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Title Defense Time

The Champions arrive in Florida ready to pick up where they left off in 2010

It has been three months since Elite Racing celebrated its first World of Outlaws title in Charlotte, North Carolina. While the off season has been short, the team has been preparing to defend their championship before they even clinched it in Charlotte. The team has made their way from the ice at the shop in Brownsburg to Volusia Speedway Park. Elite Racing is ready to defend their championship and it sounds like the 2011 season will not be too much different than 2010.

"We are approaching 2011 no differently than 2010," Meyers explained. "We have spent the off season working to make our cars and motors as fast as they can be. We have really been working together as a team day in and day out in and out of the shop. We are approaching everything the same as we have been. At the same time you do not take it for granted, because you can guarantee that everyone else went home over the winter and worked on getting better. We have done the same thing. We really tried to go back and touch on every little piece this winter and are trying to make everything better than it was last season. We have worked very hard and are really looking forward to getting started in Florida."

Coming into the season as the defending champions may sound like an easy task, but the team is taking their title defense very seriously because the path that won them the championship will not be the same.

"It is like anything, when they say your first is your hardest," Meyers explained. "For so long you have been trying and trying to achieve something and now you know you can do it. The unique thing about what we do is that it is not like climbing a mountain because next year the mountain will not be the same. It will be much different. It is not like once you climbed it, you can do it again, and again, and again. We will have to continue to adapt next season."

At Volusia Speedway Park, Meyers has only placed outside of the top-10 twice in 12 starts. Over those races Meyers has averaged a 7.8 finish. The only victory Meyers has at the Barberville, Florida facility came in 2008 when he started from the outside pole. Last year in the two races at Volusia Meyers finished 4th and 6th. While those are not victories, what matters is that the team learned how to make the #14 GRL Investments KPC better when they unload to race on Wednesday.

"You have to make sure you learn something each race," Meyers stated. "It does not matter if it was something good or something bad, you have to make sure you always learn something. Really as a team we have been clicking. I know that is what led us to the championship. Our teamwork and our ability to adapt to change really has helped us. We have learned as a group to use each individual's unique skills to take the team to the top."

The key to the success of Elite Racing has been the people assembled and 2011 promises to be no different.

"In the end it is all about teamwork," Meyers stressed. "We have really great racecars. Along with a great shock package and engine, but then you have to take it and put it together on any given night. That really comes from the teamwork within the team and the preparation that is done not only during the off season, but before each race."

Each year teams do make changes and this season there are new partners the team has picked up, along with a new crewmember, and new innovations made at the race shop.

"We have some new partners in 2011 that we are really excited about," said Meyers. "We also have a lot of partners that have been around for a long time that are returning. We added Shane Bowers to the team this year which we are really excited about. He is a very experienced mechanic and he has been a great compliment to the team. There is also always some new things on the development side. There are some great items that have come out of Charlie Garrett's engine shop, as well as some new advancements in our cars. Over the off season we really tried to go back and go over every little piece, trying to make everything better. We are excited about getting the 2011 season started."

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