Watkins Glen Rolex Historic Enduro race quotes

Jim Mullen, ...

Jim Mullen, #112 '92 Spice GTP - Winner Rolex Historic Enduro - "Unfortunately the best of the competition put their cars in their trailers and gone home and I haven't driven in the rain in 23 years. I have to say it was fun again and I look forward to doing more of it."

Marshall Field, #002 '87 Ferrari Spice - Second Place Finisher Rolex Historic Enduro - "The car ran superbly. My crew has done a great job putting it together. The Ferrari motor that we put in there has run flawlessly all weekend. This is my first time out on rain tires and my coach/mentor/advisor Bob Akin talked me corner to corner through there on the new rain tires. It was really great fun. As the track dried out it got easier to drive and we could take a quicker line through."

Joe Blacker, #298 '78 Lola 298 - Third Place Finisher Rolex Historic Enduro-"We were having a really good time out there in the dry and then it went to wet. I developed a good dry line especially in the twisty stuff in the back of the boot and quite frankly, it was a good easy drive. The car hooked up really nice. Everybody knew what they were doing out there and nobody did anything stupid. It was a pleasure driving the enduro with HSR."


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