Gumout Racing Series results 2000-08-23

Meyers Takes Home First Gumout Victory By Kendra Jacobs SARVER, PA (August 23)-Jason Meyers has been battling Brad Furr for Brodix Rookie of the Year honors throughout the 2000 season. Tonight though, Meyers and Furr were battling for a spot...

Meyers Takes Home First Gumout Victory
By Kendra Jacobs

SARVER, PA (August 23)-Jason Meyers has been battling Brad Furr for Brodix Rookie of the Year honors throughout the 2000 season. Tonight though, Meyers and Furr were battling for a spot in Victory Lane. With a last lap pass that had the crowd on their feet, Meyers took the lead and the $5,000 prize from race-long leader Furr.

"I have to hand it to Brad and his team. We're both from California. We travel together and race a lot. He's a great racer and he's going to win one too. Fortunately for us, we took it away from him tonight," Meyers excitedly stated.

Meyers won the Weld Race Components dash, allowing him to start alongside Kenny Jacobs on the front row of the 35-lap feature. On the initial start, Jacobs jumped out infront. Furr dove low in turn one to take second from Meyers, then did the same in four to take the lead from Jacobs. On lap three, Randy Kinser moved into the top five by taking the position away from James Chesson, who pulled out immediately after. By lap five, Furr entered lapped traffic, allowing Jacobs and Meyers to close in. Furr held onto his lead, with Jacobs, Meyers, Shane Stewart and Ed Lynch, Jr. following.

Lap six brought out the first caution as the United Expressline #U2 slowed to a stop in turn four. McMahan rejoined the field on the tail. Furr again held his lead on the restart. Kinser once again took fifth position away from Lynch, as Craig Dollansky joined the battle. Two laps later, Dollansky passed Lynch to take sixth position.

By lap 13, the top four cars were tail-to-tail. As Meyers began to battle Jacobs for the second position, the second yellow appeared. Brian Carlson had stopped on the front stretch. After re-lining up the field, Carlson restarted the race on the tail. Jacobs dove low on the restart, but held nothing for Furr. Meyers worked his way onto Jacobs' tail, but could not get by. Within three laps, the top five had spread out on the race track. Lap 19 saw Furr re-enter lapped traffic. Meyers again worked his way onto Jacobs' tail, before passing him on lap 21 to take over second position. Furr held onto a strong lead while Meyers tried to catch up to the leader. Dollansky moved into the top five on lap 25, when he passed Kinser in turns one and two.

Jimmy Carter and Brian Carlson collided in turn two to bring out the final caution on lap 30. Both drivers were able to restart. Furr held onto his lead, but had Meyers directly behind him at this point. Dollansky began to challenge Stewart for fourth position. On lap 33, Dollansky charged past the Gotta Race #9H to take over fourth. As the white flag dropped, Furr entered heavy traffic. Going into turn one, Furr went low, as Meyers chose the high side to move through traffic. Coming out of turn two, Meyers had taken over the lead. Furr refused to give up as the duo entered turn three. Furr dove low in hopes of regaining the lead, but couldn't pull it off. Meyers crossed the finish line one car length ahead of Furr to earn his first Gumout Racing Series victory. Jacobs held onto third, followed by Dollansky and Stewart.

Kenny Jacobs was named Huggins Fast Qualifier after he turned a lap of 13.603 seconds. Jeff Shepard struggled early in the night, as his York Excavating #4J suffered from steering and fuel pump problems. Shepard was unable to qualify, forcing him to start on the tail of each of the evening's events. Shepard started 24th in the feature event, but passed 17 cars on his way to a seventh place finish. This spectacular performance earned him the KSE Hard Charger Award.

Kenny Hardy and Charlie Holben both took a provisional to enter the 35-lap "A" Feature event. The two drivers had earned provisionals through their owner's point standings at Lernerville Speedway.

The Gumout Series now travels to Williams Grove Speedway and Port Royal Speedway to take on the Pennsylvania Posse for the final time in its inaugural season.

<pre> 2000 Gumout Racing Series Lernerville Speedway, Sarver, PA Wednesday, August 23, Feature Program #26

Huggins Qualifications: 1. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs/Honecker Mtspts. 6, 13.603; 2. Craig Dollansky, Karavan Mtspts. 7, 13.656; 3. Brad Furr, Furr Racing 2F, 13.770; 4. Paul McMahan, Warren Johnson U2, 13.909; 5. Jimmy Carter, Rudeen Racing 14C, 13.994; 6. James Chesson, Chesson Mtspts. 22, 14.036; 7. Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 14.053; 8. Lance Dewease, Harz 88H, 14.059; 9. Shane Stewart, Holbrook Mtspts. 9H, 14.122; 10. Randy Kinser, Kinser Racing 14, 14.143; 11. Ronald Laney, Laney Racing 52, 14.157; 12. Jason Meyers, Carter Racing 14M, 14.161; 13. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 14.327; 14. Jason Statler, Statler Racing 00, 14.367; 15. Gary Kriess, Jr., Kriess 55J, 14.419; 16. Brian Carlson, SC Mtspts. 18, 14.506; 17. Dan Shetler, Shetler 7K, 14.529; 18. Brent Matus, Matus 33, 14.589; 19. Bob Bennett, Acme Trailers 3B, 14.827; 20. Kevin Schaeffer, Schaeffer 9, 14.949; 21. Jamie Smith, Smith 5G, 14.991; 22. Chad Hill, Hill 44, 15.027; 23. Bill Kiley, Kiley 4K, 15.167; 24. Charlie Holben, Holben 42G, 15.438; 25. Kenny Hardy, Dionise 15, 15.580; 26. Rob Eyler, Eyler 5, 15.607; 27. Gale Ruth, Hillbilly Racing 5X, 15.609; 28. Bob Walters, Walters 42, 15.825; 29. John Stickley, Stickley L7, 16.140; 30. Jeff Shepard, Double L Mtspts. 4J, no time.

First Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Shane Stewart, 2. Kenny Jacobs, 3. Jimmy Carter, 4. Brian Ellenberger, 5. Dan Shetler, 6. Jamie Smith, 7. Kenny Hardy, 8. John Stickley. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Second Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. James Chesson, 2. Randy Kinser, 3. Craig Dollansky, 4. Jason Statler, 5. Brent Matus, 6. Chad Hill, 7. Rob Eyler. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Third Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Ed Lynch, Jr., 2. Brad Furr, 3. Ronald Laney, 4. Bob Bennett, 5. Gary Kriess, Jr., 6. Gale Ruth, 7. Bill Kiley. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Fourth Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Jason Meyers, 2. Paul McMahan, 3. Lance Dewease, 4. Jeff Shepard, 5. Brian Carlson, 6. Kevin Schaeffer, 7. Charlie Holben, 8. Bob Walters. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Weld Racing Dash (five laps): 1. Kenny Jacobs, 2. Brad Furr, 3. Shane Stewart, 4. Ed Lynch, Jr., 5. Jimmy Carter, 6. Ronald Laney. (Finish determined inside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Weld Race Components Dash (five laps): 1. Jason Meyers, 2. James Chesson, 3. Randy Kinser, 4. Craig Dollansky, 5. Paul McMahan, 6. Lance Dewease. (Finish determined outside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Hank's Performance Products "B" Feature (eight laps): 1. Kevin Schaeffer, 2. Jamie Smith, 3. Chad Hill, 4. Rob Eyler, 5. Bill Kiley ($200); 6. Kenny Hardy, 7. Gale Ruth ($150); 8. Charlie Holben, 9. Bob Walters ($120); 10. John Stickley ($100). (Top four qualified for "A" Feature)

Gumout Racing Series "A" Feature (35 laps): 1. Jason Meyers ($5,000); 2. Brad Furr ($3,000); 3. Kenny Jacobs ($2,000); 4. Craig Dollansky ($1,800); 5. Shane Stewart ($1,600); 6. Randy Kinser ($1,400); 7. Jeff Shepard ($1,300); 8. Ronald Laney ($1,200); 9. Paul McMahan ($1,100); 10. Jamie Smith ($1,070); 11. Jason Statler ($1,000); 12. Ed Lynch, Jr. ($800); 13. Jimmy Carter ($700); 14. Brian Carlson ($600); 15. Brian Ellenberger ($600); 16. Bob Bennett ($500); 17. Kevin Schaeffer ($520); 18. Brent Matus ($500); 19. Kenny Hardy ($500); 20. Rob Eyler ($520); 21. Dan Shetler ($500); 22. Lance Dewease ($500); 23. Gary Kriess, Jr. ($500); 24. Chad Hill ($520); 25. Charlie Holben ($500); 26. James Chesson ($500). Provisional Starters: Kenny Hardy, Charlie Holben.

Lap Leaders: Brad Furr 1-34; Jason Meyers 35. Huggins Fast Qualifier: Kenny Jacobs KSE Hard Charger: Jeff Shepard Gumout Racing Series Point Standings: 1. Craig Dollansky 3850; 2. Jeff Shepard 3810; 3. Paul McMahan 3694; 4. Jason Meyers 3544; 5. Brad Furr 3463; 6. Ronald Laney 3338; 7. Shane Stewart 3299; 8. Randy Kinser 3204; 9. Bob Bennett 2702; 10. Brian Carlson 2554; 11. Kraig Kinser 1939; 12. Jimmy Carter 1926; 13. Jason Statler 993.


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