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Jason Meyers drills to victory on the first night of the Oil City Cup "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky. After an off weekend it is easy to get discouraged, but to run for a World of Outlaws championship you have to put...

Jason Meyers drills to victory on the first night of the Oil City Cup

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky. After an off weekend it is easy to get discouraged, but to run for a World of Outlaws championship you have to put that behind you and focus at the next track. If you let it get you down, you miss your shot. This weekend Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing squad overcame what some could call a disappointing weekend to win at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Canada on the first night of the Oil City Cup.

Oil City Victory

In the Oil Capitol of Canada, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team started their weekend by recording quick time in time trials. In the dash, Meyers would go on to secure the sixth starting position in the feature event. On the start, Meyers made quick work of Kraig Kinser moving into the top-five.

Once Meyers made his way into the top-five he set his sights on Sam Hafertepe for the 4th position and took it away on Lap 4. By Lap 6, Meyers slid around Jason Sides to take the 3rd position. Up front, Steve Kinser and Kerry Madsen were waging a fierce battle for the lead. Once the duo started encountering lapped traffic, it allowed Meyers to close on the front runners in his #14 GRL Investments KPC.

Meyers was able to use a lapped car to get around Madsen and started to track down Steve Kinser. Meyers passed Kinser for the lead on lap 16 exiting turn 2 only to see the caution flag wave and giving the lead back to Kinser. With 15 laps in the books, Kinser would line up on the inside and Meyers the outside for the restart.

When the field restarted, Meyers got a great drive off the top of turn two and was able to pull a classic slide job on Kinser to take the lead. As Kinser turned across the track to counter the slide, The King spun and collected Joey Saldana in the process. Meyers would secure the lead on Lap 16. On the following restart, Meyers would lead Kerry Madsen and Jason Sides to the green flag.

With a long green flag run at the end of the race, Meyers would work traffic and build over a 2 ½ second lead over the rest of the field. At the end of the 35-lap event Meyers would pass under the checkered flag first to pick up his 9th victory of the season over Kerry Madsen, Donny Schatz, Jason Sides and Paul McMahan.

"These guys did a great job tonight, "stated Meyers in Victory Lane. "I got the lead, and then the yellow (flag) came out. You do not get very many chances to pass 'The King' (Steve Kinser). I just had a great car tonight and I would like to dedicate this win to two people. The first is my wife Robyn who is at home getting ready to have our second child. She was at the hospital this morning and she is holding on tight, so that I can hopefully get home on Monday for the delivery of our baby. I love her and I miss her. I cannot wait to get home to be there with her. The other is a really good friend of mine who has supported me for a lot of years. He has taught me a lot of things over the years including how to race and that is DJ Lindsey. We made a change here about a week ago and he is not with the team right now but I really miss him. He taught me a lot over the years and helped me to get where I am today. Glen (Beaton), Brian (Bloomfield), and Guy (Stockbridge) who is here tonight, I have to thank them along with

Chris (Luck) who is at home and probably wishes he was here tonight. This is incredible. It was a great race track, it was a great crowd, and that was some great racing."

With this victory and gaining points from qualifying, Meyers was able to close to within 28 points of the points lead. Currently the top-three in the point standings are separated by less than 30 points with the Gold Rush Tour coming up this week.

"I had a good racecar and I was ready for the double file restarts," Meyers said. "Of course when you are leading you like the single file restart versus the double file one. I had a racecar that could go high or low and really get aggressive. With Charlie Garrett horsepower under the hood, you stand on it and can go anywhere. We have a great team behind us in DDNI, TriQuint, Media Tile, Elite Landscaping and GLR Investments. Thanks to Rene North, who helps us pay the bills and God knows what else. We have a great team and when you have a great team that works together well, you win races."

Meyers scores 27th top-five finish of the year

On the second night of racing action, Meyers started the feature on the outside pole, after finishing second in the dash. On the start Meyers, tucked behind pole sitter Sam Hafertepe Jr. Early, Meyers would have to defend his running position from Donny Schatz, but was able to pull ahead.

When the field first started encountering traffic, Meyers was able to close on Hafertepe just before the first yellow flag came out on Lap 8. When racing action resumed, Schatz would get to the inside of Meyers to take away the second position.

After a red flag, Meyers would lose the 3rd position on the restart to Joey Saldana. On the following lap, the caution flag would fly. When the green flag fell again, Schatz, Saldana and Meyers would go three-wide for the second position. Saldana would take the position leaving Schatz and Meyers to contend for third.

Schatz and Meyers would wage quite a battle for third as the duo ran side-by-side for the position. The two would continue it as the field started encountering lapped traffic. In traffic with a long green flag run, the top-four cars would trade positions in almost every corner. Meyers would close, but at the end of the night he would have to settle for a 4th place finish behind Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz, and Sam Hafertepe Jr.

Up Next

Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team will be traveling south to the North West, United States to take on the Gold Rush Tour which will feature four races in Washington and Oregon. The first up will be Cottage Grove Speedway on Wednesday September 1, before spending Labor Day weekend at Skagit Speedway and Grays Harbor Raceway.

Jason Meyers on Racing on the West Coast

"Out west there is good old fashioned short track racing and that is what I grew up on out in California," explained Meyers. "Don't get me wrong, I like the ½-mile, but in short track racing you can get aggressive and get it done. You can also get into trouble too, so it is important that you get the car up front. We made up a lot of points out here last year. We are right in the hunt for this thing. We are as close as we have ever been. We want it bad and we are going to go after it. We have some good competition and we have our work cut out for us, but we are going to keep digging each and every night. We are going to keep putting on great races in front of great sprint car fans and hopefully we can get this thing done."

-source: elite racing

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