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Chronological Vintage photos :

Porsche plenum Joest wing
Porsche cockpit JPS Trans-Am rear deck
Atlantic exhaust Atlantic intake screen
Turbo exhaust Chrome pipes
True racing fans from PA BMW 3.5 CSL front
BMW 3.5 CSL rear BMW GTP 1986
BMW powered BMW V12 LMR
BMW V12 LMR cockpit McLaren F1
McLaren F1 rear Mini row
Hurley Haywood
Hurley Haywood in 914 Jaguar XK 120
Team work on a Lotus 7 Velocity stacks
Blue pipes New safety cages for the flagman
Into turn four Citreon
Brian Redman
Panoz racing sedan Davy Jones sitting on BMW
Davy Jones with 1986 Glen winning BMW
Davy Jones with Julie Giese of WGI