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Brown pulls Ironman at Sedalia! (6/23/2005 Sedalia, MO) It was hot it was humid all the ingredients for an endurance test. The Wise Guys Racing Team and young hot shoe Brian Brown pulled double duty last night at ...

Brown pulls Ironman at Sedalia!

(6/23/2005 Sedalia, MO) It was hot it was humid all the ingredients for an endurance test. The Wise Guys Racing Team and young hot shoe Brian Brown pulled double duty last night at State Fair Speedway in Sedalia Missouri. Brown ran with both the Winged Outlaw Warriors and the World Of Outlaw's in last nights Artic Cat Summer Nationals to benefit the Michael Ross Memorial Foundation.

Once the festivities got under way Brown was jumping from one race car to the other all evening long, and at the same time driving the wheels off both. The Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum/ Energy Drinks/American Compressed Steel #21 Maxim was strong in both the 360 and 410. First on the agenda would be World of Outlaws qualifying which would see Brown pilot to a 12th place qualifying effort. In the 360 Brown would draw 49th and start 11th and quickly come through the field to finish 3rd and an 8th starting position in the A main.

The World of Outlaw heats would follow and as luck would have it Brownie was in the first heat. Starting 4th, he would run the low line and finish a strong fifth and be placed in the first dash to determine starting position. The dash saw Brown start 5th in a field consisting of Sammy Swindell, race winner Jason Myers, Kraig Kinser, Terry McCarl and Brian Paulus. When the green dropped Brown raced hard and got underneath a high sliding Kinser to pick up 4th and gain on Paulus. After a brief caution Brown would get by Paulus to claim the 3rd finishing position and start 5th in the WoO "A" main.

The WOW "A" main saw Brown take 3 positions on the opening lap and move to 5th. The track was now getting slick and the high side was the fast way around. Using every part of the track, Brown would move up to 2nd and gain on leader Jesse Hockett. Brown would catch and pass Hockett but it would be for not as the caution flew. When the green would fly on the restart the lapped car between leader Hockett and Brown would be the difference relegating Brown to a 2nd place finish.

In the WoO feature the track had become quite slick but the air had begun to cool a bit. On the start Craig Dollansky would get upside down and bring out the yellow causing a complete restart. At the drop of the green, Brown's uncle Danny Lasoski would get the jump and pass Brown for 5th within a few laps Brown was running a string 8th holding off the Kinser duo of Kraig and father Steve. As the laps wore on however and the right rear went away both Kinsers were able to get by Brown but the hot shoe from Higginsville, MO would still gain a 10th place finish, the first with the WoO this year.

"Whew that was a long night." said Brown. "Good thing we have this Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum and Iron Energy Drinks on board this is the perfect occasion for both. All in all it was a good evening. Jesse had a strong car in the WOW feature and on that caution the lapped car held me up just enough for him to get away from me. In the WoO feature we ran a much softer tire than the rest of the guys hoping for some cautions. When they did not come it was just a matter of time before that tire would be history. Hey we took a gamble and when you run with these guys you need to try whatever you can to win."

"It was great to be in front of a home crowd." Brown continued. "Tim, Gina and Terry (Doogs) live here and had quite a few friends and family here, so it was great to run as good as we did for them. Ditzfield Transfer, Yeager's Harley Davidson, American Compressed Steel, Keeles Accounting, Dake Law Office and Nix Horseshoe Bar are people that give us support and are local here in Sedalia. I think right now all I want to do is take a hot shower and sleep for the next 18 hours."

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