FIA Endurance Commission makes revisions to WEC sporting regulations

The FIA Endurance Commission has officially released sporting regulations for the 2015 WEC season.

The FIA Endurance Commission has made some tweaks to the World Endurance Championship ahead of the 2015 season. In the provisional sporting regulations, there are a few alterations of note.

One LMP1 class

First and foremost, the LMP1-L and LMP1-H will now be classified as simply hybrid and non-hybrid. Both will be scored under a single classification but the FIA Endurance trophy for the privateer LMP1s will still be awarded, simply given to the highest-placing team that is now utilizing hybrid technology.

Qualifying tweaks

There has also been a slight adjustment to qualifying. Only one timed lap from two drivers will count towards the official qualifying time, rather than two. Also, a Silver or Bronze-rated LMP2 driver and one Bronze-rated GTE-Am competitor must be one of the two taking part. The sessions are also being cut by five minutes, dropping to 20.

When it comes to the amount of time each driver must remain in the car, it's 40 minutes for LMP1 and GTE-Pro drivers, and no more than four hours and 30 minutes (with the exception of Le Mans). Nothing changes on the LMP2 and GTE-Am side.

Engine and testing restrictions

Onto engines, each car is limited to five engines per season while new marques are allowed up to seven. As for testing, there's a few changes there as well. LMP1 teams are now required to take part in a rookie test to give rising prototype racers a chance to sample factory machinery. Along with that, the amount of test days for LMP1 teams will be restricted. Obviously, new manufacturers will be given more track time. Even stronger restrictions are being put in place for the LMP2 and the GTE classes.

Entry fees take a jump

This final note probably isn't too interesting to fans, but certainly to race teams. Entry fees have taken a jump from $127,000 dollars (104,000 Euros) to $146,000, or 120,000 Euros for our international readers. Race-to-race entries have been raised from $24,000 (20,000 Euros) to $30,000 (25,000 Euros).

If you're in the reading mood, you can check out the complete 2015 WEC sporting regulations HERE.

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