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Hillier Runs 12th in 'B' at Martin Memorial SARVER, PA (July 18) -- What a difference 24 hours can make. The ...

Hillier Runs 12th in 'B' at Martin Memorial

SARVER, PA (July 18) -- What a difference 24 hours can make. The #5C DIRT Inc. Maxim was the fastest car in Tuesday's third hot-lap session at the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup at Lernerville Speedway, but rain forced the World of Outlaws to postpone the event to Wednesday.

DIRT Inc. driver Chad Hillier was the 34th-fastest qualifier in the 46-car field Wednesday. Although he won a spirited, six-lap battle with 1995 Rookie of the Year Randy Hannagan, Hillier finished eighth in the Second Heat Race. He finished behind Jeremy Campbell and ahead of Tony Bruce Jr. in the heat race as well as the "B" Feature. His 12th-place finish in the "B" kept him from qualifying for the main event.

"We couldn't build much speed no matter what we did," the World of Outlaws Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year contender said. "I think we were a little off on our fuel. We were trying to compensate with gear early, and I think if we had been better with our fuel curve we would have been a lot better. It was frustrating, but we learned from it. We learned from our mistakes and found out what we were doing wrong, so we'll be able to use what we learned at other places.

"You have to have everything right just to run decent and you have be exceptionally good to have a shot at winning."

Tyler Swank, the team's crew chief for the first half of the season, left DIRT Inc. to accept a similar position with World of Outlaws driver Terry McCarl earlier in the week.

"We wish Tyler the best in his new venture," Hillier said. "We hope he's successful. We appreciate his hard work. There are no hard feelings; we all left on good terms. That's the way we wanted it. He wasn't fired and he didn't quit; this is just a good opportunity for him.

"We brought in Travis Van Dam as our new crew member. Pete Stephens will our crew chief now. Pete has done a good job of taking over and making sure Curtis (Bye) and Travis do the right things. I think we'll all work well together. The tough thing about it is that none of us have been to these tracks if we haven't raced them this year. I think if we can communicate well, we'll be fine."

Hillier and DIRT Inc. will be back in action Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Cleveland Brothers Summer Nationals at Williams Grove Speedway.

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