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Shepard Takes Home Port Royal Victory By Kendra Jacobs PORT ROYAL, PA (August 26)-In 1987 a sprint car career was just beginning. A 17-year old boy from Maryland traveled from race track to race track looking for success. Finally, victory...

Shepard Takes Home Port Royal Victory
By Kendra Jacobs

PORT ROYAL, PA (August 26)-In 1987 a sprint car career was just beginning. A 17-year old boy from Maryland traveled from race track to race track looking for success. Finally, victory was found in the small town of Port Royal, Pennsylvania. Tonight, Jeff Shepard found himself in victory lane at Port Royal Speedway once again.

"It's always good to come back to the place you won your first race at. I'm a lot older now than I was then though," Shepard joked with his fans.

Not only did Shepard pick up $5,000, he also earned valuable points over current point leader Craig Dollansky. "The points championship can plague your mind. If we just concentrate on winning every race that we go to, then if we deserve the points championship we'll get it."

Shepard started the night out right by breaking the previous Port Royal Speedway one-lap record held by Keith Kauffman. Shepard then recorded a third place finish in the Weld Racing Dash which put him in a fifth place starting position for the "A" Feature. Points leader Craig Dollansky started on the pole with Brad Furr starting alongside. Dollansky took the initial lead with Furr following close behind. By lap four, Dollansky had already created over ½ straightaway lead over second place Furr. The battle for third heated up between Jason Meyers and Lance Dewease, with Meyers holding on to the position. On lap five, Don Kreitz, Jr. broke into the top five by passing Port Royal hero Keith Kauffman in turn four. Just as Dollansky entered lapped traffic on lap seven, his car fell off of the pace. The race leader slowed to a stop coming out of turn four to bring out the first caution of the night. Repairs to the Karavan/Polydome #7 were quickly made, allowing Dollansky to restart on the tail.

Furr took advantage of Dollansky's misfortune and pulled out into the lead over now second running Dewease. On the restart, Shepard passed Kasey Kahne to take over the fourth position. The following lap saw Shepard move into third as he passed Dewease around the high side in turn three. Two laps later, Shepard had moved upon Meyers' tail to challenge him for the second position. Just as Furr was pulling out into a ½ straightaway lead, Shepard got around Meyers coming out of turn four.

The second yellow of the night came on lap 13 when Mike Walter stopped in turn four with a flat tire. On the restart, Shepard dove low to challenge Furr, but Furr held on. Kahne and Kreitz continued to battle for fifth position with Kreitz retaining the position. Lap 19 saw Furr's lead cut down to a mere five car lengths. The following lap, the race leader entered lapped traffic allowing the top four position to close in. Shepard used lapped traffic to gain ground on Furr. By lap 21, Shepard was on Furr's tail. To the dismay of all Furr fans, the top win of the Sanmina #2F had started to collapse on the inside. Shepard dove low in turn two to take over the lead. Furr fell back to second while Dewease got by Meyers for third. Withing a single lap, Shepard already held a sizeable lead over the competition. As the flagman displayed the two-to-go symbol, Shepard was leading by an entire straightaway. Furr struggled to hold on to second, before succumbing to Meyers on lap 29. Dewease followed Meyers' example to also get by Furr on the final lap. Shepard won the 30-lap "A" feature by one straightaway ahead of Meyers, Dewease, Furr, and Kreitz.

Jeff Shepard set a new track record and won the Huggins Fast Qualifier Award with a time of 16.145. Shepard also earned the KSE Hard Charger Award for passing four cars en route to victory. Craig Dollansky received the Frankland Hard Luck Award for his misfortunate mechanical problems while leading the event.

The Gumout Racing Series will compete next at I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Missouri on Friday, September 1st. <pre> 2000 Gumout Racing Series Port Royal Speedway, Port Royal, PA Saturday, August 26, Feature Program #27

Huggins Qualifiactions: 1. Jeff Shepard, Double L Mtspts. 4J, 16.145 NTR; 2. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 16.408; 3. Don Kreitz, Jr., Kreitz 69K, 16.417; 4. Kasey Kahne, Kahne 23K, 16.464; 5. Craig Dollansky, Karavan Mtspts. 7, 16.470; 6. Jason Meyers, Carter Racing 14M, 16.499; 7. Len Thompson, Thompson 10, 16.514; 8. Lance Dewease, Harz 88H, 16.533; 9. Brad Furr, Furr Racing 2F, 16.544; 10. Shane Stewart, Holbrook Mtspts. 9H, 16.568; 11. Sean Michael, Zemaitis 1Z, 16.653; 12. Dave Ely, Weikert 29, 16.665; 13. James Chesson, Chesson 22, 16.696; 14. Randy Kinser, Kinser Racing 14, 16.725; 15. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 16.732; 16. Todd Hestor, Middleswarth 7M, 16.734; 17. Mark Richard, Allenback 75, 16.830; 18. Ronald Laney, Laney 52, 16.835; 19. Keith Kauffman, Middleswarth 7K, 16.850; 20. Jimmy Carter, Rudeen Racing 14C, 16.854; 21. Jason Statler, Statler Racing 00, 16.875; 22. Bob Bennett, Acme Trailers 3B, 16.905; 23. Todd Shaffer, Beam 88, 17.005; 24. Alan Cole, Cole 17, 17.050; 25. Tim Kuhn, Tanger 2, 17.088; 26. Mike Walters, Fry 49, 17.089; 27. Shawn Keen, Keen 53, 17.218; 28. Cliff Brian, Brian Mtspts. 16, 17.239; 29. Brian Carlson, SC Mtspts. 18, 17.431; 30. Chris Strait, Strait 46, 17.620; 31. Joe Diehl, Diehl 3D, 17.886; 32. Dave Hahn, Hahn 2H, 17.917; 33. Jay Reichard, Reichard 15, 18.145; 34. Ed Fischl II, Fischl 40, 18.312; 35. Bruce Bowen, Bowen 3, 21.085; 36. Sean Good, Kratzer Racing 33, no time; 37. Pierron Reasner, Reasner 15P, no time.

First Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Craig Dollansky, 2. Jeff Shepard, 3. Shane Stewart, 4. Randy Kinser, 5. Ronald Laney, 6. Bob Bennett, 7. Brian Carlson, 8. Jay Reichard, 9. Tim Kuhn. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Second Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Jason Meyers, 2. Keith Kauffman, 3. Paul McMahan, 4. Len Thompson, 5. Mike Walter, 6. Chris Strait, 7. Ed Fischl II, 8. Sean Michael, 9. Mike Wagner. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Third Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Lance Dewease, 2. Don Kreitz, Jr., 3. Todd Shaffer, 4. Dave Ely, 5. Todd Hestor, 6. Shawn Keen, 7. Jimmy Carter, 8. Joe Diehl, 9. Bruce Bowen. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Fourth Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Brad Furr, 2. Kasey Kahne, 3. James Chesson, 4. Jason Statler, 5. Alan Cole, 6. Mark Richard, 7. Cliff Brian, 8. Dave Hahn, 9. Pierron Reasner, 10. Sean Good-DNS. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Weld Racing Dash (five laps): 1. Craig Dollansky, 2. Lance Dewease, 3. Jeff Shepard, 4. Don Kreitz, Jr., 5. Shane Stewart, 6. Dave Ely. (Finish determined inside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Weld Race Components Dash (five laps): 1. Brad Furr, 2. Jason Meyers, 3. Keith Kauffman, 4. Kasey Kahne, 5. James Chesson, 6. Paul McMahan. (Finish determined outside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Hank's Performance Products "B" Feature (10 laps): 1. Jimmy Carter, 2. Cliff Brian, 3. Shawn Keen, 4. Bob Bennett, 5. Tim Kuhn ($200); 6. Jay Reichard ($150); 7. Brian Carlson, 8. Joe Diehl ($120); 9. Chris Strait ($100); 10. Ed Fischl II ($100); 11. Pierron Reasner ($100). (Top four qualified for "A" Feature)

Gumout Racing Series "A" Feature (30 laps): 1. Jeff Shepard ($5,000); 2. Jason Meyers ($3,000); 3. Lance Dewease ($2,000); 4. Brad Furr ($1,800)l; 5. Don Kreitz, Jr. ($1,600); 6. Kasey Kahne ($1,400); 7. Keith Kauffman ($1,300); 8. Shane Stewart ($1,200); 9. Paul McMahan ($1,100); 10. Todd Shaffer ($1,050); 11. Craig Dollansky ($1,000); 12. James Chesson ($800); 13. Todd Hestor ($500); 14. Dave Ely ($600); 15. Jason Statler ($600); 16. Ronald Laney ($500); 17. Shawn Keen ($520); 18. Jimmy Carter ($520); 19. Alan Cole ($500); 20. Randy Kinser ($500); 21. Len Thompson ($500); 22. Mike Walter ($500); 23. Bob Bennett ($520); 24. Cliff Brian ($520).

Lap Leaders:  Craig Dollansky 1-6; Brad Furr 7-21; Jeff Shepard 22-30.
Huggins Fast Qualifier:  Jeff Shepard, NTR
Frankland Hard Luck Award:  Craig Dollansky
KSE Hard Charger:  Jeff Shepard

Gumout Racing Series Point Standings: 1. Craig Dollansky 4120; 2. Jeff Shepard 4096; 3. Paul McMahan 3976; 4. Jason Meyers 3798; 5. Brad Furr 3735; 6. Ronald Laney 3570; 7. Shane Stewart 3551; 8. Randy Kinser 3412; 9. Bob Bennett 2881; 10. Brian Carlson 2704; 11. Jimmy Carter 2115; 12. Kraig Kinser 1939; 13. Jason Statler 1225.

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