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A Glimpse of 2011
Elite Racing Headquarters: A busy place year round

What does Elite Racing do during the off season? When it comes to World of Outlaws Racing, there is no off season. It has been said that championships are won and lost during the off season and Elite Racing has been putting in countless hours this off season to make sure they stay on top. As the season grows near 14 to 18 hour days are not unheard of just to make sure that the #14 GLR Investments KPC is the best that it can be.

"We build a lot of new cars and pieces for the cars, so everything in fresh for the next season," stated crewmember Brian Bloomfield. "We have put together five new cars during the off season and have been switching over to the new paint scheme."

Cars are a big focus during the off season, but there are other items that Elite Racing works on. One of the main parts of the off season is working with your sponsors to prepare for the next season. This is not just limited to work done at the shop, but also includes taking the extra time going to trade shows, not only talk to partners, but also check out new developing technologies.

"One of the biggest things we do during the off season is work with our sponsors and partners to improve parts and pieces during the winter," explained Team Coordinator Glen Beaton. "Going to the trade shows is key so you can talk to them and let them know what you are doing to be better next year. In return it helps them make their products better. We help them and they help us in return."

One of the main changes for 2011 will be a slight change in the paint scheme. Many hours have been put in to painting and putting new decals on the #14 DDNi KPC. Also, it is about the small things and making sure that every bolt is tightened and piece is accounted for.

"We are approaching 2011 no differently than 2010," Meyers explained. "We have spent the off season working to make our cars and motors as fast as they can be. We have really been working together as a team day in and day out in and out of the shop. We are approaching everything the same as we have been. At the same time you do not take it for granted, because you can guarantee that everyone else went home over the winter and worked on getting better. We have done the same thing. We really tried to go back and touch on every little piece this winter and are trying to make everything better than it was last season. We have worked very hard and are really looking forward to getting started in Florida."

With the long hours that each crewmember puts in during the off season, there is also the element of teamwork that is most important in this sport.

"In the end it is all about teamwork," Meyers stressed. "We have really great racecars. Along with a great shock package and engine, but then you have to take it and put it together on any given night. That really comes from the teamwork within the team and the preparation that is done not only during the off season, but before each race. "

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