Brabham team revived for 2015 WEC bid with F1 revealed as a long-term goal

David Brabham will utilize crowdfunding in an effort to resurrect the Brabham race team.

David Brabham is the son of Sir Jack, who won three Formula One World Championships and passed away earlier this year. David announced today that he is taking on a monumental task.

I have long dreamt of seeing the Brabham team back out on the track

David Brabham

'Project Brabham' is an initiative encouraging fans to buy a stake in a new race team that will run under the famous Brabham name. Fans can become a part of the project for as little as a single Euro. In a release, the team stated that they are initially looking to raise £250,000 to get Phase One of Project Brabham up and running. The team will be based in Banbury, England.

WEC now, F1 and Formula E later?

The 'second coming' of the Brabham team hopes to compete in the 2015 World Endurance Championship (WEC), fielding a car in the LMP2 class. The long-term plan is to become a constructor in LMP1 and even further down the road than that, to get a car on the grid for a Formula One Grand Prix.

They are also looking into putting together a Formula E effort. 

David Brabham Statement

"We have endured a long and testing journey to protect and bring the Brabham name back under the family’s control, then decide the next step in the journey of this iconic brand,” David Brabham was quoted as saying.

“I have long dreamt of seeing the Brabham team back out on the track, winning at the highest level and continuing the legacy my father laid down when he first started the team in the 60's."

"Crowdfunding gives people the chance to be part of the team from the start. Once we have built a large community we will start to see the power of a collective force that will attract the funds and partners to make this journey a success. Come and join us and create another piece of history.”

A new model of motor racing

David explained Project Brabham in detail in this YouTube video.

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