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Friday 8-21 River Cities Speedway -Grand Forks, ND On a night when most would have thrown in the towel and looked for a rain date, SLS officials dug their heels in did everything in their power to get Friday nights World of Outlaw race in at the...

Friday 8-21
River Cities Speedway -Grand Forks, ND

On a night when most would have thrown in the towel and looked for a rain date, SLS officials dug their heels in did everything in their power to get Friday nights World of Outlaw race in at the River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, ND. Heavy rain and the absence of any sunshine on Friday made conditions very wet. At 5:30pm, race teams were still waiting to pull into the pits as track officials worked to get a lane in the pit area that race cars could get to the track on. The drivers meeting took place at 7:45pm and the teams went to work to put on a show for the fans.

The already very quick River Cities Speedway was even faster on Friday night. Over 10 drivers eclipsed the existing track record with Meyers pacing the field at a breathtaking 9.269 seconds around the high banked ¼ mile. "All I can say is 40 laps at those speeds around this place and you might be dizzy when you climb out of the car," commented Meyers after qualifying.

Meyers finished 4th in the heat race after starting from the 4th position. Passing was very difficult if not impossible with the wet conditions. The dash draw was up next and Meyers would pull the 4 pill lining him up behind the Beef Packers #83 of Tim Kaeding. The dash would see the top 4 cars finish just as they started.

The A-main pushed off next with Meyers lining up 4th behind fellow Californian Tim Kaeding with local star Mark Dobmeir lining up to the inside. Meyers got a run off of turn four and went to the high side in 1&2 looking to circle the #13 of Dobmeir. As the 2 entered the corner, Dobmeir bounced through the holes on the bottom of the track pulling the front end up and eventually over. As the #13 of Dobmeir came down, his car turned right directly into the path of Meyers. The two collided sending both cars tumbling violently down the back stretch.

Both drivers walked away with no injuries and Meyers went to the work area where the Elite Racing team quickly made repairs to the GLR #14 so that Meyers could restart. The car was still badly damaged, but Meyers needed to take the green flag so that he would be scored ahead of the #13 and gain 2 more championship points. "The car was really tore up, but we are racing for a championship and anything we can do to get just 2 more points will count at the end of the season," said Meyers.

The #14 was scored 23rd for the evening after setting a new track record in qualifying eclipsing the current record by over a half second. The team quickly packed up after the disappointing night and headed down the road for Saturday nights event in Mandan, ND. This was truly a disappointing night for the team, and they will have to continue to dig deep to fight back for the championship.

Saturday 8-22
Dacotah Speedway - Mandan, ND

The day started early this morning for the Elite Racing team, as they went to work at 7:30am to make repairs the GLR #14 after Friday night's unfortunate events. By 10:30 am, DJ Lindsey and crew had the #14 back together and ready to do battle. "Nights like last night are tough on everyone, but it's part of what we do and all we can do is put it behind us and go back tonight ready to win, " stated Lindsey.

Meyers was late to qualify on Saturday night going out 24th in a field of 29 cars. The track had already began to blow off and Meyers laid down a very quick lap for conditions placing him 4th in the standings, earning 2 points and locking him into the dash. Meyers raced from 4th in the heat to the 3rd position behind Danny Lasoski and heat winner Donny Schatz.

The dash draw saw Meyers and Saldana last to draw with the 4 and 9 pills left in the bucket. A young fan out of the crowd pulled the 4 pill for Meyers, much to his delight. Meyers lined up behind Brian Ellenberger for the dash and was able to move into 3rd in the 8 lap dash.

At the drop of the green for the A main, the fans got to see what World of Outlaw racing is all about as Meyers, Schatz, and Saldana raced 2 and 3 wide lap after lap. On lap 5, the trio swarmed the #15 of Sam Hafertepe making it 4 wide at one point. After several laps of intense side by the side action, the drivers finally settled into positions 2-5 with Meyers in 3rd. Meyers continued his drive for the 2nd position chasing Sam Hafertepe. By lap 15, Meyers had taken the 2nd position and set his sights on the #6 of Danny Lasoski. A long green flag run put the leaders in heavy lapped traffic and on lap 20 Schatz moved past Meyers and Lasoski to take the lead. The yellow flag flew on lap 25 bunching the drivers up for a 10 lap dash to the end. Meyers challenged Lasoski for 2nd on the restart, but was unable to complete the pass. The track had begun to take rubber and all three drivers moved into the same line. The final laps saw the three drivers almost nose to tail, but the rubber would not allow Meyers or Lasoski to challenge for the win.

"We would have liked to have won tonight, but the truth is we were just a little too loose to get the job done. Any time you can come back and run in the top 3 after a night like last night, you have to be happy. We have a great group of guys here that give 110% no matter what and it shows," commented Meyers.

Meyers and the Elite Racing team will have a few days off now before they head to Edmonton, Alberta for the next round of World of Outlaws action where Meyers was victorious in 2008.

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