Bloomington's World of Outlaws Results 99-05-19

SWINDELL'S DOUBLE SETS RECORD AT BLOOMINGTON BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 19, 1999) - When Sammy Swindell won two Pennzoil World of Outlaws 40-lap feature events at Bloomington Speedway tonight, it was a feat never accomplished at a single racetrack ...


BLOOMINGTON, IN (May 19, 1999) - When Sammy Swindell won two Pennzoil World of Outlaws 40-lap feature events at Bloomington Speedway tonight, it was a feat never accomplished at a single racetrack before. The opportunity was presented when the World of Outlaws feature race wasn't able to be completed on April 14 because of rain, and a complete new program was scheduled with a pair of features.

With his third and fourth victories of the season, Swindell hopes his team has turned a corner and is able to race back into contention for the Outlaw's points title. "I just hope some of these failures are behind us," he said after the victory lane ceremonies. "We've got some good parts and pieces but some things have just been happening. We can't win if we don't finish, and when we don't have problems we've been winning."

The Outlaws officials chose to run the new program first, and Jac Haudenschild claimed the pole for the 40-lap main by winning the second heat and the Channellock Dash. When Kevin Gobrecht spun, collecting Danny Smith on the first lap, the field was realigned for another start. Haudenschild outran Jimmy Carr down the backstretch to lead the first lap. Swindell's Channellock Stealth quickly grabbed third, ahead of Johnny Herrera and Mark Kinser. While Haudenschild opened a dozen car lengths advantage, Swindell began sparring with Carr, and slipped under him in turn three on the sixth lap.

Following a caution caused when Frankie Kerr stopped on the front straight, Herrera and Mark Kinser began to press Swindell while quickly Haudenschild built a two-second advantage. With Swindell making the best work of the bottom groove, Herrera fought his way into second place just before the halfway mark as the lead group sliced between slower cars. Swindell took advantage of lapped racers on the 21st circuit when Haudenschild and Herrera tried to go around a group of cars. Swindell stayed tight to the inside and passed both cars to take over the lead. With a clear track suddenly ahead, Swindell quickly put two seconds between himself and the battle between Kinser and Haudenschild.

With ten laps remaining, Mark Kinser worked free of traffic and the MOPAR Maxim began to close the gap to Swindell. But Swindell held on to take the checkers with Kinser a straightaway behind. Donny Schatz finished third, followed by Andy Hillenburg and Stevie Smith.

After a short intermission, the second A-feature was pushed off with Steve Kinser on the pole. For the second time in the evening, Haudenschild grabbed the lead as they raced through the second turn. But starting fourth, Swindell took second from Kinser on the fourth lap. Haudenschild led Swindell into lapped traffic, and on the twelfth circuit, Swindell's blue #1 Channellock Stealth charged around the bottom of the fourth turn to take the lead.

After taking the lead, the only thing that slowed Swindell was the flagman. Joey Saldana brought the caution flag after contact with a car that slowed suddenly in front of him in turn four. Kinser tried to race with Swindell after the green flag, but Swindell pulled away on the clear track. The red flag temporarily stopped Swindell when Haudenschild rolled the Elden Racing Maxim in turn four.

With two lapped cars between them when the race restarted, Swindell quickly pulled away from Kinser. Lasoski made a late race challenge, first passing Kinser on lap 35. Lasoski tried to get his nose under Swindell three circuits later, but Swindell had the fast line and held on to the lead. At the finish, Lasoski was still two car lengths behind Swindell, followed by Kinser, Stevie Smith and Jeff Swindell.

Bloomington Speedway Summary - Pennzoil World of Outlaws May 19, 1999

Fast Qualifier: Mark Kinser, 9.801 sec. Heat 1: Jimmy Carr, Danny Lasoski, Mark Kinser, Randy Kinser, Frankie Kerr Heat 2: Jac Haudenschild, Joe Gaerte, Andy Hillenburg, Joey Saldana, Travis Whitney Heat 3: Johnny Herrera, Donny Schatz, Kevin Gobrecht, Tyler Walker, Stevie Smith Heat 4: Sammy Swindell, Paul McMahan, Danny Smith, Kelly Kinser, Jeff Swindell Channellock Dash: Haudenschild B-Feature: Daryn Pittman, Steve Kinser, Kevin Briscoe, Terry McCarl A-Feature (40 laps): S. Swindell, Mark Kinser, Schatz, Hillenburg, Stevie Smith, Lasoski, Haudenschild, Herrera, Carr, Walker, Jeff Swindell, Kelly Kinser, Randy Kinser, Gaerte, Pittman, Steve Kinser, McMahan, Saldana, Briscoe, Gobrecht, Whitney, McCarl, Kerr, Danny Smith

Feature race postponed from April 14 A-Feature(40 laps): Sammy Swindell, Danny Lasoski, Steve Kinser, Stevie Smith, Jeff Swindell, Johnny Herrera, Mark Kinser, Donny Schatz, Andy Hillenburg, Frankie Kerr, Jimmy Carr, Joe Gaerte, Danny Smith, Daryn Pittman, Terry McCarl, Paul McMahan, Randy Kinser, Kevin Gobrecht, Travis Whitney, Kasey Kahne, Jac Haudenschild, Joey Saldana, Tim Shaffer, Kevin Briscoe

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