Knoxville II: Finale race report

Dollansky Wins NAPA Classic as Kinser Fails at Scales KNOXVILLE, IA (June 26) - Craig Dollansky received the $20,000 first prize following Saturday's NAPA Classic main event at Knoxville Raceway when Mark Kinser and the ...

Dollansky Wins NAPA Classic as Kinser Fails at Scales

KNOXVILLE, IA (June 26) - Craig Dollansky received the $20,000 first prize following Saturday's NAPA Classic main event at Knoxville Raceway when Mark Kinser and the #83 Beef Packers Maxim violated the World of Outlaws Sprint Series weight rule.

Kinser passed "The Crowd Pleaser" early in the 39th lap and took the checkered flag with 2.4 seconds to spare but, for the second time in four days, the car and driver crossing the finish line first weighed less than the 1,375-pound weight limit. Sammy Swindell, who was disqualified for violating the weight rule Tuesday at Dodge City Raceway Park, also lost fifth place when his car was underweight Saturday.

"I knew we were done there at the end," Dollansky said. "Mark definitely had a stronger car and better tires than we did. It's tough for him to lose one like that, but we've lost like that before. This is the first time I've ever won one like that, so thank God for that. Thanks to all the fans for coming out here tonight, too. I hope they saw some good racing.

"Scott Benic, D.J. Lindsey and Chris Bonnell work hard all week long, and I'm really happy with the progress this team made this week. Maxim Chassis, Hoosier Tires, Charlie Garrett Engines, and Pro Shocks - they're the ones that make it happen, along with my family and friends. That's what it's all about."

Joey Saldana, who won Friday's Preliminary Feature, led the first 33 laps from the pole. Dollansky, who started behind Saldana, passed the 1996 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year on the back straightaway midway through the 34th lap. Kinser raced past four cars during the last four laps, but his car was too light when he rolled over the scales following the World of Outlaws Sprint Series' 28th "A" Feature of the season.

Saldana drove the #2 Volcano Joe's Coffee Maxim into the lead as the green flag fell in the main event. Brent Antill and five-time Knoxville Raceway champion Terry McCarl collided in the third corner, however, and spun into Tim Shaffer and Brooke Tatnell. McCarl, who won the Third Heat Race, flipped and brought out the red flag.

World of Outlaws Sprint Series points leader Steve Kinser passed Danny Lasoski and Jason Meyers to move into fourth place during laps three and four. Mark Kinser, who started behind his second cousin inside the fifth row, raced past Swindell in the low groove between the third and fourth corners for eighth place late in the sixth lap.

Saldana was .9 seconds ahead of Dollansky when he entered lapped traffic three laps later. "The King of the Outlaws" continued his run toward the front in dense lapped traffic, racing past Donny Schatz late in lap 10 and Dollansky midway through the 21st lap. Kinser lost second place two laps later, however, when the engine in his #11 Quaker State Maxim lost power.

Lasoski, who has won seven Knoxville Raceway and three Knoxville Nationals championships, exchanged third place with Schatz during laps 24 and 25 as Saldana raced away from the field. Joey was three seconds ahead of Dollansky when he caught the back-markers late in the 26th lap. "The Crowd Pleaser" cut Saldana's advantage in half during the next three laps, however, as they raced through dense lapped traffic.

Dollansky drove Karavan Racing's #7 VMAC Maxim into the lead midway through lap 34 as Saldana slowed on the back stretch. Saldana was unable to continue more than another 1½ laps as his car ran out of fuel. Shaffer, who turned 37 Saturday, hit the turn-two retaining wall and flipped as the green flag replaced the yellow. Paul McMahan and Matt Morro surrendered 12th and 17th place, respectively, as their crews replaced their right rear tires during the red period. Brandon Wimmer crashed into the wall in the fourth corner as the race resumed, setting up a five-lap dash to the checkered flag.

Mark Kinser passed Lasoski deep in the second corner, and took the low line through turn four to pass Meyers for third place within a lap after the green flag replaced the yellow. The two-time World of Outlaws Sprint Series champion passed Schatz for second place with a similar move in turn four after Brian Paulus stopped in the second corner with a flat right rear tire. Flat tires cost Meyers, Schatz and Wayne Johnson their running positions, while Travis Cram and McMahan ran out of fuel during lap 39.

Mark Kinser passed Dollansky for the lead deep in turn two as the race resumed and coasted under the checkered flag, but he and his car weighed less than 1,375 pounds at the scales several seconds later.

Dollansky received credit for his third main event victory the season. Lasoski, who has won 82 features races at "The Home of the Nationals," finished second, ahead of 24th-starting Skip Jackson, Moro, Daryn Pittman, Meyers, 19th-starting Shane Stewart, Brooke Tatnell, Schatz and Paulus. Pittman, who drove the #21 Hop & Sack CMC past seven cars to finish in fifth place, moved past Kraig Kinser into a tie with Saldana for eighth place in the point standings.

The World of Outlaws Sprint Series will run $51,600 events at Joplin 66 Speedway, Batesville Speedway, Sedalia's State Fair Speedway and the Terre Haute Action Track Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and



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