Davenport and Tri-City: Gumout Racing Series Results 2000-06-28

Lasoski Dominates Competition for Special $8,000 Prize at Tri-City By Kendra Jacobs Granite City, IL (June 28)-Danny Lasoski spends over nine months of the year competing with the Pennzoil World of Outlaws. With 103 scheduled events in the 2000...

Lasoski Dominates Competition for Special $8,000 Prize at Tri-City
By Kendra Jacobs

Granite City, IL (June 28)-Danny Lasoski spends over nine months of the year competing with the Pennzoil World of Outlaws. With 103 scheduled events in the 2000 season, one would think that Lasoski would treasure his free days. Instead, Lasoski arrived at both Davenport Speedway and Tri-City Speedway to compete with the Gumout Racing Series.

"I figure I can take a break when I'm old and gray and can't walk," Lasoski explained in Victory Lane. "I want to race as many races as I can, wherever I can, and in whatever car I can. I love this sport, and this sport's been good to me."

The sport was definitely good to Lasoski tonight, as his win awarded him with a bonus $3,000 offered by track owner Bob Wente. The bonus pay made tonight's event the highest paying Gumout Racing Series event thus far.

Lasoski started on the front row of the 30-lap feature event, alongside of Karavan Racing's Craig Dollansky. Dollansky jumped out into the early lead on the first lap. Mike Goodman in the C&W Motorsports #3 got upside down coming out of turn four, causing the first red of the night. With minimal damage to the car, Goodman re-started on the tail of the field.

On the re-start, it was Dollansky, followed by Lasoski, Jeff Shepard, Brad Furr, and Paul McMahan. Lasoski dove low under Dollansky, but Dollansky held him off to retain the lead. As the leaders headed into turn four, Goodman fipped hard this time into the turn one wall. With more extensive damage to the car, Goodman was not able to re-start.

On the third start of the night, Dollansky again appeared dominant as he pulled away from Lasoski. By lap four, Dollansky held a ten car-lengths lead over "the Dude." McMahan raced around Furr in the Sanmina #2F to take fourth position. Shane Stewart, starting 16th, was charging through the field as he took over the sixth position on lap five.

Race leader, Dollansky had now entered lapped traffic. As Lasoski worked to catch up, he also pulled out a straightaway lead over third running Jeff Shepard. On lap ten, Stewart drove by Furr to claim the fifth position, as 20th starting Jason Meyers took over 10th position.

On lap 12, Lasoski, in the Stewart/Massey owned #20 sprinter, appeared to be closing the distance between he and Dollansky. Continuously diving low in the corners, Lasoski was trying everything to take the lead. Lasoski finally charged past the Karavan/Polydome #7 on lap 14, becoming the new race leader. Three laps later, the Pennzoil World of Outlaws star already commanded a straightaway lead over a still impressive Dollansky.

Lap 19 saw a battle begin for the third place position. McMahan dove low in efforts to pass Shepard, but Shepard held strong. At the flagstand the two sprinters were wheel-to-wheel. One last shot on lap 20, offered nothing for the United Expressline #U2 as Shepard kept his position.

Shane Stewart, still running in the fifth position, went one lap down on lap 22 as Lasoski cut in and out of lapped traffic. Shepard and McMahan were directly in front of the leader, still battling for the third position. Lasoski roared past Gumout Racing Series point leader, McMahan on lap 25.

Lasoski still with a straightaway lead on second running Dollansky, continued to dominate the field. As the white flag fell, Lasoski lapped third running Shepard in the York Excavating/CAT Construction #4J. Lasoski crossed the checkered, with only he and Dollansky finishing the event on the lead lap. Jeff Shepard finished third, with McMahan holding the point lead with a fourth place finish, and Shane Stewart charging to an impressive fifth place finish.

Jeff Shepard earned his first Huggins Fast Time Award with a time of 16.134. Jason Meyers was named KSE Hard Charger for his move from 20th position to a sixth place finish.

Lasoski will compete at Route 66 Speedway in Joliet, IL on Thursday, as the Pennzoil World of Outlaws reconvene for a five race in five days tour. The Gumout Racing Series travels to Terre Haute Action Track on Friday, June 30, for another thirty-lap feature event.

<pre> 2000 Gumout Racing Series Tri-City Speedway, Granite City, Illinois Wednesday, June 28, Feature Program #13

Huggins Qualifications: 1. Jeff Shepard, Double L Mtspts. 4J, 16.134; 2. Paul McMahan, Warren Johnson U2, 16.489; 3. Craig Dollansky, Karavan Racing 7, 16.607; 4. Danny Lasoski, Stewart/Massey 20, 16.729; 5. Travis Rilat, Archer 1AT, 16.737; 6. Jimmy Carter, Rudeen Racing 14C, 16.788; 7. Brad Furr, Furr Racing 2F, 16.803; 8. Ricky Logan, Fastrax Mtspts. 4, 16.832; 9. Mike Goodman, C&W Mtspts. 3, 16.928; 10. Randy Kinser, Kinser Racing 14, 16.955; 11. Boston Reid, Keppel 9, 16.985; 12. Ronald Laney, Laney 52, 17.030; 13. Kraig Kinser, Kinser 11K, 17.056; 14. Paul May, May 71M, 17.063; 15. Dennis Moore, Jr., Moore 71X, 17.128; 16. Terry McCarl, McCarl 24, 17.143; 17. Shane Stewart, Holbrook Mtspts. 9H, 17.228; 18. Bob Burkle, Burkle 21B, 17.297; 19. Toni Lutar, Lutar 4X, 17.412; 20. Bob Weuve, BW Racing 19, 17.459; 21. Curt Trainer, Trainer 29T, 17.598; 22. Brian Carlson, SC Mtspts. 18, 17.656; 23. Bud Kaeding, BK Racing 29, 17.666; 24. Bob Bennett, Acme Trailers 3B, 17.668; 25. Dean Adams, Adams 3A, 17.800; 26. Jason Meyers, Carter Racing 14M, 17.827; 27. Bobby Hawks, Northrup 83, 18.134; 28. Paul Hart, Hart 32, 18.149; 29. Steve Short, Short 8, 18.261; 30. Wayne Sternbergh, Sternbergh 14S, 18.270; 31. Wayne Barnes, Sternbergh 86, 19.474; Christi Passmore, GAP Roofing 1A, no time.

First Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Travis Rilat, 2. Jeff Shepard, 3. Mike Goodman, 4. Shane Stewart, 5. Kraig Kinser, 6. Dean Adams, 7. Curt Trainer, 8. Steve Short. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Second Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Paul McMahan, 2. Randy Kinser, 3. Paul May, 4. Jason Meyers, 5. Bob Burkle, 6. Brian Carlson, 7. Wayne Sternbergh, 8. Jimmy Carter. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Third Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Craig Dollansky. 2. Brad Furr, 3. Dennis Moore, Jr., 4. Boston Reid, 5. Toni Lutar, 6. Bobby Hawks, 7. Bud Kaeding, 8. Wayne Barnes. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Fourth Manufacturer's Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Danny Lasoski, 2. Ronald Laney, 3. Terry McCarl, 4. Ricky Logan, 5. Bob Weuve, 6. Paul Hart, 7. Christi Passmore, 8. Bob Bennett. (Top five qualified for "A" Feature)

Weld Racing Dash (five laps): 1. Craig Dollansky, 2. Jeff Shepard, 3. Brad Furr, 4. Travis Rilat, 5. Mike Goodman, 6. Boston Reid. (Finish determined inside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Weld Race Components Dash (five laps): 1. Danny Lasoski, 2. Paul McMahan, 3. Ronald Laney, 4. Ricky Logan, 5. Randy Kinser, 6. Paul May. (Finish determined outside starting rows 1-6 in "A" Feature)

Hank's Performance Products "B" Main (ten laps): 1. Bobby Hawks, 2. Bud Kaeding, 3. Dean Adams, 4. Steve Short, 5. Brian Carlson ($200); 6. Christi Passmore ($150); 7. Paul Hart ($120); 8. Wayne Sternbergh ($100); 9. Wayne Barnes ($100);10. DNS-Jimmy Carter ($100); 11. DNS-Curt Trainer ($80); 12. Bob Bennett. (Top four qualified for "A" Feature)

Gumout Racing Series "A" Feature (thirty laps): 1. Danny Lasoski ($8,000); 2. Craig Dollansky ($3,000); 3. Jeff Shepard ($2,000); 4. Paul McMahan ($1,800); 5. Shane Stewart ($1,600); 6. Jason Meyers ($1,400); 7. Brad Furr ($1,300); 8. Ronald Laney ($1,200); 9. Paul May ($1,100); 10. Boston Reid ($1,050); 11. Travis Rilat ($1,000); 12. Ricky Logan ($800); 13. Randy Kinser ($700); 14. Terry McCarl ($600); 15. Bob Weuve ($600); 16. Dennis Moore, Jr., ($500); 17. Bud Kaeding ($500); 18. Bobby Hawks ($520); 19. Kraig Kinser ($500); 20. Toni Lutar ($500); 21. Bob Bennett ($500); 22. Dean Adams ($520); 23. Bob Burkle ($500); 24. Steve Short ($520); 25. Mike Goodman ($500). Provisional: Bob Bennett.

Huggins Fast Qualifier:  Jeff Shepard
KSE Hard Charger Award:  Jason Meyers
Lap Leaders:  Craig Dollansky 1-13; Danny Lasoski 14-30

Gumout Racing Series Point Standings: 1. Paul McMahan, 1904; 2. Craig Dollansky, 1902; 3. Jeff Shepard, 1883; 4. Jason Meyers, 1756; 5. Brad Furr, 1669; 6. Shane Stewart, 1628; 7. Ronald Laney, 1616; 8. Randy Kinser, 1584; 9. Bob Bennett, 1306; 10. Brian Carlson, 1245; 11. Ricky Logan, 1190; 12. Billy Wilburn, 404; 13. Kraig Kinser, 362; 14. Jimmy Carter, 317; 15. Scott Young, 271.

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