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Jason Meyers shares his homecoming as the Champion

From the Driver's Mouth: Jason Meyers shares his homecoming as the Champion

Coming home to California for the first time since winning the 2010 World of Outlaws title has been nothing short of surreal for me. Over the weeks we have had a chance to participate in some great activities away from the track. With this week being an "off week" for us, I decided to share some of my homecoming experiences with you.

To start off, the weather has not been the most pleasant in "sunny California. The past seven days it has rained almost every day. We have ended up doing a fair amount of work, because it keeps on raining.

We have worked a lot during this break week, but the work never seems to end. We have been using this down time to catch up. There are a few items we have been developing and we have worked on our shock program a fair amount. We also have taken some time to do some testing in order to make our program better moving forward. We also put a new wrap on the t-shirt trailer this week which the guys did a great job with.

We have also tried to get away from racing a little bit.The guys have been golfing a few times, but I have not had a chance to go with them. I am looking forward to the rain clearing out of the area this week, so we can see who has the best game.

Last weekend, we had a great get together at the pool house. We had one huge birthday party for all the guy's birthdays. Shane's (Bowers) was the 15th, Brian (Bloomfield) was on the 22nd, and Glen's (Beaton) is coming up on April 2nd. We had a good time just kicking back.

We had planned to race motorcycles, but unfortunately the rain got in the way of that as well. We have a small motor cross track at my house that we built a about a year or two ago. I have a few Honda CR 100s and the guys usually get out on the track and have fun. It is big enough that we all can have a good time, but small enough that no one gets hurt.

One of the neater projects we are working on, is my step father Don Carter has built a slot car track in our old race shop. So, we have been out there working to get it up and running soon.

Also, a few of the guys have also had a chance to spend time with their other halves. Glen's (Beaton) girlfriend Brandi came out last week. They took the opportunity one day to sneak up to Yosemite to check out the park. Brian (Bloomfield) flew back to Ohio to see his wife Lindsay, who is expecting. They went to the doctor together to see what they were having. Unfortunately, they could not tell because when they did the ultrasound the baby was not in a good position. They are going back on Monday, before Brian flies out on Tuesday to see if they can tell if it will be a boy or girl. While he was home they also got a new car, so they are getting close to being ready for the arrival of their new addition.

One cool experience I had a few weeks ago, I spoke to a class of graduate students at Fresno State University. I learned a lot when I left that class. It was about talent development and there were about 25 people in the class. It was really interesting what they had to say to me. They first asked me questions and then I asked them a few questions at the end. It was really cool; they asked a lot of great questions. They have a speaker about every two weeks, so I asked them what was the most consistent thing they hear and they gave me some great insight.

I also went to the Motorsports Press Association Banquet, which was really nice this year. I got to meet Scott Pruitt, who I have wanted to meet for several years. You do not always get opportunities to meet guys from other series, especially a fellow Californian who has gone on to do some really great things in racing, so it was wonderful to meet him.

Before Tulare, we had a great event at Mathews Harley Davidson, where I met fans and signed autographs. There were so many people that stopped by that I had not had a chance to see in awhile. We had a decent turn out, but the weather was not cooperating. That seems to be the theme of our trip to California. Then we went to the track for the "Meet the Champion" autograph session. A full birthday party came to it and I got to wish TJ a happy 10th birthday with all his friends there, which was a really cool deal.

It was great last weekend to have two great runs at Hanford and Tulare. We are really looking forward to going back to Hanford this week and starting on the front row. Then Tulare was a really, really good race between Joey and I. I had not raced at home since we won the championship, so it was great to hear the fan's reaction last Saturday night after that race. It was really cool because we have so many great supporters in the area. It was pretty surreal to get out of the car and hear all of them cheering.

Right now I am in Santa Barbara with Robyn on a weekend get away, but it will not be long before our break is over. It has been great racing so close to home, but unfortunately there are not enough tracks out here to run the full series. So right now we are working on wrapping up what we need to do here at home, because it won't be long before we are on the road for the summer. It is hard to believe the time here in California has gone so quickly. It has been a wonderful homecoming and I want to thank everyone for making it great.

Up Next

Meyers and his Elite Racing team will be ready for three nights of racing action beginning on March 31 with the make up race at Giant Chevrolet Kings Speedway. Then the Champion will finish his Californian tour with Merced Speedway on April 1 and Calistoga Speedway on April 2.

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