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Sammy Swindell Swipes Rain-Delayed World of Outlaws Feature At Hagerstown Hagerstown, MD -- May 28, 2005 -- It was a family affair Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway where Sammy Swindell waited out a two-hour rain delay for his first World of...

Sammy Swindell Swipes Rain-Delayed World of Outlaws Feature At Hagerstown

Hagerstown, MD -- May 28, 2005 -- It was a family affair Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway where Sammy Swindell waited out a two-hour rain delay for his first World of Outlaws A-feature victory this season while Kevin Swindell picked up his first Dash win.

After earning the pole, Craig Dollansky was trying to play the spoiler. Dollansky opened an advantage of almost two seconds and led the first 24 laps by circling the half-mile oval on the cushion, but a caution with five to go bunched the field.

On the restart, Sammy Swindell cut to the inside of Dollansky as they exited Turn 4. They both slid up the track with Swindell emerging in front. Running in third, Terry McCarl took advantage and powered his way past Dollansky off the turn and made it stick in Turn 1.

Another caution set up a green-white-checkered finish, but Swindell was too strong in his Guy Forbrook machine as the field fell in line behind him on the final run as he raced to the seventh win of his career at Hagerstown.

McCarl and Dollansky held onto second and third, followed by Lance Dewease, Paul McMahan, Brooke Tatnell, Kraig Kinser, Jason Meyers, Steve Kinser and Kevin Swindell, Sammy's 16-year-old son who earned his second top-10 of the season.

"[The cushion] got so far up down there I knew if [the bottom] didn't go away, that was the key," said Swindell, a three-time World of Outlaws champion. "I've won races and been fast here and seen guys if they have a little patience getting in, you wait and you get such a hard drive getting off the turn. [The cushion] just got so far out over there, we talked about it before the race. If the car was good enough, that was going to be the place to pass at the right time. I was a little worried about sliding in and using up the tires. I knew when my tires got hot I would start skating around a little bit. I just had to make sure we got the car just right so I could run there."

As strong as Dollansky was in the early going, trouble with his left rear tire hampered his ability on the restart to return to his earlier pace.

"The race would have been won up there, but the left rear was losing air pressure about halfway through the race and I was really starting to struggle with it," said Dollansky, who is second in the Outlaws standings. "We were just hanging on. I knew once the yellow flag came out that we were just a sitting duck. On top of the left rear going flat, we just ran too soft a tire.

"For about the first 10 laps we were in pretty good shape, but as soon as that left rear started losing air pressure it became quite a handful. All in all it was a good run for us."

After he cleared lapped traffic, Swindell started plotting his pass, eventually running up behind Dollansky and getting pulled down the straights.

"When he started coming down, I just backed up and got behind him so I could get a draft," Swindell said. "Then I really sucked up on him and knew that if I cut across a corner I could get over there before he would. But I wanted to make sure he stayed out there so he didn't try to turn down. Instead of him just letting me go, he drove up on the cushion, which was exactly what I was hoping he would do."

Their battle allowed McCarl a chance to run up to the front. McCarl watched the action and hoped as Swindell went for the lead and slid up the track next to Dollansky that he might be able to stay low and sneak past both of them. Instead, Swindell shot down the frontstretch with McCarl slipping in front of Dollansky.

"The more they battled the closer I got to them," said McCarl, who started 10th. "When Sammy slid him, it gave me the opportunity. I was hoping to get both of them but it was enough to get Craig. He lost all his momentum and we were able to get by him. I thought I had a tire going down on the restart. I knew we had a shot at Sammy if I got a good start, but I was more worried about finishing the feature.

"We had a great car tonight. Me and my mechanic, Steve Fitzpatrick, worked really well together tonight. We totally changed the car from the time we got here to the feature. I'm pretty happy."

As much as the late race cautions benefited Swindell and McCarl, they might have cost Danny Lasoski and Brooke Tatnell top-five finishes. On the final restart, Lasoski had tire trouble going into the first turn with Tatnell right behind. They both lost their forward push, allowing Paul McMahan to drive by and pick up his third A-feature top-five of the year.

"Towards the end, I started getting a little bit better and the cautions fell our way," McMahan said. "That's the only way I got by Danny and Brooke. The caution came out at the right time for me and we had a two-lap dash to the finish. We got down into Turn 1 and Danny had a flat tire and Tatnell got in the back of him a little bit, which really screwed them up and gave me a good run on the outside to get by both of them. We were a good top-10 car, but we kind of got lucky getting home with a top-five. You take whatever you can get in these races."

Kevin Swindell, who started the week by testing a Mazda formula car on a road course near Pittsburgh, took his first Dash victory in stride, and made sure he got a smooth start in the feature.

"It's just making sure you get off the start good and get down the front straightaway and hope you can win the race to the first corner," he said. "The cushion got pushed up a little too far for me to get off the corner. I had real good car."

In that Dash, Swindell jumped in front in Turn 1 and cruised to the checkered flag as he earn his first front-row starting position with the World of Outlaws. Swindell was followed to the finish by Tatnell, Lasoski, McMahan, McCarl and Lucas Wolfe, a high school senior being groomed by the Pennsylvania Posse.

In the Stacker 2® Dash, Dollansky started on the pole and drove off with the victory, setting a record for the quickest 6-lap run in Hagerstown history. Dollansky completed the Dash in 1:34.32, followed by Brian Paulus, Sammy Swindell, Dewease, Stevie Smith and Jason Sides.

In the B-main, Kraig Kinser rode the cushion to an easy victory while Jeff Shepard, Jason Meyers and Shane Stewart picked up the other transfer spots.

In the first heat race, Tim Kaeding started on the outside pole and quickly grabbed the lead, stretching his advantage as the field fell in line behind him. In the second heat, Jason Solwold got a big jump for an easy victory. In the third heat, Brandon Wimmer fought off Steve Kinser in the first turn and raced to the checkered flag. In the fourth heat, Joey Saldana and Travis Rilat pulled out front as Brian Paulus fought off the hard-charging Kraig Kinser.

Dollansky paced the 33-car field in time trials with a lap around the 1/2-mile oval in 15.070 seconds at 119.443 mph. Mark Kinser established the single-lap record of 14.945 seconds on July 31, 1999.

The World of Outlaws Sprint Series heads north Monday to Lebanon Valley Speedway in West Lebanon, N.Y., Wednesday to Rolling Wheels Raceway Park in Elbridge, N.Y., Friday at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio, and June 1 at Eldora Speedway.

The Outdoor Channel will broadcast all the action from Thursday and Friday's race at Williams Grove at 8 p.m. ET on June 8. This Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, The Outdoor Channel broadcast action from the Commonwealth Clash at Lernerville Speedway.


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