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Lasoski Takes Home Second Gumout Victory By Kendra Jacobs KANSAS CITY, KS (Sept. 19)-Danny Lasoski has had a good year, to say the least. Currently fourth in Pennzoil World of Outlaws point standings, "The Dude" has recorded 11 wins this ...

Lasoski Takes Home Second Gumout Victory
By Kendra Jacobs

KANSAS CITY, KS (Sept. 19)-Danny Lasoski has had a good year, to say the least. Currently fourth in Pennzoil World of Outlaws point standings, "The Dude" has recorded 11 wins this season, and is third highest in earnings. Still running on the thrill of his recent Gold Cup victory, Lasoski carried his success from the Pennzoil World of Outlaws series over to the Gumout Racing Series.

"It feels really good to win one in front of the hometown fans," Missouri native Lasoski stated to a standing room only crowd. "Anytime you can run with the caliber of drivers they've got in the Gumout series, it can certainly help you with the Pennzoil World of Outlaws."

New track record holder, Jeff Shepard earned the pole position by winning the Weld Racing Dash. Shane Stewart won his fifth Weld dash to start alongside Shepard on the front row. Shepard took the instant lead, while third-starting Lasoski got around Stewart. Lasoski worked his way alongside Shepard, but was not able to take the lead. Ricky Logan brought out the first yellow of the night as he stopped in turn three with brake malfunctions. Logan was not able to restart.

Shepard again took the lead on the restart, with Lasoski staying close behind. Lap four saw Craig Dollansky take fourth position away from Stewart. Shepard entered traffic on lap five with a six carlengths lead. Shepard's lead was cut short, however when another yellow was brought out for Ronald Laney who spun in turn four. Laney rejoined the field on the tail.

On the restart, Lasoski went to the highside to take the lead in turns one and two. Shepard retaliated on the bottom to reclaim his position in turns three and four. Shepard again entered lapped traffic a lap later, this time with an eight carlengths lead. Lasoski continued to work his way through traffic and keep his eye on Shepard. With Shepard controlling the bottom, Lasoski chose the high side in order to take the lead on lap 12. Shepard began to fall back, eventually losing second position to Dollansky on lap 20. Brad Furr followed suit to take third away from Shepard a lap later. Furr then tried to take the second position from Dollansky in one and two, but couldn't hold on.

On lap 25, Bill Robertson spun directly in front of Dollansky and Furr in turn four. Both managed to avoid the #16 of Robertson, with Dollansky holding onto second position ahead of Furr.

On the restart, Shepard hit the wall in turn two before spinning to a stop. Shepard was able to restart on the tail of the field. On lap 30, McMahan passed Furr low in turns one and two to take over the third position. Shepard had managed to work his way back up to seventh after his lap 25 spin. Lasoski crossed the line a complete straightaway ahead of Dollansky, McMahan, Furr, and fifth finishing Stewart.

Jeff Shepard earned the Huggins Fast Time Award and a New Track Record with a time of 13.876. Ronald Laney earned his sixth KSE Hard Charger Award for working his way up to an eighth place finish. The Frankland Hard Luck Award was given to Ricky Logan, after losing his brakes on the first lap of the "A" Feature.

The Gumout Racing Series now travels to Greenwood, Nebraska to compete with the Pennzoil World of Outlaws. Saturday night's event will be broadcast live on TNN: The Nashville Network at 9p.m. EDT.


2000 Gumout Racing Series Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, KS Tuesday, September 19, Feature Program #31

Huggins Qualifying: 1. Jeff Shepard, Double L Motorsports 4J, 13.876 (New Single Lap Record); 2. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 13.954; 3. Danny Lasoski, Massey 20, 14.005; 4. Craig Dollansky, Karavan Motorsports 7, 14.063; 5. Jason Meyers, Carter 14M, 14.189; 6. Shane Stewart, Holbrook 9H, 14.192; 7. Mike Goodman, Ledford 3, 14.338; 8. Brad Furr, Furr 2F, 14.342; 9. Jim Carter, Rudeen 14C, 14.411; 10. Bill Robertson, Eckley 16, 14.411; 11. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 14.467; 12. Ricky Logan, Simmons Motorsports 2A, 14.493; 13. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 14.498; 14. Brian Carlson, Carlson 18, 14.537; 15. Terry McCarl, McCarl 24, 14.551; 16. Jason Statler, Rios 00, 14.562; 17Ronald Laney, Laney 52, 14.620; 18. Ken Stolfus, Stolfus 121, 14.645; 19. Billy Vielhauer, Vielhauer 12X, 14.648; 20. Christie Passmore, GAP Roofing 1A, 14.691; 21. Bob Bennett, Acme 3B, 14.781; 22. Randy Combs, Combs 1C, 14.816; 23. Randy Hibbs, Proper 8UP, 15.089; 24. J.R. Topper, Topper 92J, 15.096; 25. Dan Oswalt, Oswalt D1, 15.219; 26. Kim Kennedy, Kennedy 1K, 15.707; 27. Kevin Frisbie, Frisbie 38, 15.836; 28. Wayne Pennington, Pennington 4T, 16.049; 29. Jesse Hockett, Hockett 77, 16.473; 30. Chad Tye, Tye 88, 16.805; 31. Craig Braden, Braden 11, 16.893; 32. Tim Rowden, Rowden 6R, 17.342; 33. David Pyatt, Pyatt 29, 17.706; 34. Ed Wagner, Wagner 73, 17.788.

First Manufacturer's Heat Race (8 laps)-1. Jason Meyers, 2. Jeff Shepard, 3. Danny Smith, 4. Jim Carter, 5. Ronald Laney, 6. Bob Bennett, 7. Dan Oswalt, 8. Jesse Hockett, 9. David Pyatt. (Top 5 finishers qualified for A feature)

Second Manufacturer's Heat Race (8 laps)-1. Shane Stewart, 2. Paul McMahan, 3. Bill Robertson, 4. Brian Carlson, 5. Randy Combs, 6. Ken Stolfus, 7. Kim Kennedy, 8. Chad Tye, 9. Ed Wagner. (Top 5 finishers qualified for A feature)

Third Manufacturer's Heat Race (8 laps)-1. Danny Lasoski, 2. Mike Goodman, 3. Randy Kinser, 4. Terry McCarl, 5. Randy Hibbs, 6. Kevin Frisbie, 7. Billy Vielhauer, 8. Craig Braden. (Top 5 finishers qualified for A feature)

Fourth Manufacturer's Heat Race (8 laps)-1. Brad Furr, 2. Craig Dollansky, 3. Ricky Logan, 4. Jason Statler, 5. Christie Passmore, 6. Wayne Pennington, 7. Tim Rowden, 8. J.R. Topper. (Top 5 finishers qualified for A feature)

Weld Racing Dash (5 laps)-1. Jeff Shepard, 2. Danny Lasoski, 3. Jason Meyers, 4. Mike Goodman, 5. Randy Kinser, 6. Jim Carter. (Finishing order determined inside 6 rows of A feature)

Weld Race Componenets Dash (5 laps)-1. Shane Stewart, 2. Craig Dollansky; 3. Brad Furr; 4. Paul McMahan, 5. Ricky Logan, 6. Bill Robertson. (Finishing order determined outside 6 rows of A feature)

Hanks Performance Products B-main (10 laps)-1. Ken Stolfus, 2. Dan Oswalt, 3. Kim Kennedy, 4. Bob Bennett, 5. Kevin Frisbie ($200); 6. Chad Tye ($150); 7. Ed Wagner ($120); 8. Tim Rowden ($100); 9. Jesse Hockett ($100); 10. Wayne Penningotn ($100); 11. J.R. Topper ($80); 12. Billy Vielhauer ($60); 13. Craig Braden ($50); 14. David Pyatt ($50). (Top 4 finishers qualified for A feature)

A-main (30 laps)-1. Danny Lasoski ($5,000); 2. Craig Dollansky ($3,000); 3. Paul McMahan ($2,000); 4. Brad Furr ($1,800); 5. Shane Stewart ($1,600); 6. Jason Meyers ($1,400); 7. Jeff Shepard ($1,300); 8. Ronald Laney ($1,200); 9. Randy Kinser ($1,100); 10. Jason Statler ($1,050); 11. Jim Carter ($1,000); 12. Terry McCarl ($800); 13. Cristie Passmore ($700); 14. Bob Bennett ($620); 15. Brian Carlson ($600); 16. Dan Oswalt ($520); 17. Ken Stolfus ($520); 18. Bill Robertson ($500); 19. Kim Kennedy ($520); 20. Randy Hibbs ($500); 21. Randy Combs ($500); 22. Danny Smith ($500); 23. Mike Goodman ($500); 24. Ricky Logan ($500).

Lap leaders:  Jeff Shepard 1-11, Danny Lasoski 12-30
Huggins Fast Qualifier:  Jeff Shepard, NTR
KSE Hard Charger Award:  Ronald Laney
Frankland Hard Luck Award:  Ricky Logan

Gumout Racing Series Point Standings: 1. Craig Dollansky, 4532; 2. Jeff Shepard, 4506; 3. Paul McMahan, 4430; 4. Jason Meyers, 4222; 5. Brad Furr, 4153; 6. Shane Stewart, 3975; 7. Ronald Laney, 3964; 8. Randy Kinser, 3788; 9. Bob Bennett, 3241; 10. Brian Carlson, 3076; 11. Jimmy Carter, 2481; 12. Kraig Kinser, 2195; 13. Jason Statler, 1609.

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