Watkins Glen Sunday Group Race Notes

Sal Giglio - ...

Sal Giglio - #14Chevrolet Camaro, Group 5 - Despite the accident, I feel wonderful. I went deep into the first left-hand corner in the boot and I went to pass another Camaro and the right rear tire got onto the grass and shot the car around. I then hit the rail and flew into the air for a moment. We won't be able to repair this car for the next event at Mid Ohio but we will have another car to use.

Howard Katz - #29 Lola LC 87 Group 7 -- Winner - The car was working very well. It handled great and everything worked fine. It's so much fun to race here it's a blast to be here at Watkins Glen. I knew Ted (Wenz) was there, and he made me work pretty hard to stay in front.

Ted Wenz - #61 March Indy Group 7 -- Second - The car worked so much better than it ever had before and we really made some progress this last time around. There was no way I could catch Howard (Katz). He was checking out on us, but I was having enough trouble with Neil (Knox) and Brian (Redman). When you see Brian Redman coming, you know you're in trouble.

Neil Knox - #86 Lola Cosworth Group 7 -- Third - The car was great, I still have to work on my hand changes. It's like rails in the esses so I floored it through there and took him down the backstretch going into the chicane.

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Drivers Brian Redman , Howard Katz , Neil Knox