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Hillier Flips Out of Missouri State Fair Speedway SEDALIA, MO (June 20) -- Chad Hillier was driving the ...

Hillier Flips Out of Missouri State Fair Speedway

SEDALIA, MO (June 20) -- Chad Hillier was driving the #5C DIRT Inc. Maxim toward the front of the field during Wednesday's Ditzfeld Transfer Summer Nationals at Missouri State Fair Speedway when he flipped over the fence with three laps remaining.

Hillier, who started inside the eighth row, lost 14th place when a sharp turn against the cushion between the first and second corners caused the #5C to turn over, take flight and leave the racetrack. The World of Outlaws Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year contender was credited with a 23rd-place finish.

"We had a pretty tight curve running through (turns) one and two, and I was running it pretty hard," Hillier said. "(Craig) Dollansky pulled a slide job on me and when I turned to get back under him, I caught the cushion and, the last thing I remember, I was flipping through the air. I don't know if the cushion flipped me or what, but it was hard hit. I've flipped before -- it's nothing new -- but it was unfortunate. We had a good racecar, and we would have probably finished in the top 15. We were making up some ground on a few guys. I'm just sorry we couldn't finish the race.

"It hurt the frame, so we're going to get the spare car down and put it together. I think we were fairly lucky other than the damage to the frame and the wing. We were able to push it back to the trailer. It could have been worse. The catch fence got into the (roll) cage pretty good and wrapped the frame around the radiator. After seeing that the safety bar was ripped off, I was glad it kept stuff out of the cage. Any time you can walk away, you have to feel fortunate. You never want to tear anything up, but it could have been a lot worse. All I had was a little headache."

Hillier's 16.778-second lap was only .222 seconds off fast-qualifier Jason Solwold's pace and 15th-fastest in the 31-car field. Although he finished seventh in the Third Heat Race, his runner-up run in the "B" Feature gave him the 15th starting position in the 25-lap main event.

"We qualified decent, but we tried a few things in the heat race that didn't work to our advantage," Hillier said. "We had trouble getting down the straightaways. We worked it out in the 'B' and had a really nice car in the feature. I could pretty much go anywhere I wanted to in the feature, but I was better on the cushion in one and two.

"They gave us a really nice racetrack. They waited and let the sun get off of it. That got us off to a late start, but it beats racing on rubber. They proved it's possible to prepare a track that won't take rubber even if it's 90 degrees with the sun beating down on it all day. They did it right; they let the big tires pack it in rather than the truck tires. They did all they could, and it was a pretty decent racetrack. There were a lot of racecars on the track, but (turns) three and four stayed nice from the top to the bottom all night. One and two slicked off a pretty good because it had more sun on it all day, but there was still plenty of passing in both corners. You couldn't ask for a better surface on the front stretch; it was hooked up all night long. I was really pleased; they did a great job.

"I hope it's just as good at Dodge City. I was there a couple of years ago, but I didn't race. It looks like a fun racetrack. I hope they can keep the rubber off of it, we have good racing and everybody leaves happy. That's the main thing. I'm looking forward to it."

Dodge City Raceway Park, a semi-banked, 3/8-mile oval, will host the Boot Hill Showdown Friday and Saturday.

The Ditzfeld Transfer Summer Nationals and 10th Annual Michael Ross Memorial Foundation Golf Tournament raised more than $165,000 for the Michael Ross Memorial Foundation, which was founded in honor of the son of Tony and Kathy Ross who passed away due to complications from Tay-Sachs disease. The MRMF is a non-profit charity organization supporting Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, MI. The Ross's are close friends of World of Outlaws driver Danny Lasoski.

Tay-Sachs disease is a fatal genetic lipid storage disorder in which harmful quantities of a fatty substance called ganglioside GM2 build up in tissues and nerve cells in the brain. The condition is caused by insufficient activity of an enzyme called beta-hexosaminidase A that catalyzes the biodegradation of acidic fatty materials known as gangliosides. Gangliosides are made and biodegraded rapidly in early life as the brain develops.


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