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Stevie Smith Wins Rumble at Route 66 By Richard Day JOLIET, IL (October 10) - Home cooking can carry a race team a long way. Just ask Stevie Smith and Tim Shaffer. A week after they spent...

Stevie Smith Wins Rumble at Route 66 By Richard Day JOLIET, IL (October 10) - Home cooking can carry a race team a long way. Just ask Stevie Smith and Tim Shaffer. A week after they spent several days at home in Pennsylvania, Smith and Shaffer were the class of the field when the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series ran the rain-delayed Rumble at Route 66 Sunday at Route 66 Raceway. The event was originally scheduled for June 11-12. Smith drove his #19 Ingersoll-Rand Black Bandit past Shaffer on the 24th-lap restart to take the lead and won by 16 car-lengths. "We had a pretty good car tonight," Stevie said. "I think Tim might have had a motor problem there on the restart; otherwise he probably would have won the race. "I say this every time we win, but most of the credit goes to my crew. My dad (Steve Smith) and Devin (Deluzio) work so hard on this thing. I have to thank Ingersoll-Rand, Club Car and Bobcat for all their help. We couldn't do it without them. I hope we can win a few more by the end of the year - that's the plan, anyway." Smith was the 10th-fastest of 15 drivers breaking Route 66's previous qualifying standard. Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series points leader Mark Kinser set the record with a 14.058-second, 96.031 m.p.h., lap around the high-banked, 3/8-mile oval. He received his 29th Vivarin Fast-Time Award of the season for his effort. Stevie won the Second NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race, then earned the right to start the main event outside the front row by following Shaffer across the finish line in the Channellock Dash. Shaffer drove the #11H Vivarin Maxim into the lead as the green flag fell in the 30-lap "A" Feature, and entered lapped traffic with a seven-car-length advantage during the seventh lap. Smith narrowed the gap to three car-lengths in dense traffic three laps later, then raced nose-to-tail with Shaffer throughout laps 11 through 20. Johnny Herrera lost fifth place late in lap 23 when he hooked the berm and the #1BK Networks Eagle tumbled onto its side in the fourth corner. The DOCC Motorsports crew quickly replaced his top wing, allowing Johnny to restart at the rear of the field. First NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race winner Andy Hillenburg was trying to pass Smith for second place when his #2 Luxaire J&J jumped the cushion in turn three, hit the retaining wall and flipped, bringing out the second red flag in as many laps. Smith steered his #19 into the low groove between the first and second corners to pass Shaffer for the lead as the race resumed. Steve Kinser, who won the May 9th "A" Feature at Route 66 Raceway, passed cousin Mark for third place with a high move in turn four late in the 26th lap. "The King of the Outlaws" slowed in the second corner the next time around, however, when the engine in his #11 Quaker State Maxim lost power. Danny Lasoski surrendered eighth place when the #83 Beef Packers Eagle hit the wall in turn three and flipped. His crew repaired the car quickly, allowing "The Dude" to restart the race. Smith raced away from Shaffer as the green flag replaced the red, and took the checkered flag as Tim raced out of the fourth corner. The $8,000 victory was Stevie's fourth of the season and the 51st of his Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series career. He also won the first race the series ever ran at Route 66 Raceway, on July 26, 1998. Mark Kinser finished third, ahead of Joey Saldana, Sammy Swindell and Jeff Shepard. Herrera raced back through the field to finish in seventh place. Completing the top 10 were Brooke Tatnell, 20th- starting Jeff Swindell and Donny Schatz. Although came back to finish 14th, Lasoski lost 22 points in his battle with Mark Kinser for the series' points lead. He was 61 points behind the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series' 1996 champion as the series headed for Battleground Speedway in Highland, TX, for Thursday's Fifth Annual Fall Nationals. The series will sanction the 26th Annual Winter Nationals at Devil's Bowl Speedway Friday and Saturday. The Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series will return to State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City Sunday for the Bud Carson Memorial. Jac Haudenschild lost the fifth row inside starting position when he was late lining up for the "A" Feature. He started the race with a new engine in #22 Elden Racing Maxim, but coasted into the infield during the opening lap. WoO 1999 Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series Rumble at Route 66 Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, IL Sunday, October 10, Feature Program #64 Vivarin qualifications: 1. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5M, 14.058 (new single-lap record); 2. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 14.136; 3. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 14.188; 4. Johnny Herrera, DOCC Motorsports 1BK, 14.253; 5. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 14.399; 6. Sammy Swindell, Swindell 1, 14.405; 7. Jeff Shepard, LL Motorsports 4J, 14.423; 8. Danny Lasoski, Roth 83, 14.481; 9. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 14.500; 10. Stevie Smith, Smith 19, 14.535; 11. Travis Whitney, Frost 88, 14.543; 12. Tim Shaffer, Helm 11H, 14.555; 13. Brooke Tatnell, Tatnell 7K, 14.580; 14. Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 14.617; 15. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 14.638; 16. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23S, 14.642; 17. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 14.680; 18. Lance Blevins, Blevins 21, 14.745; 19. Dale Blaney, Holbrook 8H, 14.769; 20. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 104+, 14.789; 21. Daryn Pittman, Sonner 47, 14.819; 22. Terry McCarl, McCarl 24, 14.827; 23. Ricky Logan, Campbell 7L, 14.953; 24. Scott Young, Young 1Y, 14.982; 25. Craig Dollansky, Dollansky 7, 15.063; 26. Bob Burkle, Burkle 21B, 15.070; 27. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 15.129; 28. Skip Jackson, Serace 55, 15.176; 29. Blake Feese, Feese 1F, 15.229; 30. Fred Ebler, Ebler 64, 15.700; 31. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 15.835; 32. Wayne Modjeski, Modjeski 77, 16.336; 33. Jim Dolan, Dolan 707, 17.125; 34. Terry Starks, Starks 13, 17.935; 35. John McCann, McCann 34, 22.080. First NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Andy Hillenburg, 2. Mark Kinser, 3. Frankie Kerr, 4. Danny Lasoski, 5. Paul McMahan, 6. Craig Dollansky, 7. Blake Feese, 8. Jim Dolan, 9. Daryn Pittman. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Second NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Joey Saldana, 3. Randy Kinser, 4. Jeff Shepard, 5. Terry McCarl, 6. Lance Blevins, 7. Terry Starks, 8. Bob Burkle. DNS - Kelly Kinser. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Third NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Travis Whitney, 2. Donny Schatz, 3. Steve Kinser, 4. Sammy Swindell, 5. Dale Blaney, 6. Ricky Logan. DNS - Danny Smith, Fred Ebler, John McCann. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Fourth NAPA Auto Parts Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Tim Shaffer, 2. Johnny Herrera, 3. Jac Haudenschild, 4. Brooke Tatnell, 5. Jeff Swindell, 6. Wayne Modjeski, 7. Scott Young, 8. Skip Jackson. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature) Channellock Dash (five laps): 1. Tim Shaffer, 2. Stevie Smith, 3. Andy Hillenburg, 4. Travis Whitney, 5. Mark Kinser, 6. Johnny Herrera, 7. Joey Saldana, 8. Steve Kinser. (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the "A" Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Daryn Pittman, 2. Lance Blevins, 3. Blake Feese, 4. Ricky Logan, 5. Craig Dollansky ($200); 6. Wayne Modjeski ($180); 7. Jim Dolan ($150); 8. Terry Starks ($110); 9. Scott Young ($90); 10. Bob Burkle ($80); 11. Skip Jackson ($60). (first four qualified for the "A" Feature) A Feature (30 laps): 1. Stevie Smith ($8,000); 2. Tim Shaffer ($4,000); 3. Mark Kinser ($3,000); 4. Joey Saldana ($2,500); 5. Sammy Swindell ($2,300); 6. Jeff Shepard ($2,200); 7. Johnny Herrera ($2,100); 8. Brooke Tatnell ($2,000); 9. Jeff Swindell ($1,800); 10. Donny Schatz ($1,700); 11. Paul McMahan ($1,400); 12. Travis Whitney ($1,200); 13. Daryn Pittman ($1,120); 14. Danny Lasoski ($1,050); 15. Terry McCarl ($1,000); 16. Lance Blevins ($920); 17. Blake Feese ($720); 18. Steve Kinser ($550); 19. Andy Hillenburg ($550); 20. Dale Blaney ($550); 21. Frankie Kerr ($550); 22. Randy Kinser ($550); 23. Ricky Logan ($570); 24. Jac Haudenschild ($550). Lap leaders: Tim Shaffer 1-23, Stevie Smith 24-30 Vivarin Fast-Time Award winner: Mark Kinser WoO

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