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A look back at 2010: Elite Racing Remembers a Championship Season

As the year 2010 nears its end, we will all have different memories that we take away from this year. For some it may be an event of a lifetime like having a child or getting married, for others it may be a national story like the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, but for every member of the Elite Racing team it will be remembered as a break through year. It was a year of highs and lows, but at the end all the downs will be forgotten and the moment they wore the series crown will prevail.

After twelve wins, ten quick time awards, victories in the Ironman 55 and Gold Cup, and becoming only the 8th driver to win the World of Outlaws title, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team have a lot of memories that will stand out when they remember 2010. When asked what their top memories of 2010 were this is how each member of the Elite Racing team responded:

Brian Bloomfield - Crew Member

"Winning the Gold Cup at Chico was my favorite moment. It is a huge race to win and it was the turning point of our season. We got ahead in points that weekend and really never looked back. It was a big confidence builder for the whole race team. We had lost DJ before then and it was a real boost that we could do this on our own. I think a lot of people were unsure of how we would do without him, but I think we cleared it up by winning that race."

Glen Beaton - Crew Member

"The best moment for me was definitely winning the first race in Charlotte and knowing that we had finally achieved the ultimate feat in our sport after all the hard work everyone has put in over the years. Coming back to the trailer after the race and seeing friends, family, sponsors and supporters celebrating is a moment that I will never forget.

Another huge milestone for our team was winning the Gold Cup in Chico. Having a lot of people there that were close to our team and being able to enjoy it with them in Jason's home state was awesome."

Sam Mathews - Crew Member

"We've had a lot of fun in 2010, but my best moment was the day that I found out that I was going to be a full-time part of this team. At Chico, I asked Jason if I could go to the T-shirt trailer to get a sweatshirt. I thought it would only take me ten minutes, but because I kept running into people I knew, I ended up being gone for an hour. When I got back to the rig, Chris (Luck) called me inside and I thought I was in trouble for being gone for so long. That is when he invited me into the lounge area and asked me to be a part of the team full-time. I thought he was going to yell at me for being gone for so long and it was the total opposite of what I was thinking. It was a total honor. Then when we went on to win the Gold Cup that weekend, it was a big moment for me. "

Charlie Garrett - Head Engine Builder

"My favorite moment of 2010 happened at Charlotte Motor Speedway when Jason won both A-Feature events and the Championship. That will be a moment that is in my mind forever. It was quite a feeling to be able to accomplish all that on one day. It was a thrill for sure and a dream come true. We set a goal a few years ago to win the championship and we missed it by 19 points last year. To go in there and win two races in one day is something that is not going to be done very often. To clinch the Championship on top of it was like icing on the cake. It was all very special."

Scott Hoofnagle - Charlie Garrett Engines

"The best highlight was winning at Charlotte. That was something that was unbelievable. If you tried to script it, I do not think you could. I am sure it is the biggest moment of the season in everyone's mind. I think during the season the next biggest highlight was how well the team responded to the crew change and stepped up to be as dominant as they were the rest of the season. Just the way everyone came together, the teamwork, communication and everything, to me that was a high spot of the season. To go through what they did and respond that way was unforgettable.

Being involved in this team is actually a big moment and a highlight for me. It is one of those things that if you stand back and look at it, how many people get to do something like this? There is a minute percentage of people that have the opportunity to be involved in something this great. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hopefully we are able to repeat as champions next season, but that weekend will be hard to duplicate."

Rene North - CoO

"My favorite moment of the 2010 season was the championship clinching win at the World Finals in Charlotte. After the lengthy delay of the Friday night program due to rain, we were all gathered on top of the trailer to finally participate in the A Main, knowing that a good result would clinch our first World of Outlaws championship. Although we were starting outside the front row, we were all nervous; anything can happen during a race. When Jason crossed the finish line, his 11th win of the season and becoming the season champion, the entire team was jumping up and down celebrating the accomplishment. I'm sure everyone in that area of the pits heard us over the roar of the motors, as we exchanged high fives, congratulatory hugs and generally made a lot of noise!"

Guy Stockbridge - Team Co-Owner

"I'll never forget Jason's face and comment he made when he was asked how he felt after he won the second race in North Carolina. He said, 'This is what heaven must feel like' and his face showed he meant it. There's only a hand full of times in ones life that they can feel internal peace, for example, at the birth of a child, a wedding, and achieving a life time goal. For Jason it was winning the World of Outlaws championship in dominating fashion. I was there to see his face while trying to describe his emotions, and I'll never forget it!"

Chris Luck - Team Co-Owner

"I have two memorable moments and they are winning the Gold Cup and sweeping the races in Charlotte. I can remember watching the Gold Cup the first time in 1975 at West Capitol Speedway when Terry Crousore won. It has always been a big race and being raised in California, it was a race that I always wanted to win.

Winning the title and sweeping Charlotte was nothing short of remarkable. A lot of forces have to come together in order to win a single race, but to win two races in the same day was big. The fact that it was the final race of the season and to take the championship in that manner was huge."

Jason Meyers - Team Co-Owner and Driver

"There are two moments that stand out to me. I will never forget standing in victory lane at Lowes Motor Speedway with my family and team in front of over 12,000 fans as not only the World of Outlaw champion, but a two-time feature winner in one evening. What a night...what a year...what a team!

I will also never forget winning the Gold Cup Race of Champions in my home state at the track where I won my first sprint car race 11 years ago.

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