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World of Outlaws Fast Talkers: 54th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions The World of Outlaws will wrap up the Gold Rush Tour for 2007 with the 54th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California, September 6-8....

World of Outlaws Fast Talkers: 54th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions

The World of Outlaws will wrap up the Gold Rush Tour for 2007 with the 54th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California, September 6-8. For the second consecutive season the winner will receive $50,000. Six former winners of the event will be in attendance, led by Steve Kinser who has 12 wins in the race, along with Jac Haudenschild who has two wins, as well as Danny Lasoski, Daryn Pittman and Donny Schatz who each have one Gold Cup victory. Also, three-time World of Outlaws champion Sammy Swindell will be competing in the event, which he won back in 1981. Adding even more luster to the race, will be the fact that it will be taped for broadcast on SPEED on Sunday, September 16.

Tony Bruce Jr., driver of the Best Well Service Maxim

"I always look forward to going to Chico. It's one of the smallest places we go to all year and one of the raciest. I enjoy going to small race tracks where you can get the wheels up and go after it... It's a fun week. Racing two nights and having one night off allows for some extra time to go and do something other than racing. We are really looking forward to being in Chico."

Jeremy Campbell, driver of the RLM Financial Maxim

"It's a huge event. Last year was my first time out there. The race was awesome and outside the race was great as well. It's a great little race track and it is very competitive and there will be a lot of good cars there. We all camp out there and just have a good time."

Craig Dollansky, driver of the Karavan Trailers Maxim

"It's definitely an event that I look forward to. It's one of the most fun tracks we hit during the year. Over the last three years, we have run third in the finale all three years, so it would be nice to get it done. We have won a prelim, and it would be great to win the big one... The pay is great. They raised it last year and it's great that John Padjen has upped the ante. It's one of the highest paying shows that we have during the season. We will go in there with all that we have. We have been close the last three years and hopefully this year we can get it done."

Sam Hafertepe Jr., driver of the G.H. Plumbing J&J

"I'm excited to go out there. I have heard great things about it and have heard it's like a mini-Knoxville (Nationals)... You have to keep the car freed up all night and not get it too tight. We have to be good all night long and not just at the beginning... We will have a few days to prepare for the event and hopefully will head in there with a full head of steam."

Randy Hannagan, driver of the Penthouse Magazine Maxim

"The Gold Cup is the Knoxville Nationals of the West Coast. If you can put that in your hat that would be great to have. It's good to be back in California and racing at home in front of the family and friends that I have had all of my years racing and that have supported me. It would be nice to win the Gold Cup. We have come close a couple times and won a preliminary night back in 1993. We'll see if we can repeat that."

Jac Haudenschild, driver of the Wright One Construction Maxim

"Chico is a lot of fun to run. There is a lot of racing on the little track. It's a tight track and it always puts on a good show. We are looking forward to going there... It's nice to have the big races that pay a lot. They are fun to run. It would be nice to win a big one this year. We haven't won a big race for a while, so that one would be nice to get. We've always enjoyed going out there with everything that goes on with the race."

Justin Henderson, driver of the Dan Dan the Sonic Man Rocket

"We were pretty good there last year and I think we could have been better. We have some things to improve on and this year we have Rocket Chassis', so we are excited to get back to the Gold Cup... We're good on ¼-mile tracks, depending on how the track stays. Chico is the type of track that I like. I like them when they are heavy and more of a "Cowboy-Up" type of driving style. We should be good there... I wouldn't say it's laid back, but it's a fun week. There are a lot of great people there just like at Calistoga (Speedway). We really enjoy the western swing, with all the great people out here. We can't wait to come back next year."

Chad Hillier, driver of the DIRT Inc. Maxim

"It's a pretty big race and a lot of people come to it. There will be a lot of cars. It can be a good race. It's fast on the ¼-mile. I haven't run the Gold Cup that many times, probably two or three. .. You always want to start toward the front and catch the breaks and keep your nose clean during the first part of the race, but you can't wait either. That is why I think it's such a good race that everyone is on the gas right from the get go. Some things happen, but nobody means for them to intentionally happen. It's just one of those small things that can happen, with guys getting into each other."

Chad Kemenah, driver Kantor Oil Company Maxim

"Last year we he had a decent finish over there and hopefully this year with Hard 8 Racing we can have another good run. First you have to get qualified and put yourself in a position to run up front. That is the key... We try just as hard for $5 as we do $50,000. We worry about the money after the fact, we are all competitors and want to win first and foremost."

Steve Kinser, driver of the Q Oil Maxim

"It's always a fun race to run. It has a lot of history to it and is a great race. It is one of the biggest short track races we have. A lot of race fans always show up and it's a good event... Even without the purse, it's one of the oldest and biggest ¼-mile races that have been around. It's moved from the West Capital (Speedway) up to Chico. It's been at Chico for quite some time. I was fortunate to win a couple at West Capital and continued to win them at Chico. It's always been a great race to come to."

Danny Lasoski, driver of the Roth Motorsports JEI

"It really is a big event. John Padjen does a great job putting it on. Every year he tries to get the race track better for us to put on a good show. We're excited to go up there and we will have the best field of cars I think that we've had there in some time. I think the fans will really enjoy it... It is great that they pay $50,000-to win.... I don't know if the week is laid back, because everyone is going there to win. We are going there to do our job, but it's a fun week as well."

Kerry Madsen, driver of the Selma Shell Maxim

"It's pretty much a home race for this team. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to a good result. It is absolutely great that it pays that much to win. Hopefully we are in a position to go for it... It depends on how the track is, whether it's very demanding of not, depending on if the track is slick or hooked up. Hopefully we'll be in the right position at the end of the 40 laps."

Terry McCarl, driver of the Big Game Treestands Eagle

"What I like about it more than anything is the atmosphere. It reminds me of the old days of the (Knoxville) Nationals with everyone camping out and having fun. There's not quite as much pressure as Knoxville. It's a fun race track for the fans and a lot of wheelie's and banging wheels. I like the short tracks as a fan. It's a great place to watch. Anybody that has never been there, it's a great place to come and be a part of it... I like the money, but it's definitely one of the Top-Four events you want to win. You have Knoxville, the Kings Royal, the Gold Cup and the National Open that are the biggest four events in the country for winged cars and those are the four we want to win."

Paul McMahan, driver of the Bass Pro Shops Eagle

"That is the biggest race we have in California. It's one that anyone growing up in California wants to win. It's kind of like the Knoxville Nationals for the California and the people that live in California. I have been going to the Gold Cup since it was at West Capital (Speedway) in the 1970's. I have come close and run third there. To pull that one off would be pretty cool and to have that trophy at home."

Jason Meyers, driver of the Primerica Financial Maxim

"The history of the event is very big. You try to win every night you go out, and the money at the end of the day definitely helps everybody. We try to look at it like another race, but it sure would be a nice payday to win it. It's something that we have never won before and we have run well in it. We're still looking for a win in it and hopefully we can get it this year... I think we will get two days at home. We're looking forward to going home and getting back to the shop and just being home for a couple days."

Daryn Pittman, driver of the Titan Garages Maxim

"That's one of the races you want to win period. To have it pay more than it ever had in the past, made it that much better. The money is always a good thing after the fact, but we're all competitors and want to win in general. There will be a lot of good cars and it will be even tougher this year. We'll have our work cut out for us. We're excited to head to Chico. I've always like going there, even before we won. We will go back and try to repeat. We'll try to have another good showing they keep putting up good money. It's always fun to go race for 50-grand."

Joey Saldana, driver of the Open Joist Mopar-powered JEI

"It's a very prestigious race. We ran second a few years ago. It would be nice to win that one, especially with it paying so good. Hopefully we do everything we can on our qualifying night to give ourselves a chance to be up there and win it... We run on Friday, so it's kind like a Friday-Saturday (two-day, with the split qualifying). It's tough to run Thursday and then have a night off. I would rather run two nights in a row. You have to be careful and not lose too many points."

Donny Schatz, driver of the ParkerStore J&J

"It's great to go there. It's a big event. It's exciting to go out there and really one of our last races in California for a while. It pays 50-grand to win and last year we felt we had a good chance to win it. I put myself in a bad situation and ended up in an uglier situation because of it. We'll be glad to go back there and start over fresh and try to win another Gold Cup."

Tim Shaffer, driver of the Casey General Stores Maxim

"It's always been a big event. We have run pretty well there and it's a neat place. One of these years we are going to get it. We have been running pretty good the last month. The team is doing a great job. The engines are running great and the tires and shocks are doing good. Everything is falling into place... The money on the line helps, but the main thing is that you want to win that thing."

Jason Sides, driver of the Wetherington Tractor Service Maxim

"It's always a good race. The smaller the track the better action you usually seem to get on them. We've always enjoyed it and ran pretty decent over there. Maybe this will be our year to win it. We're not really looking at the money. The prestige of winning the Gold Cup is huge. It's one you want to win."

Jason Solwold, driver of the City Wide Insulation Maxim

"We won the prelim last year. I have not participated in the race that much, but the times we have, we have been pretty successful and made the show. Last year we made the show, but did not run too many laps and this year we should do better... It's always good when it pay a lot, because I like the money."

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