Watkins Glen Rolex Historic Enduro


CRAIG BENNETT - #64 Intrepid RM-1 -- Winner-- It was great run, the car was awesome. The Wynns car got out to a pretty quick start, he had harder tires and I knew if we kept a pretty quick pace, maybe the race would come back to me. We pitted early and when we went out, the car was great.

JOE HISH - #22 Spice - Second -- It actually ran good, our little old Cosworth, it only makes 550 horsepower. This was the little car that could.

JIM MULLEN - #112 Spice C1 GTP -Third-- The car was unbelievable. Just being able to go through the esses was something I will never forget.

JIM ADAMS - #10 Wynn's Spice GTP - Cut down a tire while leading race -- There was a crash out there and I think that some supports were on the track and it probably cut the tire. We cut a brake line. (The Glen) is a lovely place and I really enjoy running here but it was cut short today.

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