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East Coast Encounter: Meyers scores four top-5 finishes July on the east coast not only brings heat and humidity, but some of the biggest races of the year for the World of Outlaws. First up, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team took on a pair...

East Coast Encounter: Meyers scores four top-5 finishes

July on the east coast not only brings heat and humidity, but some of the biggest races of the year for the World of Outlaws. First up, Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team took on a pair of 30-lap features in the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup at Lernerville Speedway. Second would be Summer Nationals at Williams Grove Speedway. Then the weekend would end at Lebanon Valley speedway. Through all the heat, Meyers would keep his composure finishing in the top-5 in 4 out of 5 feature events.

Lernerville: The first 30 laps

The Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup would throw a curve for all involved, because the crews would not only run one30-lap feature event, but two within a few minutes of each other with the finishing order from the first, inverted in the second. In the first feature, Meyers would narrowly miss the dash and start in the 11th position. In the early stages of the event, Meyers would fight his way into the top-ten by Lap 6.

Before the first caution flag was unfurled on Lap 14, Meyer was riding in the 9th position on the track. On the restart, Meyers would get a bad start and fall back to the 11th position. Meyers did not stay there long as within a few laps he moved his way back into the top-10. After a few short caution periods, Meyers would use the restarts to climb his way up to the 7th position.

At the end of the first feature, Meyers would chase down Craig Dollansky. With a late race yellow flag, a green-white-checkered flag shoot out would help Meyers gain a few positions with time running out. On the restart, Meyers would move up into the top-5 when he got around Dollansky for position. Joey Saldana would go on to take the first checkered flag of the night.

Lernerville: Part two takes center stage

With the cars on the lead lap being inverted for the second feature, Meyers would start in the 10th position. By the second lap of the race, Meyers would make his way up to the 5th position. On the following lap, Myers would slide into 5th using the high line.

When leader Tyler Walker spun, Meyers would take over the 3rd position. On the restart, Meyers would pick up 2nd place and set his sight on the lead. Meyers would chase down Saldana, but two quick caution flags would slow racing action. After the second on Lap 13, Meyers would fall back to the 3rd position.

Meyers and Donny Schatz would battle side-by-side for third, but Meyers would keep the spot on the track. With 10 laps to go, Meyers was in the 3rd position and closing on Craig Dollansky. Their battle would have to wait as another yellow flag flew on Lap 24.

With three laps to go, Meyers would make his final charge on the #7 car in the low line, but was unable to execute the pass. Meyers would go on to finish 3rd behind Lance Dewease and Dollansky. Meyers was one of three drivers who finished in the top-5 in both races tonight. He would just fall short of taking the Don Martin Silver Cup title as Donny Schatz averaged a 3rd place finish, and Meyers would average a 4th place finish.

"We worked really hard this week and we had a decent car in the feature," Meyers stated. "We made some changes for the second one and tried out a few new things. We had a good racecar tonight which is important going into the Grove this weekend. It is the toughest competition we race against all year and we need to be good. We are trying to get our first race there for Charlie Garrett. This DDNI car has really been getting better here lately. This is really what we needed to be strong. We are having one of the hottest summers we have seen in nine years and some of the wettest race tracks we have seen as well. It has just been hot and humid and that is what happens, it rains. The race track was great tonight and it held up for all 60 laps of the race. They did a great job with it tonight. Congratulations to Joey (Saldana), Lance (Dewease), and Donny (Schatz) for winning the overall. I think we were really close there, but just came up a little short. We will be back here in September and hopefully we can come back and get a win then. "

Williams Grove: Back in the Groove

The first night of racing action at Williams Grove Meyers would qualify late and still record the 10th quick lap of the night. In the feature, the Clovis, California native would start in the 10th position. By Lap 5, Meyer would be running in the fifth position fighting with Donny Schatz. The two would trade the fifth position back and forth, before a red flag flew on Lap 7.

When racing action resumed, Meyers would restart in the 4th position. Ten laps into the race, Meyers was running fourth, challenging Schatz for the 3rd position. The two would battle with Meyers on the cushion in his #14 GRL Investments KPC and Schatz using the middle line. When Schatz moved into second, Meyers took the opportunity to chase down Paul McMahan for the third position.

On the 19th revolution of the track, Meyers would get past McMahan to climb into the third position. With just five laps left, Meyers would try to track down Schatz again, but time ran out. Lance Dewease would go on to win his second race in a row, while Schatz finished 2nd and Meyer in the 3rd position.

"This is a very tough track and I do not get to celebrate on the front stretch here much and that is a testament to the level of competition here," Meyers said. "We struggled at this place for a little while. We have had some good runs here, but never got to the top of the podium. It was a good run for the #14 Elite Landscaping car tonight. We got a little behind with the late pill draw, but had a great car. It is good to have this run in front of Charlie Garrett. GLR Investments are also out here this weekend with DDNI and I really wanted to get the car up front for them. There was a great crowd here tonight. I know it is hot, so thank you for coming out. Hopefully tomorrow night we will have another great racetrack like we had tonight and put on another good show."

Williams Grove: A turn of fortune

The second night of Summer Nationals at the Grove would bring Meyers his best starting position of the week in the feature event. Meyers would start the race in 7th and spend the early laps of the race chasing Kerry Madsen. On Lap 4, Meyers would get past both Madsen and Greg Hodnett to move into the top-five, but the Australian would fight back moving Meyers back to 6th.

After a yellow flag on Lap 5, Meyers would retake the 5th position, but something went awry with his race car. Over the final laps of the race which featured several caution periods, Meyers would fall back to the 16th position and that is where his night ended. Greg Hodnett would go on to win the second night of racing action at Williams Grove Speedway.

"Unfortunately we had a late qualifying lap tonight, but we were able to over come it and make it into the dash," said Meyers. "Then in the feature we were running fairly well, until we started encountering problems after the fuel stop. We will have to take what we got and work on being stronger tomorrow night."

Lebanon Valley Speedway: Meyers scores his 4th top-5 finish of the weekend

Looking to turn his fortunes around, Meyers traveled to the Empire State to Lebanon Valley Speedway on Sunday night. Meyers would begin his night in the 8th position on the track. By the 2nd lap of the event Meyers was running 6th.

Though out the race, Meyers waged quite a battle with Craig Dollansky. The first time they scuffled this evening was for the 5th position as the two drove side-by-side for several laps. Meyers favored the inside line, but could not get the edge, before the first caution flag flew on Lap 12.

On the restart, the battle was on again, as Meyers took over the 5th position from Dollansky. As Meyers, Dollansky, and Lasoski would go three-wide for the 4th position, and Meyers ended up picking up the spot. A few laps later when Meyers got high off of Turn 4, Schatz would take the fourth position away.

The final yellow flag of the event would come out with two laps to go. On the restart, Meyers would get around Dollansky for the fourth position, but Dollansky fought back. With a last lap maneuver, Meyers would seal the spot taking the fourth position; while Doug Esh went on to win.

"I am really disappointed tonight, because I feel that we had a better car than fifth place," explained Meyers. "We cannot let this get us down. We have great people behind us in Elite Landscaping, GLR Investments, DDNI, and Media Tile. My partners in the team Chris (Luck) and Guy (Stockbridge) always help to get us what we need and I have a great group of guys who work on this car and behind the scenes. We have some big races coming up in Canada this week, so we have to work hard and make it up."

Up Next

The next week will present another set of challenging races in the Great White North for Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing crew. On Tuesday night Meyers will parlez sur l'auto course when the team travels to Autodrome Drummond in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. Then Friday night July 30 and Saturday July 31, the team will be traveling to the heart of Ontario, Canada to Oshweken Speedway for two nights of racing action.

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