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MEYERS AIMS TO REPEAT 2008 SUCCESS AT CASTROL SPEEDWAY Jason Meyers and the Elite Racing team headed north this weekend, way north, to Castrol Speedway in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2008, Meyers reached victory lane on night two of the annual two...


Jason Meyers and the Elite Racing team headed north this weekend, way north, to Castrol Speedway in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2008, Meyers reached victory lane on night two of the annual two day event for his 8th victory of the season. "This year has been a bit of a struggle, but we are continuing to move forward and we hope to continue our march to the front this weekend in Canada," commented Meyers preceding the two day event.

Meyers drew deep in the field for Friday night qualifying and had his work cut out for him right from the start. Jason Sides set the mark at 13.225 for the top qualifying spot as the 3rd car out to qualify and the times began to slip almost immediately due to deteriorating track conditions. Meyers was the 17th car out to qualify and he put the hammer down putting a 13.420 lap on the board steeling the 2nd position from Joey Saldana.

Meyers lined up 4th in the 2nd heat race where he would race his way to third, qualifying the GLR #14 for the Crane Cams dash. The dash draw produced a 6th place starting position for Meyers. On the start of the dash, Meyers quickly jumped to the top side of the speedway racing side by side with the 39c of McMahan and then three wide down the back stretch as the #15 of Schatz entered the fight. Meyers again went to the top side in turns 3 and 4 passing McMahan for the 4th spot, while Schatz passed McMahan as well on the bottom. As the cars exited turn 4, the #15 slid up in front of Meyers causing him to check for a split second. Meyers and McMahan were racing down the front straightaway side by side when contact was made sending Meyers spinning towards the infield wall. The incident sent Meyers to the pits with heavy damage to the front end. He would be scored in the 10th position and would have to start from 10th in the A main.

The Elite Racing team went right to work repairing the DDNi car and preparing the setup for the A main. "This is very disappointing, said Meyers. We were well on our way to being in a great position to win tonight and now we will be deep in the field. I am not sure really what happened there. All I know is we ran out of real estate for some reason."

Meyers started the A main from 10th and quickly moved into 8th position. The track had become very slick and all the drivers struggled to find an advantage to make a pass. Over the next 15 laps, Meyers moved into the 6th position and on a mid race restart moved pat the 7s of Sides to take the 5th position. Meyers spent the next 15 laps trying to find a way around Lasoski to no avail. On a lap 28 restart, Meyers went high and turn 1 and then squared the corner off getting a run on Lasoski down the bottom of the back straight away. The two almost made contact going into turn 3 as Lasoski dove to the bottom. Meyers slid up the track giving the #19 of Dollansky an opportunity to strike. Meyers would have to settle for 6th place on the opening night.

"The track was tough to pass on tonight and we just were not good enough to run the cushion like we needed to, said Meyers. We have to be better than that and we will be tomorrow. These guys that work on this car are very good at what they do, and I know we will have a better car tomorrow. With a little luck, maybe we can win it!"


After a disappointing start to the weekend, Meyers was on a mission tonight looking to repeat his performance at Castrol Speedway in 2008 where he captured victory on night two. As the night opened, it appeared that Meyers was on track and poised for the win.

Meyers laid down an impressive qualifying time of 13.42 placing him atop the standings for qualifying and gaining him 5 valuable championship points. Meyers then lined up 4th in the 1st heat of the evening where he raced to as second place finish. A second place finish in the heat locked the GLR #14 into the dash where a young fan would pull the #2 pill for Meyers putting him on the front row with the #15 of Schatz.

When the green flag dropped for the dash, Schatz jumped out to the lead with Meyers in hot pursuit. Schatz paced the field on the bottom with Meyers racing the high line. On lap 3, the two swapped lines and Meyers raced past Schatz as they exited turn 4. Two laps later Schatz spun in turns 1 and 2 bringing out the yellow. Meyers led the remaining laps of the dash, holding off a charging Saldana. The dash win placed Meyers on the pole for the feature with the #9 of Saldana lining up on the outside.

The track had become very slick and appeared that it could take rubber at any point. Officials were in heavy discussion about the track conditions, but later decided that the stock cars would clean the rubber off of the track and that the racing surface would be best if left alone.

In Meyers' dash interview, he commented that "the fans are going to see one heck of a race tonight." When the green flag fell for the A main, it appeared that Meyers was right. Meyers jumped into the lead running the low groove in 1 and 2, but the red flag immediately fell for 2 cars crashing in turn 2. After a long delay, the cars re-fired and assembled for a second try at getting the race started. Meyers got the jump again, but the top had cleaned off and Saldana took the lead from Meyers as they exited turn 2. For the next 18 laps, not much changed as Saldana and Meyers paced the field circling the cushion and bouncing off the wall. Things really got exciting as the leaders entered lapped traffic, but Meyers could not find a way around. On lap 19, the yellow flag flew for a crash in turns 1 and 2 bunching the field together. Following the restart, Meyers continued to chase Saldana, but this time Meyers had found rubber on the bottom of turn 2 and on lap 21, Meyers rocketed by Saldana down the back stretch and into turn 3. The pass was short lived though because as Meyers exited turn 4, the red flag flew for the #19 of Dollansky who had turned over in turn 2. "That was my only shot, said Meyers after the race. Once I showed him where the rubber was, the race was over! I don't know what to say; sometimes the breaks just don't go your way." Meyers chased Saldana for the final 14 laps to come home 2nd on night two of the 2009 Oil City Cup.

Meyers 2nd place finish and quick-time efforts earned him 151 points, gaining him 11 points on series championship leader Donny Schatz.

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