Elite Racing triple events summary 2010-07-12

Jason Meyers earns his first "Crown" of 2010 There are many types of crowns. Some you earn by just being a part of a bloodline, and you wear that crown as a part of who you are. Other crowns you earn, especially in racing. Whether it is a ...

Jason Meyers earns his first "Crown" of 2010

There are many types of crowns. Some you earn by just being a part of a bloodline, and you wear that crown as a part of who you are. Other crowns you earn, especially in racing. Whether it is a championship crown or a crown for winning a particular event, it does not change the prestige that it carries. This weekend Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team won their first crown of 2010 when they won the Showdown for the Bud Crown at Lasalle Speedway. After all the fanfare was over, it was back to racing as normal as Meyers and the rest of the World of Outlaws traveled to Wisconsin for a pair of races at Beaver Dam Raceway and Cedar Lake Speedway.

Meyers takes the Bud Crown at Lasalle

At Lasalle Speedway Meyers had the points lead for the Showdown for the Bud Crown and all he would have to do is hold his position in the feature to take the title on a track that was fast, narrow, and hard to pass on. During the dash, Meyers secured the eighth starting position. When the feature began, Meyers held on to that spot until the yellow flag flew on Lap 3.

On the restart, Meyers would dart under Donny Schatz to pick up the 7th position. He quickly went to work tracking down Craig Dollansky. On Lap 13, the red flag would fly for an incident involving three front-running cars. This would relegate Meyers to 4th place on the restart.

When the green flag came out, Meyers started tracking down Lucas Wolf for the third position in his #14 DDNI KPC. The yellow flag would fly twice quickly. During the restarts, Meyers and Schatz would trade the 4th position back and forth. With Schatz in the inside groove and Meyers up high on the cushion, the two fought tooth-and-nail for position.

On Lap 23 the caution flag came out again, but on the following restart Meyers did not fare well. He got caught up in the shuffle for position and fell back to 7th. A final caution flag would fly, setting up a green, white, checkered finish. On the final restart, Jason Sides stole the seventh position, so Meyers would hang on and finish 8th which was just enough to win the Bud Crown.

"This is a really neat championship that Kasey Kahne and Budweiser put together and I have to thank them for that," expressed Meyers. "Kasey really gives back to this form of racing and it is great to see that. I have to thank him and all the fans that came out tonight to support this race. I have a lot of people behind me like GLR Investments, Elite Landscaping, DDNI, Media Tile, TriQuint, Tarlton and Sons, and so many others. Allstar Performance is here with us tonight. It is not the run we wanted for them, but we held on to the lead and won this mini-series. It is great to see companies like Budweiser and so many others coming together to support the great sport of sprint car racing."

Meyers ended up winning the Showdown for the Bud Crown by just four points over Paul McMahan. As a result the Clovis, California native took home $9,000 for his Elite Racing team. He also received a crown-shaped trophy that was filled with bottles of Budweiser. The four race mini-series not only gave points for each driver's finish in each race, but also for qualifying and heat races. Meyers averaged a 5.5 finish over those four races with one victory and recorded quick time in two of those events to take the prize.

"I did not even know about this championship until a few weeks ago and I think it is better that way," Meyers stated. "When you are running for a championship you have to go out there and try to win every race. It is not about points racing; it is about going out there and winning. The level of competition in this sport is second to none and winning is very tough. Congratulations to Joey (Saldana), Paul (McMahan), and Steve (Kinser): the top three tonight. It is tough to be out here and compete with these guys' day in and day out. I have an incredible team with leadership from guy's like Charlie (Garrett), Rene (North), Guy (Stockbridge), and Chris (Luck). There are so many people behind this team that makes it all happen. We do not have the big corporate name on the car, but we have a lot of great companies and great people who make it happen. Lane Automotive and Allstar Performance are here with us tonight and to all the fans that are here and support us, thank you very much."

Meyers comes up three laps short in Beaver Dam

As the World of Outlaws moved to Beaver Dam Raceway on Saturday night for the Jim Boyd "JB" Memorial, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team encountered a few highs and lows. After a rain delay Meyers turned in the eighth quick lap in qualifying and finished second in his heat to make it to the dash. In the dash, Meyers secured the 2nd starting position for the feature.

On the initial drop of the green flag, Lucas Wolfe got under Meyers to take the 2nd position away. Meyers was holding off a charge from Paul McMahan just as the first caution flag flew on Lap 5. On the restart, Meyers would fall back to 4th after McMahan slid under him.

There were a series of yellows and restarts which saw Meyers and Steve Kinser wage an intense battle for the 4th position. Meyers would get back past Wolfe for 3rd on a restart on Lap 8. Wolfe would retake the third position when the field encountered traffic and Meyers got bottled up behind a slower car. Meyers tried to stay in contact with Wolfe, but Kinser was quickly closing. On another restart, Kinser would get past Meyers putting him in 5th when he got stuck behind Wolfe who did not have a good start. After a yellow flag and red flag for fuel, disaster struck for the Elite Racing team. With just 3 laps to go, Meyers got caught up in a melee. On the restart exiting Turn 1, Meyers would touch wheels with another car sending his car tumbling into Turn 2. The Elite Racing crew went to work in the work area replacing the crushed wing, but ran out of time and did not get to return to the track. Meyers would go on to finish 14th with Joey Saldana winning his second race in-a-row.

"I am really disappointed right now," stated Meyers. "The track was really fast tonight, so it was really hard to pass except on the restarts. When it comes down to green, white, checkered restarts, you have to be aggressive and unfortunately you get caught up in stuff like this. I have to thank my Elite Racing crew for putting in so much work to get the car ready to go back on track. We just have to work really hard tonight to get the car back in racing shape and come back better tomorrow night."

Second at Cedar Lake Speedway

After a hard night, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team were ready to put the previous night out of their mind and focus on the next race. At Cedar Lake Speedway everything started to look better as the rain clouds parted. After qualifying 3rd, Meyers went on to secure the third starting position in the dash.

When the green flag flew, Meyers dropped back to 5th when both Sammy Swindell and Paul McMahan got past him, but Meyers did not let that faze him. One lap later Meyers would take the 4th position back from McMahan. After a pair of yellow flags, Meyers began his climb.

On the restart, Meyers got past Swindell to pick up 3rd. Then Meyers went to work on Jason Sides stealing the 2nd position. At that point Meyer's sight was on the lead. Meyers would jump to the outside of leader Craig Dollanksy and run the outside groove, which was untouched until this point of the race. Meyers got by Dollansky off of turn four and the two raced into turn side by side with Dollansky just edging Meyers off of turn two before the caution flag flew once again. Meyers held on to the 2nd position on the restart and chased Dollansky for the lead. On Lap 17, the caution flag would fly again. On the restart, Jason Sides would try to get past Meyers. The two would swap positions briefly, but Meyers held strong. Later traffic would come into play as Meyers tried to pursue Dollanksy. The 7 car would bobble in traffic, allowing Meyers to close. Meyers got within one second of the lead with just five laps to go, but was not able get any closer. When the checkered flag flew, Dollansky picked up the win with Meyers picking up 2nd, holding off Sammy Swindell who finished 3rd.

"It was fast tonight," stated Meyers. "You do not see tracks like this much in the Midwest. We used to see them in California all the time, but not so much any more. We had a good car tonight. My guys worked really hard after last night. We have been struggling here lately. We are just trying to find some consistency. Everyone worked really hard tonight. We made a lot of changes and made up ground each time we touched the race track. We learned a lot here tonight, but this is probably a one in a million race track. I had a good run on Craig (Dollansky) there, but I think I showed him too much too early. I could not clear him and showed him that the top was there. All-in-all, we had a good car here tonight and we moved forward, and that is what it is all about. After crashing at Beaver Dam last night, this is what we needed getting ready for The Month of Money starting here this week."

Up Next

After capturing the Bud Crown this weekend, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing crew will be looking to collect another this weekend. Racing action for the World of Outlaws will resume on Wednesday, July 14 at Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima Ohio for the Brad Doty Classic. Then the series will move just west in Rossburg, Ohio to Eldora Speedway for the Night before the Kings Royal on Friday, July 16 and the Kings Royal on Saturday, July 17.

Meyers on the King's Royal

"Obviously it's a big paying race, so it's a race that is important to all of us," Meyers expressed. "Eldora is a great facility and we always look forward to going there. We've come close to winning that a couple of times, but it seems to be one that keeps eluding us. We're looking forward to going back and trying to get it this year. It (The Kings Royal) is one of those races that you want to put your name on at some point. It's very important to us and something we want to get done and hopefully this is the year. Wearing the crown is the most important part. The money is here today and gone tomorrow. To wear that crown and get your name on that winners list is the most important and something that can never be taken away."

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