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Hillier Earns Hard-Charger Award at Lowe's CONCORD, NC (May 25) -- Chad Hiller received the KSE Racing Products Hard-Charger Award for driving the ...

Hillier Earns Hard-Charger Award at Lowe's

CONCORD, NC (May 25) -- Chad Hiller received the KSE Racing Products Hard-Charger Award for driving the #5C DIRT Inc. Maxim past 13 cars in the Eckerd Outlaw Showdown Friday at The Dirt Track at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

The 13th-place finish tied the second-best finish in a World of Outlaws "A" Feature for Hillier, a Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year candidate. His ninth top-20 finish of the season turned around what started as a dismal evening in the heart of NASCAR country.

Hillier's 108.589-MPH lap around the semi-banked, 4/10-mile oval was the 26th-fastest in the 26-car field. He started ninth and finished ninth in the Second Heat Race.

"We started out pretty bad but, luckily for us, there were only 26 cars so we were able to get into the feature," Hillier said. "We had a couple of good starts there early, and got into a position to where we could hold our own during the first half of the race. A lot of guys were rolling through the middle and on the bottom on the first few laps, so I went up a little bit higher and got by a quite a few of them. I dodged a few close ones; the first red with (Jason) Meyers and (Kerry) Madsen was really close. We were just fortunate enough to keep our nose clean and not tear up anything. There were quite a few opportunities to tear things up, too (the red flag flew four times).

"After the bad qualifying lap and a little problem in our heat race, the night ended up well for us. We were pleased to get the KSE Hard-Charger Award. KSE came on as a sponsor recently.

"The car was really good, but I think if we had run a little shorter gear we could have made it around the bottom better. We were a little too free around the top, but we couldn't quite get around the corner fast enough on the bottom. We didn't have quite enough time to change the gear on the last red (during lap 15). On the restarts when a lot of guys were slow around the bottom, we could get around quite a few of them in the middle or the outside. But when they got strung out, we didn't have enough motor to get around them on the high side and we had the wrong gear to get by them on the bottom. We didn't have to change much on the car all night; we just kept working the track and kept the car as straight as we could. It was good that nobody got too down after I stunk it up in qualifying. It turned out to be a good night."

The Eckerd Outlaw Showdown was taped for a June 10th telecast on SPEED.

Hillier and DeWitt Industries Racing Team Incorporated will be back in action Monday -- Memorial Day -- at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, a slightly banked, 5/8-mile oval in Elbridge, NY.

"All I really know about Rolling Wheels is it's a big, flat racetrack and it's in a beautiful part of New York," Hillier said. "We just hope we can get around there well."

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