Green To Glory Reels 1 & 2 (1964-1965)


Film begins with shot of two girls hitchhiking at the side of the road. Location unknown. They are picked up by a man driving a large lorry who makes a joke about the girls not waking the horses - we see that he actually has a racing car in the back of the lorry rather than horses. Van has the words: "British Racing Partnership Limited" painted on the side. Driver, the driver's mates and girls are seen in the van. They look at some photographs. Van makes its way down country lane and along a sea front.

Various shots of a motor car race follow - Grand Prix Monaco 1964? Includes mechanics working on cars, shots of the car race, cars pulling into pits, etc. Footage of racing car drivers after race in Nurburgring?

Library footage of early car races. Various car racing footage including crashes, rallies, vintage car racing, good shots of large crowds watching races, great footage of a rough road rally race, glamorous girls have to bounce up and down in the passenger seats to get cars over bumps! Banger racing. Amateur car racing. Car construction lines. Racing drivers having fun with dolly birds and engaging in other sports. Great shot of one of the drivers having suntan lotion sprayed on his stomach.

Following racing personalities are seen in this documentary: Stirling Moss, John Surtees, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Innes Ireland, Jack Brabham, John Cooper and Colin Chapman. Some of them are seen away from the racetrack - relaxing at home etc. Graham Hill is seen at home with his children - one of whom is presumably Damon Hill? Jack Brabham is seen piloting his own plane. Following cars are seen in this documentary: Vintage Bentley, 1914 Renault, Mini Coopers, Ford Cortinas (?), Lotus 25s (?),

Narrator talks of democratising the sport - letting everyone have a go by producing cheaper cars for racing. Also of the advances in car design that come from developments made car racing. Reel one ends with shot of an ambulance being driven away from the camera as narrator talks of the dangerous side to the sport. See reel 3.
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Duration 15:31
Posted Feb 29, 2016
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