Gumout Racing Series Davenport speedway report

Davenport, IA (June 27)-A race is not over until the checkered flag falls. This saying has been vocalized often at racetracks all over the country, however it has never been more appropriately used than tonight at Davenport Speedway. Paul...

Davenport, IA (June 27)-A race is not over until the checkered flag falls. This saying has been vocalized often at racetracks all over the country, however it has never been more appropriately used than tonight at Davenport Speedway.

Paul McMahan jumped from a third place running position, to leading the event when first and second place running Danny Lasoski and Craig Dollansky suffered flat right rear tires on lap 29.

"It was unfortunate for Danny [Lasoski] and Craig [Dollansky] to get flats there, but it kind of worked out for us," McMahan stated in Victory Lane. "Unfortunately for them, they got flats. But fortunately for us, we didn't."

McMahan's victory, together with Dollansky's flat tire, which consequently sent the Karavan Racing #7 to the tail, allowed McMahan to take over the Gumout Racing Series point lead by six points. This change in points marks the fourth point leader transition in four races.

Danny Lasoski, in the Stewart/Massey owned #20 sprinter, became the crowd favorite after winning the first Manufacturer's Heat Race and the Weld Racing Dash. Lasoski therefore started on the pole of the "A" Feature, with Dollansky, who finished second in the Weld Racing Dash, starting alongside. Lasoski jumped out into the early lead, but only for ½ lap before Bob Bennett, in the Acme Trailers #3B flipped upside down in turn one. Bennett walked away unharmed, but his night was over.

Lasoski again jumped ahead of Dollansky on the re-start, only to be slowed again when Shane Stewart spun over the edge of turn three. In the process, he also collected the 7M of Michel Stader and the 02 of Manny Rockhold. Each of the three cars re-started the event.

Lasoski appeared strong again on the third start of the event. Jimmy Carter brought out the second yellow of the night as he spun in between turns one and two. Carter was put to the tail for the fourth start of the evening.

Lasoski again took the lead, as the green flag fell. The United Expressline #U2 swept past both the #14 of Randy Kinser and the #7 of Dollansky. Brad Furr quickly closed in on Kinser. Furr got around the Franklin Power Product sprinter at the flagstand, as Kinser drove over the edge of the ¼ mile racetrack's first turn.

The re-start saw Lasoski in the lead, followed by McMahan, Dollansky, Furr, and Clovis, California's Jason Meyers. On lap three, the yellow was dropped again as Michel Stader spun alone in turn two. Stader then retired to the pit area for the remainder of the night.

McMahan ducked to the low side to pass Lasoski, but to no avail.  Dollansky 
raced by McMahan on the high side of turn two.  Meyers passed Furr on lap 
four to take over the fourth place position.  Lasoski had earned a ½ 
straightaway lead as he entered lapped traffic.  Stewart has managed by this 
point to race from the tail up to a sixth place position.   

The top three positions were well spread out on the racetrack by lap ten. Lap 15 saw Ronald Laney move into the fourth position, directly infront of Holbrook Mtstpts. #9H. Stewart and Laney begin to battle for position, until Stewart finally prevails on lap 18. Brad Furr followed suit on lap 21, as he also passed Laney.

Lasoski held a straightaway lead over second place Dollansky on lap 25. Dollansky had now stretched his lead over third-running McMahan. Furr got by Stewart, making the top five Lasoski, Dollansky, McMahan, Furr, and Stewart.

Lap 29 saw the yellow flag displayed as the #4 of Terry Babb slowed to a stop on the front stretch of the speedway. As the field of cars slowly circled the ¼ mile oval, Mike Goodman, race leader Danny Lasoski,and second place running Craig Dollansky all pulled into the work area to change right rear tires. This sudden malfunction in the Home Depot #20 and the Polydome #7 allowed third running McMahan to take over the lead.

The newly create field saw McMahan leading, followed by Brad Furr, Shane Stewart, 17th starting Jeff Shepard, and Ronald Laney. At the re-start, Ronald Laney charged by the #4J of Shepard, as Jason Meyers also got around Shepard.

On lap 33, McMahan commanded a ½ straightaway lead over Furr. Laney allowed both Shepard and Meyers to slide past, as he slid over the front stretch onto the ½ mile track.

With two laps remaining, Furr appeared to have something for McMahan to contend with, but time ran out. Furr followed McMahan under the checkered flag. Shane Stewart, after suffering motor failure and an early-race spin, battled his way into a 3rd place finish. Jeff Shepard passed 13 cars on his way to a fourth place finish, earning the KSE Hard Charger Award. Jason Meyers, Brodix Rookie of the Year points leader, rounded out the top five.

Shane Stewart earned his first Huggins Fast Qualifier Award with a time of 12.330. Craig Dollansky may not have dropped out of competition during the 40-lap event, but he was awarded the Frankland Hard Luck Award for losing a second place finish with 11 laps remaining.

The Gumout Racing Series will compete for the $8,000-to-win prize tomorrow night at Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, Illinois.


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