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Dion Hindi driver of the Butler Built Performance Seats/Motul Oils/ J&J Chassis ...

Dion Hindi driver of the Butler Built Performance Seats/Motul Oils/ J&J Chassis #11D

Dion hit the track in Manzanita with a 15th place in qualifying effort and a 5th place finish in the 2nd heat. It was looking like the Dion of old as Hindi gets more and more comfortable being back in the seat. Dion would start 15th in the feature and bring home a 19th place finish with a very loose race car.

At United Sports Arizona Race Park in Tucson Hindi would qualify in the 25th position and be regulated to a 7th place starting position in the first heat. The familiar neon green 11D had the fans on their feet as Hindi chose the high and low lines and began a charge to the front. Hindi would pass such strong contenders as Joey Saldana and Terry McCarl enroute to a 4th place finish and locked in to the feature for the 2nd straight night. Hindi would start 22nd and finish 19th.

"Things are definitely turning the corner." Said Hindi. "We had a good qualifying effort in Manzy and I just missed my mark in the race. I got frustrated and let that dictate my finish. In Tucson I just missed the set up in qualifying but we had it right in the heat. Unfortunately we set the car up to run the bottom in the feature and there was no bottom. Hey you learn and you go on. I am starting to regain that old feeling again and with each run things just keep coming back to me."


Randy "The Hurricane" Hannagan driver of the Terry Hannigan Racing/Brown & Miller Race Hose & Fittings 1x powered by Gaerte Engines.

The Hurricane came out strong at Manzanita with a 9th place qualifying effort and 2nd place finish in the first heat. Hannagan would find himself in the 2nd dash and would finish 3rd for a 6th place starting position in the feature. Hannagan would keep his top 5 streak alive at Manzanita with a 5th place finish.

Night two at Tucson found the 1X qualifying 4th and finishing 4th in the fourth heat. The 6 pill was drawn for the dashes completely inverting the field and Randy would start 5th and finish 6th in the first dash for an 11th place starting position. The Hurricane would battle an extremely loose race car and finish 18th.

"We needed a strong run and we got it in Manzy." Hannagan explained. "I just missed it in Tucson. We are really coming together as a team and our confidence is growing. When your out on the road each and every night with the best in the business your inspired to turn up the heat in your own program. I am looking forward to going back to Las Vegas we are pretty good at that track and I think we can get some strong finishes."


Justin Henderson pilot of the Dan Dan the Sonic Man/RaceGirl #D1 Schnee powered by Hollywood Racing engines.

Using his experience that he gained running weekly at the big track in Knoxville, IA Henderson laid down a 5th place qualifying effort. In the 4th Heat Justin would place 5th and transfer to his 3rd consecutive feature. Unfortunately Henderson had a hole in the tire he used for qualifying and was unable to compete in the dash. Starting 13th in the feature Justin would hold his own and finish 12th.

Strong qualifying followed Henderson to Tucson where he would qualify 12th and finish 3rd in the 4th heat and qualify for the dash. Henderson would start 2nd in the dash and a bit of a stumble at the start allowed Paul McMahon to get away but Henderson would have a strong 2nd place run and start 4th in the feature his best starting position ever in a World of Outlaw event. In the feature Henderson would make a strong start and move to 2nd place where he would run until the leaders approached heavy traffic. Weaving and bobbling let Johnny Herrera get by but Henderson would battle on. Henderson would eventually finish in the 6th position after waging numerous battles with WoO veterans, his best career finish to date.

"It's all starting to go together." Said a smiling Henderson. "Dad is giving me some serious power in these motors and we are starting to figure out how to get it to the ground. The team has been working hard and our finishes show it. I wanted to have a good run for our new marketing partner RaceGirl and we gave them that this weekend. I just made some rookie mistakes in traffic and with these guys when you bobble they are by you. Hey the more we run with these guys the more I will learn from them. That's what it's all about learn from your mistakes so you do not make them again."


Rob Chaney subbing for the injured Jason Martin in the Nos Energy Drinks/Mafia Motorsports #36 Maxim powered by Kriner.

The evening did not start off well for Chaney in qualifying at Manzy where he would time in 24th. The heat would be a lot better with Chaney running away with the victory in heat number 1. Rob would start 22nd in the feature and bring home an 18th place finish.

At Tucson qualifying would be a bit better with Chaney coming in at 21st for a 2nd place starting position in the 4th heat. Chaney would prove too much for the field and come home in first once again and start 21st in the feature. After battling in heavy traffic and making some daring moves Chaney would climb to a 16th place finish.

"I think the more were together the stronger we will be." Said Chaney. "This Martin Motorsports team is a strong one and unfortunately we didn't get the finishes in the feature we were capable. We started to far back, qualifying is so important in this deal. I missed a few lines but we will get it figured out for Vegas. I like running there and think we can bring home some top tens and even a top 5. I want to thank the whole Martin Motorsports team for this opportunity and want to make the most of it."

Peter Murphy The Awesome Aussie, will be in his first action as the pilot of the team Redi-Green #1k J&J Chassis this weekend at the mini-Gold Cup in Chico, CA. Peter who captured a win in his homeland of Australia over the winter is extremely excited about the 2006 season.

"I've been ready for this race since we put the deal together with the 1k team." said Murphy "They have a great team and good stuff. It's been a while since I ran this race but am raring to put this car in victory lane. I ran my car with the NST and that will come together over time but this is what the goal is this year is the Golden State Championship and this team is the caliber to win it. We will definitely give it our best shot. No worries."


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