with the fans. If we draw in a few new people, or if we can draw in two new people for that matter, those are two people that will keep coming back. When you see sprint cars racing, it is pretty exciting and you remember it. Those people will come back."

Craig Dollansky, driver of the No. 7 Karavan Trailers/Team Race Chic Maxim

"Las Vegas is absolutely one of the nicest facilities that we go through on the tour. I'm definitely looking forward to going back and it's a great place to end the season... Anytime we have done a race with NASCAR or the NHRA, it has been a great crossover with the fans, coming over and watching both sides of the show. It seems like a good fit at Las Vegas."

Randy Hannagan, driver of the No. 1x Penthouse Magazines Maxim

"I look forward to going back to Las Vegas. Our situation will be a little different than it was in the spring. We have a little different combination on a few things, and hopefully it will run even better...It's the end of the year, and hopefully we can wrap the year up on a good note out there."

Jac Haudenschild, driver of the No. 35 Wright One Construction Maxim

"We like running at Las Vegas. We like the big half-mile out there. We've race pretty well there. The Rick Wright car was been good every time we have been there. We're looking forward to getting out there...We went over and watched the drag cars last year and it's fun to go and watch them, and I'm sure that a few of those guys will come over and watch us too."

Justin Henderson, driver of the No. D1 Jolt Energy Gum/Protected By Data Dots Schnee powered by Hollywood Racing Engines

"I love racing out there. It is a lot of fun and a fast race track. Last time we were there, it was very racy. They do a good job of keeping up with the track. We had two completely different tracks the two nights we ran there in the spring. It will be nice to end the year, but on the same hand I would like to race a few more times this year... It will be awfully neat to have some of the drag racers and fans out there and to show them what it is like to turn left at the end of the straight-a-way. They have a lot excitement in a quarter-mile and we pack just as much excitement in a half-mile. It should be pretty different for them."

Dion Hindi, driver of the No. 11D J&J

"It's a beautiful speedway, one of the nicest we go to all year. The event is just like any other race. We had a pretty good run in the spring and with 10 laps to go the wing broke. We're kind of looking forward to going back, because I think we have a few good things figured out for it, and it kind of owes us one...That's one thing about Las Vegas, as well as a few other race tracks, is that two different race series kind of crossover, and they watch us because it is different for them. We also watch them because it is different for us. They're all race fans, and we all enjoy different forms of motorsports."

Chad Kemenah, driver of the No. 15K Underground Utilities Inc. Eagle

"The facility is really neat out there. We went out there earlier in the year and are really looking forward to going back there. Hopefully we can finish the season a little stronger than we have been running the last couple of weeks. We've had some bad luck and hopefully we can turn it around at the end of season...This will be my first time around the drag racing teams. It will be different. Hopefully we can get some new fans out to the race and put on a good show for them."

Jason Martin, driver of the No. 36 NOS Energy Drink/Mafia Motorsports Maxim

"It will be nice to wind things down at Las Vegas, though I'm not really looking forward to the end of the year, but it's coming sooner than we expect. We've had some pretty good runs out there in the past...Motorsports people just love racing, whether its drag racing or NASCAR, it's good to get some of the other fans incorporated into our sport."

Terry McCarl, driver of the No. 24 Big Game Treestands/Bosma Poultry/AmeriCash Eagle

"We're looking to finish the season strong and carry some momentum into the winter. It makes the winter go a lot easier if you get a win at the end of the season...I had my first opportunity to go see the NHRA for the first time when we were in Pennsylvania a few weeks back. It was a lot of fun to watch and I will try to head out there this weekend if I can. We definitely like when we schedule races like this with the NHRA or NASCAR and get a lot of crossover fans that normally don't get the opportunity to see us race. I think once they do see us race, it's pretty exciting for them."

Daryn Pittman, driver of the No. 21 Titan Garages & Carports/ Hop-n-Sack Convenience Stores Maxim

"Everybody always looks forward to going to Las Vegas. It's always exciting to go at the beginning of the year because we are just getting under way, and it's even more exciting to go at the end of the year, because we know that it's over. It's been a long year, and it's amazing that it's gone by this quick. Las Vegas is the perfect place to wrap the season up, and we're looking forward to it. We've been second there the last two fall races, so it would be good to finally get a win."

Joey Saldana, driver of the No. 9 Dodge Mopar-powered/Curb Records JEI

"It's always pretty cool to start and end the year out there. It's a good place to relax. There is always something to do. I've never won there, but we've had some strong runs and second place finishes. Hopefully we can finish the year out on a high note and get a win in Vegas. It's always good to win there and there should be a lot of potential sponsors and important people there, since it's the last race, and with the SEMA show and drag races there. Hopefully we put a good show in."

Donny Schatz, driver of the No. 15 ParkerStore J&J

"We're ready to get back there to end the season. Anytime you go into a race track where you were the previous winner, you're pretty excited to get there. We've had numerous victories there, and we are looking forward to getting to the last race of the year and getting this year over with. Maybe we'll celebrate a little bit or maybe not...It is pretty neat with the drag racing people around. Last year, I got to go and see my first drag race, and that was neat. Having diversity in the sport is always great. We enjoy being able to go over there. Hopefully we can put on a good show and those people can enjoy the dirt track racing."

Brooke Tatnell, driver of the No. 8 Race Outfitters/Castrol/Steel Dreams Machine

"It's a wrap-up to the year. There are good and bad things about that. The good part is that it gives the crew some time to sit back and reflect on what we have done this year. The bad part for those guys is that they are sitting around saying, 'The year's over, now it's snow time.' We're looking forward to the race. We're hoping to end the year off on a big note."

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