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Northern Exposure: Jason Meyers takes on tracks north of the border When most people think about Canada and sports the first thing that comes to mind is hockey. Canadians may enjoy hockey in the winter, but in the summer the country's...

Northern Exposure: Jason Meyers takes on tracks north of the border

When most people think about Canada and sports the first thing that comes to mind is hockey. Canadians may enjoy hockey in the winter, but in the summer the country's inhabitants become racing fans. No where can this be more apparent than this weekend, when Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing crew raced before nearly sold-out crowds at two different tracks in two Canadian Provinces. From Quebec to Ontario, Meyers battled the rest of the World of Outlaws and walked away with two top-5 finishes.

Quintessential Quebec: Autodrome Drummond

On the World of Outlaw's first foray into Quebec, there were a lot of adjustments to be made from language to a new track that the series had not run on before. Meyers was able to adjust to the track quickly qualifying in the sixth position and claiming the sixth starting position in the dash. When the A-Main took the green flag, Meyers quickly moved up to the fourth position, but was in a fierce battle with Chad Kemenah for the position. By the second lap of the event the position was decided and Meyers settled into fifth position.

Six laps into the race, a red flag would fly. Meyers would get shuffled back to sixth on the restart, and would hold on to the position through a few cautions up until six laps to go. At that point the yellow flag would come out for Donny Schatz who stopped with a mechanical problem.

On the following restart, Meyers would get past Chad Kemenah in his #14 Elite Landscaping KPC to pick up the fourth position. In the closing laps Meyers would try to track down Joey Saldana who was running in the third position, but ran out of laps. Out front Steve Kinser would go on to win the inaugural race at Autodrome Drummond.

"We made a lot of changes throughout the evening and the car did get a lot better," Meyers said. "There was a good top and bottom line here tonight, but the handling was not where it needed to be in the feature. We had an absolutely great crowd tonight. I want to thank everyone for the reception they have given us for coming up here."

Moving on to Ontario: Ohsweken Speedway

At the World of Outlaw's second stop in the "Great White North" at Ohsweken Speedway, Meyers was on target the first half of the evening qualifying third and claiming the outside pole position in the dash. When the feature took center stage, Meyers tucked in behind pole sitter Jason Sides who took the lead going into Turn1. Meyers would chase Sides as the duo entered lapped traffic on Lap 5.

Meyers would hold on to the runner-up spot until Lap 17, when his #14 DDNI KPC would suffer a cut right rear tire due to debris on the track sending him to the work area. After some quick work from his Elite Racing crew, Meyers rejoined the field in the 13th position.

Over the remaining laps of the race, Meyers would charge forward reaching the eleventh position and trading the tenth position several times with Lucas Wolfe. With 5 laps to go, Meyers claimed the tenth position for good. With time running out, Meyers would try to track down ninth place running Paul McMahan but would run out of time. Jason Sides would go on to win the first night of racing at Ohsweken.

"I was really pleased we reserved a front row starting spot in the dash, to make it the Jason show," stated Meyers. "Unfortunately in the feature I found some debris on the track and cut a tire. It was good we were able to climb back into the top-ten, but it is not what we wanted. After the race we will regroup and come back tomorrow for a better finish."

Ontario Nights: Ohsweken Speedway

After rain put a damper on racing on Saturday night in Ontario, the race was rescheduled for Sunday night, and when Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team arrived the track was in perfect condition for racing. After recording quick time, Meyers started seventh in the feature event.

Early in the race, Meyers got past Sam Hafertepe to take over the sixth position, but when Hafertepe battled back Lucas Wolfe would join the fray and make it a three-way battle for sixth. On Lap 3 when the first yellow came out, Meyers was back to his seventh place starting spot. On the restart, Meyers moved back into the sixth position.

A second yellow flag flew on Lap 8, and on the following restart Meyers would go all the way to fourth before the caution flew once again for a car that had come to a stop. On the following restart, Meyers again charged forward, this time all the way to third only to see the caution flag thrown once again for a false start by a car in the fifth row. On the third and final restart, Meyers would get past Hafertepe to move into the top-five. Meyers in his #14 GLR Investments KPC, immediately went to work chasing down Paul McMahan who was running in the fourth position. By the half-way point of the race the field was encountering lapped traffic and Meyers was pursuing the #91 car in it.

With the track being narrow and hard to pass on, Meyers would continue to pursue McMahan, but was unable to pick up the position. When the checkered flag flew, Meyers would finish fifth while Donny Schatz went on to take the victory.

"We had a good car tonight, but it was a tough track to pass on," stated Meyers. "We would like to be contending for wins, but we will take another top-five finish and look forward to having another chance to celebrate in Victory Lane when we race in New York on Tuesday night."

Up Next

Jason Meyers and his Elite Racing team will be back in action on Tuesday night at Fulton Speedway in Fulton, New York. Then coming up this weekend will be the Ironman 55 at I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Missouri on Friday, August 6 and Saturday, August 7.

Jason on the Ironman 55

"It was quite an event last year. We had a shot at winning it and chose the wrong tire, so hopefully we learned something there. It should be another exciting event like it was last year. It's hard to say if you can be patient or not, it depends on the tires. With 55 laps, you're probably not going to have much tire left at the end. Before you probably would try to save yourself and be good at the end. You're probably going to have to try and get to the front early and then try to maintain."

-source: elite racing

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