Gumout Series Grand Forks 2000-08-18

Dollansky on a Hot Streak By Kendra Jacobs GRAND FORKS, ND (August 18)-Craig Dollansky struggled at the beginning of the 2000 Gumout Racing Series season. With DNF's at Williams Grove and Port Royal, his goal of becoming the first series point...

Dollansky on a Hot Streak
By Kendra Jacobs

GRAND FORKS, ND (August 18)-Craig Dollansky struggled at the beginning of the 2000 Gumout Racing Series season. With DNF's at Williams Grove and Port Royal, his goal of becoming the first series point champion seemed to be slipping away. Now, Dollansky is untouchable. Winning three races in a row, Dollansky continues to extend his point lead over the competition. With seven wins thus far, Dollansky has his goal at his fingertips.

Starting third in Manufacturer's Heat #3, Dollansky quickly roared past the competition to score a front row starting position in the Weld Racing Dash. Dollansky then blew away the competition to earn the pole starting position for the 40-lap "A" Feature. Jason Meyers, won the Weld Race Components Dash, putting him alongside Dollansky's red #7.

Dollansky took an immediate lead with Meyers, Randy Kinser, Shane Stewart, and Terry McCarl filing in behind him. On lap four, eighth starting Kraig Kinser, dove low to take fourth position from Terry McCarl, passing Jeff Shepard in the process. As Meyers began to close in on the race leader, Stewart took third position away from Randy Kinser. While running in the seventh position, Paul McMahan spun in between turns one and two to bring out the caution on lap seven.

On the restart, Stewart ducked low beside Meyers. Stewart entered turn three alongside Meyers, who had worked his way onto the tail of Dollansky. A three-way battle for the lead ensued, with Meyers diving low in turn one to pass Dollansky for the lead. While doing so, the #U2 of McMahan had suffered a flat left front tire forcing him to the work area. A full lap was not completed, therefore Dollansky would remain in the lead. Kraig Kinser had passed uncle Randy Kinser during the battle upfront to take over fourth position.

Restarting on lap 10, third running Stewart jumped the infield berm causing the front of his Eagle chassis to bounce high into the air. Stewart tried to remain in control, but succumbed as his Gotta Race #9H barrel rolled down the backstretch. Stewart was uninjured, but his evening was finished.

Dollansky again jumped out into the lead on the restart. Kraig Kinser raced around the low groove of the track, battling Meyers for the second position. Shepard and McCarl both got around Randy Kinser to take over fourth and fifth positions. On lap 15, Shepard would also get around Kraig Kinser to move into third. Lap 18 saw another yellow, as the 00 of Jason Statler had stopped in turn four. Statler restarted on the tail of the field.

Once again Dollansky took the lead, with Meyers and Shepard closely following. The action would soon cease as Peter Murphy and Randy Kinser collided low in turn one. Murphy retired to the pit area, while Kinser restarted on the tail. Dollansky held onto his lead, while Kraig Kinser slipped back to 5th when McCarl got around him on the restart. Ronald Laney also ducked low around Kinser, but was forced to move back when Kraig Kinser regained the fifth position in turn four.

Lap 29, saw Dollansky once again entering lapped traffic. Two laps later, Dollansky commanded a full straightaway lead over Meyers. On lap 32, another yellow fell as Jimmy Carter in the #14C spun in turn two. Dennis Moore, Jr. and Brad Furr also stopped on the yellow, forcing all three competitors to restart on the tail.

On the restart, Laney continued to move forward as he took fifth position from Kraig Kinser and set his sights on Shepard. Dollansky again pulled out into a straigtaway lead before another yellow was dropped for McMahan who slowed along the frontstretch. Randy Kinser also spun in between turns three and four causing him to restart on the tail. McMahan did not restart due to a broken U-joint and an injury to the feet.

With three laps remaining, Dollansky jumped out into the lead and never looked back. Laney took third position away from Shepard on the restart, but did not have enough to get around Meyers. Dollansky took the checkered a full straightaway ahead of Meyers, Laney, Shepard, and Kraig Kinser.

Jeff Shepard earned the Huggins Fast Time Award with a time of 10.269. This became the track's first track record, as no other series has qualified there before. Ronald Laney was named KSE Hard Charger for passing nine cars on his way to a third place finish.

Wade Nygaard did not start the feature event as he suffered mechanical difficulties. The #26 of John Egeland took the tail starting position as the first alternate.

The series will wrap up the North Midwest tour on Saturday August 19th at Huset's Speedway. Dollansky will try to make it four in a row as he battles the competition in Huset's annual Gold Cup event.

2000 Gumout Racing Series
River Cities Speedway, Grand Forks, ND
Friday, August 18, Feature Program #22

Huggins Qualifications: 1. Jeff Shepard, Double L Mtspts. 4J, 10.269; 2. Brad Furr, Furr Racing 2F, 10.327; 3. Craig Dollansky, Karavan Mtspts. 7, 10.367; 4. Jason Meyers, Carter Racing 14M, 10.409; 5. Randy Kinser, Kinser Racing 14, 10.417; 6. Terry McCarl, McCarl 55, 10.500; 7. Jimmy Carter, Rudeen Racing 14C, 10.511; 8. Kraig Kinser, Kinser Racing 11K, 10.578; 9. Jason Statler, Statler Racing 00, 10.640; 10. Shane Stewart, Holbrook Mtspts. 9H, 10.659; 11. Paul McMahan, Warren Johnson U2, 10.694; 12. Wade Nygaard, Slocum 9, 10.757; 13. Dennis Moore, Jr., Moore 71, 10.763; 14. Ronald Laney, Laney Racing 52, 10.991; 15. Brian Carlson, SC Mtspts. 18, 11.001; 16. Peter Murphy, Williams 0, 11.096; 17. Lou Kennedy, Kennedy 21K, 11.151; 18. Pat Miller, High Voltage Racing 12, 11.168; 19. Rich Bubak, Bubak 9X, 11.191; 20. Bob Martin, Martin 10T, 11.208; 21. Mark Dobemeier, Dobmeier 13, 11.221; 22. Brad Pake, Pake 53, 11.260; 23. John Egeland, Egeland 26, 11.430; 24. Bob Bennett, Acme Trailers 3B, 11.438; 25. Scott McDonald, McDonald 33, 11.520; 26. Brandon Greene, High Voltage Racing 64, 11.692; 27. John Bridgeford, Bridgeford 8, 11.754; 28. Mike Johnson, Johnson/Leebrick 94, 11.805; 29. Sam Braaten, Braaten 96, 11.947; 30. Jason Linnell, Pulkrabek 22, 11.956; 31. Ryan Corbett, Corbett 8C, 12.009; 32. Christie Passmore, GAP Roofing 1A, 12.381; 33. Tom Egeland, Egeland 14X, 12.405; 34. Jarrod Wilde, Wilde 35, 12.475.

First Manufacturer's Heat Race (ten laps): 1. Randy Kinser, 2. Jeff Shepard, 3. Jason Statler, 4. Dennis Moore, Jr., 5. Lou Kennedy, Jr., 6. Scott McDonald, 7. Mark Dobmeier, 8. Sam Braaten, 9. Tom Egeland. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Second Manufacturer's Heat Race (ten laps): 1. Shane Stewart, 2. Terry McCarl, 3. Brad Furr, 4. Ronald Laney, 5. Pat Miller, 6. Brad Pake, 7. Brandon Greene, 8. Jason Linnell, 9. Jarrod Wilde. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Third Manufacturer's Heat Race (ten laps): 1. Craig Dollansky, 2. Paul McMahan, 3. Jimmy Carter, 4. Rich Bubak, 5. Brian Carlson, 6. Ryan Corbett, 7. John Egeland, 8. John Bridgeford. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Fourth Manufacturer's Heat Race (ten laps): 1. Jason Meyers, 2. Kraig Kinser, 3. Peter Murphy, 4. Wade Nygaard, 5. Bob Martin, 6. Christie Passmore, 7. Bob Bennett, 8. Mike Johnson. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Weld Racing Dash (five laps): 1. Craig Dollansky, 2. Randy Kinser, 3. Jeff Shepard, 4. Paul McMahan, 5. Jason Statler, 6. Jimmy Carter. (Finish determined inside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Weld Race Components Dash (five laps): 1. Jason Meyers, 2. Shane Stewart, 3. Terry McCarl, 4. Kraig Kinser, 5. Brad Furr, 6. Wade Nygaard. (Finish determined outside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Hank's Performance Products "B" Feature (12 laps): 1. Brad Pake, 2. Mark Dobmeier, 3. Bob Bennett, 4. Scott McDonald, 5. John Egeland ($200); 6. Jason Linnell ($150); 7. Sam Braaten ($120); 8. Brandon Greene ($100); 9. John Bridgeford ($100); 10. Ryan Corbett ($100); 11. Tom Egeland ($80); 12. Mike Johnson ($60); 13. Jarrod Wilde ($50); 14. Christie Passmore ($50). (Top four qualified for "A" Feature)

Gumout Racing Series "A" Feature (40 laps): 1. Craig Dollansky ($5,000); 2. Jason Meyers ($3,000); 3. Ronald Laney ($2,000); 4. Jeff Shepard ($1,800); 5. Kraig Kinser ($1,600); 6. Brad Pake($1,420); 7. Jason Statler ($1,300); 8. Brad Furr ($1,200); 9. Lou Kennedy ($1,100); 10. Jimmy Carter ($1,050); 11. Dennis Moore, Jr. ($1,000); 12. Scott McDonald ($820); 13. Rich Bubak ($700); 14. Pat Miller ($600); 15. Brian Carlson ($600); 16. Randy Kinser ($500); 17. Bob Bennett ($520); 18. Paul McMahan ($500); 19. Terry McCarl ($500); 20. Peter Murphy ($500); 21. Mark Dobmeier ($520); 22. Bob Martin ($500); 23. Shane Stewart ($500); 24. John Egeland ($500).

Lap Leader: Craig Dollansky 1-40
Huggins Fast Qualifier: Jeff Shepard-Track Record
KSE Hard Charger: Ronald Laney

Gumout Racing Series Point Standings: 1. Craig Dollansky 3554; 2. Jeff Shepard 3528; 3. Paul McMahan 3418; 4. Jason Meyers 3258; 5. Brad Furr 3171; 6. Ronald Laney 3066; 7. Shane Stewart 3031; 8. Randy Kinser 2936; 9. Bob Bennett 2460; 10. Brian Carlson 2359; 11. Kraig Kinser 1809; 12. Jimmy Carter 1676; 13. Jason Statler 741.

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