Watlkins Glen Rolex Vintage Enduro race quotes

Chip Vance, ...

Chip Vance, #71 '71 Porsche 914/6 - Vintage Enduro First Place Finisher - "It was a great race. The car ran wonderful. All the guys did a great job and we got very lucky with the pit stop. All the other competitors were really courteous and watching out. The track got a little slick towards the end. The workers at Watkins Glen are great and it is my favorite place to come."

Dave White, #000 '69 Porsche 911S - Vintage Enduro Second Place Finisher - "The car was running fine. The track was good. It wasn't as slick as I thought it was going to be after the rain last night. We got raindrops in the last two laps, but that wasn't the tracks fault. Everything was good. I love coming to this place."

Ron Zitsa, #04 '70 Porsche 914/6 -- Vintage Enduro Third Place Finisher- "Well I thought we were very fortunate, and blessed. God gave us a very nice day to race today. The weather was much better than yesterday morning, we are every thankful for that. Can you tell my how you edged out Lee Buell for the 3rd place finish? It was a tough battle, my co-driver Joe Sullivan left me in a position where I was able to whittle away the lead Joe had and fortunately this car was able to take 3rd place this time."


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Drivers Lee Buell , Chip Vance , Dave White , Joe Sullivan