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Going Retro: Brooke Tatnell Takes Aim at Another Win at Huset's Brandon, SD--June 29, 2006- Drivers and teams often have many superstitions and rituals that they turn to, when they feel like they need to change their luck. Brooke Tatnell has...

Going Retro: Brooke Tatnell Takes Aim at Another Win at Huset's

Brandon, SD--June 29, 2006- Drivers and teams often have many superstitions and rituals that they turn to, when they feel like they need to change their luck. Brooke Tatnell has been to RacinSoles Victory Lane twice already this season with the World of Outlaws, but his team is always looking for more wins and ways to get a step up on the competition.

That led them to break out a "retro" looking car at Knoxville Raceway last weekend. Rather than the black car that the team normally sports, they debuted a white car with distinctive red stripes across the middle of the top-wing as well as the front-wing. This was not the first time the crew of the Race Outfitters/Castrol Eagle has brought out a mount that stood out in a crowd, as they did it last season on a couple of different occasions, as a good luck charm.

"Our car owner Tim Hanson likes different paint schemes," Tatnell said. "Last year we had the Big Dog car, with skulls and flames on it. He likes the wild look and he likes the clean look. He called this his retro car, going back into the 1970's paint scheme era. It's a plain white car with the GT stripes and the old Castrol logo, from somewhere around the 1960's. The design all came up through the car owner."

The car received rave reviews in the pit area. Many fans strolling by before and after the race did a double take, as they are use to seeing Tatnell pilot a much darker colored machine. Even his fellow drivers stopped by to chime in on how they felt about the car.

"We have gotten a great response from it," said Tatnell smiling. "The wildest response probably came from Tyler Walker, when he said the car was 'tight.' I said to Troy (Renfro) my crew chief, what is he talking about it, it was loose in the heat race."

The team is not sure if they will use the car this weekend for the trio of races on 3/8-mile tracks, but they guaranteed some more exotic paint schemes later in the season that will stand out in a crowd.

"It's a pretty cool looking car," Tatnell said. "The sponsors have been good about it. That's one thing about our car owners, they go the extra mile to promote the sport and to promote us as a race team, and to promote me. They're always looking for something different to stand out and above the rest of the guys. They achieved that here with this car."

The native of San Souci, NSW, Australia is excited to get back on track after having last Saturday's event rained out. He finished third on Friday night, for his 10th Top-Five finish of the year. Tatnell is especially looking forward to heading up to Huset's Speedway in Brandon, South Dakota on Monday, a track he won at earlier this season. He also was in RacinSoles Victory Lane at Orange County Fair Speedway in New York on Memorial Day.

"We feel confident going into every race," Tatnell said. "It was good at Huset's to knock off Terry (McCarl) last time there. Terry will be strong there again whether his leg is 100 percent or not. A lot of other guys will be strong as well. The confidence is high after that run, but we have kind of lost our way a little bit and we are trying to find out way back. We just need to get the ball rolling, and once we do, we'll be set to go."

Having spent many years in his native land racking up sprint car wins and titles, Tatnell is very accustomed to tight high-banked tracks such as Huset's. Though he enjoys racing and especially winning on all types of tracks

"The finesse of what you need on a big track is different than what you need on a short track," he said. "You just have to rim ride, and get out and rough it. That probably suits me a little more than finesse."

Though he enjoys racing on the short tracks, he has had great success on the bigger track as well this season, as evident by his win at the sprawling 5/8-mile oval at Orange County Fairy Speedway.

"That's what I grew up on (smaller tracks)," said Tatnell. "We've been fast on the half-miles as well. We just haven't had any luck. That's been our biggest downfall, having luck fall against us."

Tatnell looks to build on the solid season he is having, that currently has him sitting sixth in points, just outside of the Top-Five. He has been fast all year, having led 89 total laps, which is fourth best in the series. In addition to this, he has set quick time on three different occasions and started on the pole in four races.

The always affable driver is able to smile when he says that with a break here or a break there, and the team would have been in RacingSoles Victory Lane probably a half dozen or more times this season.

Whether or not they race the retro car this weekend, Tatnell and his team will have another good luck charm on their side on Monday at Huset's Speedway. They won a race last time the series ran over a holiday weekend, and look to back that up as part of the long Fourth of July weekend.

For information about tickets for the July 3 race at Huset's Speedway visit or call (605) 582-3819. On Monday, adult tickets will be $30 while children ages 8-14 are only $5, and kids 7-under will be admitted free.


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