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Sammy Swindell Takes Harvest Classic Opener By Richard Day CALISTOGA, CA (August 29) - Since crashing out of the lead in the Amoco Knoxville Nationals, Sammy Swindell has been almost unbeatable. Although he's enjoying...

Sammy Swindell Takes Harvest Classic Opener By Richard Day CALISTOGA, CA (August 29) - Since crashing out of the lead in the Amoco Knoxville Nationals, Sammy Swindell has been almost unbeatable. Although he's enjoying every second of his hot streak, the two-time Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series champion isn't about to reveal why the #1 Channellock Gambler is so fast. "We learned a little something back in Knoxville, and we've had a fast race car here lately," Swindell said after winning the Preliminary Feature on opening night of the Fourth Annual Harvest Classic at Calistoga Speedway Friday. "We've really had one of the fastest cars all year long, but we've caught a few bad breaks here and there and dropped out of some races we should have won. We're blessed with a fast race car and we just try to come out and win every race." The $4,500 victory was Swindell's fifth straight and his sixth in a World of Outlaws Preliminary Feature this season. Mark Kinser got the Harvest Classic off to a fast start by lowering Calistoga's qualifying record. Kinser circled Calistoga's semi-banked, 1/2-mile oval in 16.057 seconds, .250 seconds faster than the standard he set last August 30th. Kinser picked the #6 inversion pill, giving California's Paul McMahan the pole in the Vivarin Dash. The 1997 Rookie of the Year candidate won his second Vivarin Dash of the season for the right to start the Preliminary Feature on the pole. Jac Haudenschild received the other front-row starting position after racing into second place from inside the third row in the five-lap race. McMahan burst into the lead as the green flag fell in the Preliminary Feature. Swindell, who started inside the second row, took the low line into the second corner to pass Haudenschild for second place early in the opening lap. Swindell took the lead early in the second lap by steering his #1 high through turn one to pass McMahan. Sammy was racing away from the field when a magneto problem in the #1W Conn West Freight Maxim caused Craig Dollansky to stop in the fourth corner early in the lap three. Swindell immediately started rebuilding his advantage when the green flag replaced the yellow. He opened a half-straightaway lead by the sixth lap as "The Wild Child" and Kinser battled for third place. Sammy entered lapped traffic two laps later. After passing Haudenschild, Mark steered the #5M Wirtgen Maxim deep into turn four to pass McMahan for second place late in lap nine. A mechanical problem forced Sparky Howard to stop in the second corner midway through the race. Jeff Swindell surrendered seventh place as his crew replaced the flat right rear tire on the #7TW Gold Eagle J&J during the caution period. Steve Kinser, winner of five World of Outlaws main events at Calistoga, passed "The Wild Child" for fourth place with a high move through turns three and four as the race resumed. Stevie Smith raced into fourth place during the 11th lap. Haudenschild followed him past Steve Kinser, only to have "The King of the Outlaws" pass him back the next time around. The leaders caught the backmarkers again with six laps remaining, but were taken out of lapped traffic when Ronnie Day hit Dion Hindi, who was spinning in turn four. Day's #7N sprinter turned over, but neither driver was injured in the crash. As the green flag replaced the red, a front-straightaway collision involving Smith and Steve Kinser sent Smith into the retaining wall. Kinser's #11 Quaker State Maxim suffered a bent front axle, but he continued racing. Smith's crew replaced his broken drag link and he restarted at the back of the pack. Within a lap after the race resumed, Paul and Bobby McMahan, Smith, Jeff Swindell crashed in turn two. All were able to restart except Bobby McMahan. Paul joined his brother in the pits after a broken steering arm on the #75 Mopar Stealth caused him to crash into the wall in turn two during the ensuing restart. Haudenschild drove the #22 Pennzoil Maxim past Steve Kinser for third place as the green flag replaced the yellow. Kinser's right rear tire was losing air pressure while Dave Blaney started losing positions as the engine in his #10 Vivarin J&J sputtered. Andy Hillenburg's #2 STP J&J started smoking with four laps remaining. The smoke turned to flames during the 18th lap, but he continued racing. After the race ended, Andy stopped near the fire crew, who extinguished an oil fire under his hood. Swindell was eight car-lengths ahead of Mark Kinser when he took the checkered flag. Haudenschild held off hard-charging Johnny Herrera for third place. Completing the top 10 were Hillenburg, 18th-starting Greg Hodnett, 22nd-starting Donny Schatz, Smith, Joe Gaerte and Jeff Swindell. WoO 1997 Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series Fifth Annual Harvest Classic Calistoga Speedway, Calistoga, CA Friday, August 29, Preliminary Program #1 Qualifications: 1. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5M, 16.057 (new one- lap record); 2. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 16.329; 3. Sammy Swindell, Swindell 1, 16.430; 4. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 16.547; 5. Danny Lasoski, Roth 83, 16.638; 6. Stevie Smith, Smith 19, 16.654; 7. Paul McMahan, Stanton 75, 16.751; 8. Randy Hannagan, TRH Racing 1x, 16.811; 9. Dave Blaney, Blaney/Hylton 10, 16.831; 10. Craig Dollansky, Wahlie 1W, 16.916; 11. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7TW, 16.920; 12. Joe Gaerte, Gaerte 3G, 16.995; 13. Randy Tiner, Tiner 83T, 16.997; 14. Johnny Herrera, Sonner 47, 17.012; 15. Peter Murphy, Williams 0, 17.017; 16. Ronnie Day, Henderson 7N, 17.054; 17. Dion Hindi, Hindi 11D, 17.055; 18. Greg Hodnett, Helm 11H, 17.081; 19. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 17.093; 20. Kevin Pylant, Pylant 14P, 17.136; 21. Bobby McMahan, Bumgarner 88, 17.172; 22. Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 17.257; 23. Brian Coelho, Coelho 5C, 17.295; 24. Sparky Howard, Howard 8, 17.434; 25. Jason Statler, ATN/Rios 00, 17.481; 26. Todd Bammer, Bammer 18, 17.484; 27. Sean Fenn, Fenn 36, 17.499; 28. Jason Meyers, Carter 14, 17.679; 29. David Fowler, Owens/Fowler 24, 17.790; 30. Dave Lindt, Jr., Lindt 52, 17.802; 31. John McDonald, McDonald 78, 17.829; 32. Erik Folger, Folger 17E, 18.010; 33. Rob Johnson, Papula 6, 18.082. First Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Randy Tiner, 2. Dion Hindi, 3. Mark Kinser, 4. Dave Blaney, 5. Bobby McMahan, 6. Danny Lasoski, 7. Jason Statler, 8. Dave Lindt, Jr., 9. Rob Johnson. (first five qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Second Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Greg Hodnett, 2. Donny Schatz, 3. Johnny Herrera, 4. Stevie Smith, 5. Jac Haudenschild, 6. Craig Dollansky, 7. Todd Bammer, 8. John McDonald. (first five qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Third Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Andy Hillenburg, 2. Sammy Swindell, 3. Jeff Swindell, 4. Peter Murphy, 5. Paul McMahan, 6. Brian Coelho, 7. Sean Fenn, 8. Jason Meyers. (first five qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Fourth Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Steve Kinser, 2. Kevin Pylant, 3. Sparky Howard, 4. Joe Gaerte, 5. Ronnie Day, 6. Randy Hannagan, 7. Erik Folger, 8. David Fowler. (first five qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Vivarin Dash (five laps): 1. Paul McMahan, 2. Jac Haudenschild, 3. Sammy Swindell, 4. Stevie Smith, 5. Steve Kinser, 6. Mark Kinser, 7. Jeff Swindell, 8. Dave Blaney. (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the Preliminary Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Craig Dollansky, 2. Brian Coelho, 3. Danny Lasoski, 4. Randy Hannagan, 5. Jason Statler ($150); 6. Sean Fenn ($125); 7. Jason Meyers ($100); 8. David Fowler ($75); 9. Dave Lindt, Jr. ($60); 10. John McDonald ($50); 11. Erik Folger ($40); 12. Todd Bammer ($40); 13. Rob Johnson ($40). (first four qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Preliminary Feature (20 laps): 1. Sammy Swindell ($4,500); 2. Mark Kinser ($2,500); 3. Jac Haudenschild ($1,700); 4. Johnny Herrera ($1,500); 5. Andy Hillenburg ($1,350); 6. Greg Hodnett ($1,250); 7. Donny Schatz ($1,200); 8. Stevie Smith ($1,100); 9. Joe Gaerte ($1,075); 10. Jeff Swindell ($1,050); 11. Randy Tiner ($1,000); 12. Steve Kinser ($800); 13. Kevin Pylant ($700); 14. Randy Hannagan ($650); 15. Paul McMahan ($400); 16. Danny Lasoski ($420); 17. Dave Blaney ($300); 18. Brian Coelho ($320); 19. Dion Hindi ($300); 20. Bobby McMahan ($300); 21. Peter Murphy ($300); 22. Sparky Howard ($300); 23. Ronnie Day ($300); 24. Craig Dollansky ($320). Lap leaders: Paul McMahan 1, Sammy Swindell 2-20 Channellock Fast-Time Award winner: Mark Kinser WoO

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