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MEYERS RUNS 3RD IN NATIONAL OPEN AND CONTINUES CHASE FOR CHAMPIONSHIP With tensions at seasons high and the competition as tough as it gets, the stage was set this Saturday night at Williamsgrove Speedway for one of the most telling nights...


With tensions at seasons high and the competition as tough as it gets, the stage was set this Saturday night at Williamsgrove Speedway for one of the most telling nights of the season. Going into the weekend Jason Meyers had this to say; "We are headed into the toughest track that we race on all year with the toughest competition we encounter, and we are only separated by 9 points. I anticipate that this weekend alone has the potential to decide the championship." It is no secret that over the last 5 years at Williams Grove, Donny Schatz holds the most impressive record of all World of Outlaw drivers, while Meyers who had for many years struggled at the unique race track has continued to improve on his finishes. "I feel great going into the weekend," said Meyers. "We have had some good runs here this year and our team has a lot of momentum coming into the weekend.

The momentum of the Elite Racing team was evident right out of the trailer on Saturday evening, with Meyers quickest in the 2nd hot lap session. In qualifying the track began to slow almost immediately. Meyers circled the ½ mile clay oval in 16.729 seconds to come in 13th, just one position behind the 15 of Schatz. Meyers would line up on the pole of the 1st heat, where he would go on to win qualifying the #14 GLR Investments car for the Crane Cams Dash. Meyers was hesitant when asked to pull his pill for the dash; "I have been terrible at this lately and I have enough on my shoulders, let's ask someone else pull the pill," said Meyers. A nearby photographer volunteered for the job, pulling the #4. With a smile and a high five to the photographer, Meyers headed back to the trailer to ready his Garrett powered KPC chassis for the dash.

When the green flag flew, Meyers charged high in turns 1 and 2 to take 3rd place from the 15 of Schatz and then a big slide job in turns 3 and 4 saw Meyers take the 2nd position from Monteith. The pass was short lived though as Monteith was able to cross over and retake the 2nd position. Meyers would go on to finish 3rd lining him up in the 3rd position for the 40 laps A main.

The 40 lap National Open main event is one of the most coveted victories in World of Outlaw competition and Meyers lined up in the best starting position in his career. "We really want this win. We want this for a lot of reasons, including our engine builder Charlie Garrett and our good friend and fellow competitor Jimmy Nace who is battling cancer at home and could not be here with us tonight," said Meyers. Pole sitter Greg Hodnett set a blistering pace at the start with Meyers slipping to 4th on the start, but keeping pace. Meyers and Schatz moved around the race track looking for a way to get to the front. On lap 16, Meyers used a run off turn 2 to move past Schatz and Monteith in 3 and 4 to take the 2nd position, but a red flag flew before he made it past the line voiding the pass. The red flag was for Monteith who had blown a tire entering turn 3, and officials called for an open red for crews to add fuel to the cars and make changes.

Meyers went low on the restart to challenge Schatz, but came up short. Meyers slipped to 5th place 3 laps later as Lasoski and Cannon moved past. "I was struggling with the full fuel load and it took me a few laps to get going," said Meyers. As the laps wound down, Meyers moved back into the 3rd position behind Schatz and the leaders had closed on Hodnett by lap 36 when the red flag flew once again. Crews came to the cars one last time to again add fuel and make changes. The green flew for the 4 lap dash and Meyers and Schatz raced high and low trying to find a way to the front. Meyers went across one and two very hard, but appeared to struggle to get his car turned. The yellow flag flew on the white flag lap and gave Meyers one last shot to steal the win. As the cars exited turn 4 to take the green, Meyers was close on the bumper of 2nd place Donny Schatz and once again forced his car low in turns 1&2 trying to make the pass. Schatz closed the door this time and it appeared down the back shoot that Meyers would have to settle for 3rd, but then Meyers again closed through 3&4 and down the front chute. Meyers followed closely behind Schatz looking for an opening, but Schatz too was looking for a way around Hodnett. As the trio exited turn 4 for the very last time, it was Hodnett for the win with Schatz and Meyers close behind.

The 3rd place finish was Meyers' career best at the National Open and his close finish to point's leader Donny Schatz keeps him very close in the point's battle losing only 2 points. Next on the agenda was the makeup feature from this year's Summer Nationals where Meyers was slated to start 12th with Schatz lining up in the 22nd position. Saturday 10-3 Summer Nationals make up race Williams Gorve Speedway - Mechanicsburg, PA


The postponed Summer National A main was run on Saturday night October 3rd at Williams Grove following the national Open 40 lap main event. With temperatures below 50 degrees and the humidity over 80%, fans saw some of the largest vapor trails ever from cars racing down the straights at over 130 mph.

Meyers lined up 12th for the makeup feature with point leader Donny Schatz starting 22nd. Meyers and crew chief DJ Lindsey made several changes between the two features hoping to make the car better in traffic so that Meyers could drive the DDNi #14 to the front.

Meyers battled throughout the 30 lap feature passing cars and moving forward to a race high of 7th. The track had slowed considerably and Meyers struggled to move past the 7th position. A late race charge by Schatz saw the 15 car move to the 6th position dropping Meyers to 8th at the checkered flag. "I'm disappointed in our run here in the 2nd feature," said Meyers. "We just couldn't seem to get enough to pass the cars in front of us. We were quicker than them, but just not quick enough to get around them. It's still a respectable run, but unfortunately we were not able to capitalize on our starting position as far as the points race goes. All things aside, we are still in this fight and we are looking forward to the remaining 4 races."

Up Next for Elite Racing....

Meyers and the Elite Racing team will head to Rolling Wheels Speedway in Elbridge, NY next weekend to continue their chase for their very first World of Outlaw Championship. Remaining races include the Oct. 24th event at Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, TX and then the two night World Finals event in Concord, NC on Nov. 6th and 7th.

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